1st Edition

Mechanisms and Concepts in Toxicology

By W. Norman Aldridge Copyright 1996

    Illustrating concepts and types of toxicity from a mechanistic point of view, this book focuses on research procedures in toxicology. The book uses examples of chemical intoxicants to illustrate mechanisms in each stage of toxicity.

    Scope of Toxicology

    Stages in the Induction of Toxicity

    Kinetics and End-points

    Acute and Chronic Intoxication

    Delivery of Intoxicant: Decrease in Delivery to the Target

    Delivery of Intoxicant: Bioactivation and Increase in Delivery to the Target

    Initiating Reactions with Targets

    Biological Consequences of Initiating Reactions with Targets

    Exposure, Dose and Chemical Structure, Response and Activity, and Thresholds

    Selective Toxicity, Animal Experimentation and In Vitro Methods



    Environmental and Ecotoxicology

    Reflections, Research and Risk


    Aldridge, W. Norman