1st Edition

Maynard Keynes An Economist's Biography

By Donald Moggridge Copyright 1992
    990 Pages
    by Routledge

    990 Pages
    by Routledge

    Based on an intimate knowledge of the subject and his environment, this biography of the most influential economist of the twentieth century traces Keynes' career on all its many levels. From academic Cambridge, to artistic Bloomsbury, to official Whitehall and to the City, we see the intellectual roots of Keynes' achievements and failures. We also see how he left his mark on the modern world.

    1. Forbears and Childhood 2. Eton 3. King's Undergraduate 4. Post-Graduate 5. Moore and Keynes' Early Beliefs Appendix 1 - The Dating of Ethics in Relation to Conduct Appendix 2 - Keynes' 1915 Meeting with D.H. Lawrence 6. Probability 7. Civil Servant to Don 8. The Young Economist 9. Bloomsbury 10. War 11. External Finance in Total War 12. Negotiating the Peace 13. Economic Consequences of the Peace 14. Adjustments to a Way of Life 15. Reparations and Journalism 16. Lydia and Maynard 17. The Return to Gold 18. Industry and Politics 19. The Emergence of the Treatise Appendix 3 - Keynes and Protection 20. Crisis, Criticism and New Directions 21. Towards The General Theory 22. International Affairs and the Arts 23. Fertile of Mind, Frail of Body 24. How to Pay for the War 25. `Scraping the Bottom of the Box' 26. The Clearing Union 27. Domestic `New Jerusalems' 28. Bretton Woods 29. The Shadow of Debt 30. The Loan 31. The Last Months Annex I - A Key to Keynes' Loves, 1901-15 Bibliography Dramatis Personae Index


    Donald Moggridge

    `Moggridge has written a fine book about a famous economist.' - The CP?

    `He writes throughout with a great sureness of touch... combining an outsider's perspective with an instinctive insider's knowledge. It is an admirable biography, long but single-volume, comprehensive and minutely informed...wise and readable' - Roy Jenkins, The Observer

    `Keynes firmly believed that economists' lives were worth studying as a way of illuminating their ideas; and Donald Moggridge's monumental new biography does this quite brilliantly for 'JMK' himself' - Niall Ferguson, The Daily Mail

    `... this volume of nearly 1000 pages is unlikely to be superseded in scope or accuracy.' - Political Studies

    `... indisputably a major contribution to understanding Keynes.' - John Davis, Economics and Philosophy