1st Edition

Media Analytics Understanding Media, Audiences, and Consumers in the 21st Century

By C. Ann Hollifield, Amy Jo Coffey Copyright 2023
    438 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    438 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This textbook takes a case study approach to media and audience analytics. Realizing the best way to understand analytics in the digital age is to practice it, the authors have created a collection of cases using datasets that present real and hypothetical scenarios for students to work through.

    Media Analytics introduces the key principles of media economics and management. It outlines how to interpret and present results, the principles of data visualization and storytelling, and the basics of research design and sampling. Although shifting technology makes measurement and analytics a dynamic space, this book takes an evergreen, conceptual approach, reminding students to focus on the principles and foundations that will remain constant.

    Aimed at upper-level students in the fast-growing area of media analytics in a cross-platform world, students using this text will learn how to find the stories in the data and how to present those stories in an engaging way to others.

    Instructor and Student Resources include an Instructor’s Manual, discussion questions, short exercises, and links to additional resources. They are available online at www.routledge.com/cw/hollifield.

    Part 1: Foundations of Media Analytics

    1.The Industry and Profession of Media Analytics

    2. Fundamentals of Media Economics and Management

    3. Fundamentals of Research Design and Methodology

    4. Communicating Insights

    Part 2: Media Analytics and the Business of Media: Advertising and Consumers

    5. Advertising Analytics

    6. Consumer Behavior and Marketing

    7. Big Data 

    Part 3: Media Analytics Across Industry Sectors

    8. Foundations of Audiovisual Measurement

    9. Video Analytics

    10. Audio Analytics

    11. Publishing Analytics

    12. Online and Mobile Analytics

    13. Social Media Analytics

    14. News Analytics

    15. Entertainment Media Analytics


    C. Ann Hollifield, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita at the University of Georgia, USA, and an international consultant on news media viability. In 2006, she founded one of the first certificate programs in media analytics in the United States. She is the author/editor of more than 50 publications on media economics and management. 

    Amy Jo Coffey, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Media Management at the University of Florida, USA, where she also developed the online master’s program and certificate in audience analytics. Her published research has focused on media management and economics topics, including audience valuation, advertiser investment in diverse audiences, and media ownership.

    "Hollifield & Coffey provide the practical and conceptual foundation students need to become professional media research analysts. This text provides clear demonstrations of how multiple research methods produce key insights within various industry contexts. In doing so, it will distinguish itself as an enduring resource for both students and instructors."

    Matthew Corn, Director of Research, HBO/HBO Max.

    "An indispensable resource not only for students of media analytics, but for professionals as well. It provides a comprehensive and detailed study of today’s complex media ecosystem and how to effectively reach consumer targets on the right platforms at the right time with the right message."

    Steve Walsh, Chief Revenue Officer, Consumer Orbit.

    "It is no exaggeration to say that those of us who teach media analytics have been desperate for a book like this. It is comprehensive in terms of the industry sectors, measurement systems, and analytical contexts covered; and best of all, it comes with actual data for students to work with."

    Philip M. Napoli, Director, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy, Duke University, USA.

    “The added value of Media Analytics…is the case studies it offers readers…which represent real challenges that a present-day media outlet may confront….Both researchers in the field of media studies and editors who seek to implement changes to maximize profits could benefit from this reading…the former to sharpen their methodological skills, the latter to devise more grounded (read: “data-driven”) strategies to increase the audience--and thus revenues—of their media outlets.”

    Simone Benazzo, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

    “Although the title might suggest this is a math-based book filled with numbers and statistics, it is not that, but so much more. In it, Hollifield and Coffey draw on their extensive experience in the field and their decades of teaching/research practice to provide a comprehensive and long-needed text for media and audience analytics courses and programs….In the exercises it provides and the discussion questions it poses, it also serves as a pedagogical model.”

    Marianne Barrett, Arizona State University, USA.