1st Edition

Matrix Inequalities for Iterative Systems

By Hanjo Taubig Copyright 2017
    218 Pages
    by CRC Press

    218 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The book reviews inequalities for weighted entry sums of matrix powers. Applications range from mathematics and CS to pure sciences. It unifies and generalizes several results for products and powers of sesquilinear forms derived from powers of Hermitian, positive-semidefinite, as well as nonnegative matrices. It shows that some inequalities are valid only in specific cases. How to translate the Hermitian matrix results into results for alternating powers of general rectangular matrices? Inequalities that compare the powers of the row and column sums to the row and column sums of the matrix powers are refined for nonnegative matrices. Lastly, eigenvalue bounds and derive results for iterated kernels are improved.

    Introduction. Notation and Basic Facts. Motivation. Diagonalization and Spectral Decomposition. Undirected Graphs / Hermitian Matrices. General Results. Restricted Graph Classes. Directed Graphs / Nonsymmetric. Walks and Alternating Walks in Directed Graphs. Powers of Row and Column Sums. Applications. Bounds for the Largest Eigenvalue. Iterated Kernels. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.


    Hanjo Taubig