Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine  book cover
1st Edition

Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine

ISBN 9781439808740
Published September 29, 2010 by CRC Press
528 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Considering the fluid nature of nano breakthroughs—and the delicate balance between benefits and consequences as they apply to medicine—readers at all levels require a practical, understandable base of information about these developments to take greatest advantage of them. Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine meets that need by introducing non-experts to nanomedicine and its evolving organizational infrastructure.

This practical reference investigates the impact of nanotechnology on applications in medicine and biomedical sciences, and the broader societal and economic effects. Eschewing technological details, it focuses on enhancing awareness of the business, regulatory, and administrative aspects of medical applications. It gives readers a critical, balanced, and realistic evaluation of existing nanomedicine developments and future prospects—an ideal foundation upon which to plan and make decisions.

Covers the use of nanotechnology in medical applications including imaging, diagnosis and monitoring, drug delivery systems, surgery, tissue regeneration, and prosthetics

Part of the Perspectives in Nanotechnology series—which contains broader coverage of the societal implications of nanotechnology—this book can be used as a standalone reference. Organized by historical perspective, current status, and future prospects, this powerful book:

  • Explores background, definitions and terms, and recent trends and forces in nanomedicine
  • Surveys the landscape of nanomedicine in government, academia, and the private sector
  • Reviews projected future directions, capabilities, sustainability, and equity of nanomedicine, and choices to be made regarding its use
  • Includes graphical illustrations, references, and keywords to reinforce concepts and aid further research

In its assessment of alternative and sometimes conflicting concepts proposed for the application of nanotechnology to medicine, this book surveys major initiatives and the work of leading labs and innovators. It uses informative examples and case summaries to illustrate proven accomplishments and imagined possibilities in research and development.

Table of Contents

Part I: Perspectives

Nanomedicine: Scientific Basis and Societal Implications



What Is Nanoscience and Where Does It Fit in the Sciences?

Origins of Nanotechnology

Molecular and Cell Biology and Protein Bioscience: A Model of Life as Organic Nanomachinery

Nanotechnology Leads to a Fundamentally New Approach to Engineering Design

Societal and Economic Impacts

Impact of Nanotechnology on Medicine

The Grand Challenge of Nanotechnology

Some Definitions and Nanomedical Areas of Emphasis

Healthcare Crisis: How Can Nanotechnology Contribute to a Solution?

Historical Perspectives and Technological Breakthroughs

Brief Highlights of Nanomedicine History

Medical Milestones

Emerging National and Global Nanomedicine Initiatives

Some Developments in Nanomedicine

Current Examples of Nanomedicine in Practice and Research

NIH Nanomedicine Initiative

Putting Medical Nanoscience into Practice: Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine


Part II: Beginnings of Medical Nanotechnology

Nanomedicine: Proposals and Promise

Introduction and Overview

Impacts of Nanotechnology on Medicine

An Overview of the Architecture of Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine

Nanoscience: Bridging the Gap between Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Medication: Nanoparticles for Imaging and Drug Delivery

Introduction: The Emergence of Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine

Nanoparticles for Medical Imaging

Nanoparticles for Targeted Imaging and Delivery of Energy

Nanoparticles for Delivery of Drugs

Some Therapeutic Application Areas for Nanoparticles Theranostics

Conclusion: Nanomedicines Have a Broad Impact Throughout Medicine

Intervention: Nanotechnology in Reconstructive Intervention and Surgery

Nanoengineered Materials in Surgical and Restorative Applications

Bridging the Gap between Drugs and Surgery with Endoscopic MEMS

Robotics in Surgery: The Technology

Robotics in Surgical Practice

Recent Advances and Emerging Technologies in Surgical and Endoscopic Navigation

Summary of Translational Development of Nanoengineered Regenerative Tissue Therapy

Regeneration: Nanomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

Introduction: The Role of Nanotechnology in Tissue Regeneration

Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering for Nerve Regeneration

Nanotechnology for Regeneration of the Brain

Use of Nanoengineered Scaffolding with Cells for Central Nervous System Regeneration

New Developments in Cell Therapy Accelerated by Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Conclusion: Toward Clinical Therapies Based on Integrated Medical Nanoscience

Restoration: Nanotechnology in Tissue Replacement and Prosthetics

Nanoscale Biomaterials and Technologies for Tissue Engineering

Application of Tissue Engineering in Medicine

Nanotechnology and Prosthetics

Summary of Nanoengineered Restorative Tissue Engineering and Prosthetics

Diagnosis: Nanosensors in Diagnosis and Medical Monitoring

Sensors: Nanotechnology-Driven Advances in Diagnostic and Monitoring Technology

Technologies for Genomics and Proteomics

Applied Genomics and Proteomics: From Personalized Medicine to Global Epidemiology

Real-Time and In Vivo Medical Monitoring


Part III: Future Directions and Transformations

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: Integrated Biomolecular Nanoscience

Maturation of Medical Nanotechnologies

Continued Impacts of Nanotechnology—Driven Capabilities

Nanotechnologies in Translation from Research

Indirect Impacts of Nanotechnology-Enabled Systems on Practice

Translation of Medical Nanotechnologies into Clinical Practice

Challenging Boundaries: Life and Material, Self and Environment

Nanotechnology and Medicine: A Powerful Confluence

Historical Origins of Medical Traditions

Knowledge of the Genome

Replacement Parts for the Body

Augmentation of Human Characteristics and Abilities

Extension of Life

Issues with Transplanted Cells for Regeneration

Medicalization of Normal Conditions

Other Boundaries Yet More Weird

Sustainability and Future Choices for Societies

Nanotechnology and Medicine as a Socioeconomic Activity

Questions of Change


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"Given that nanomedicine involves the application of fields as diverse as quantum physics, materials science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor electronics, microfabrication, and mathematics, one might imagine that finding a good introductory presentation on this topic would be impossible. Fortunately, Tibbals’ book is up to the challenge. ... As befits an introductory book, the presentation is more comprehensive than deep and should be readily accessible to both the patient physician and the intelligent layman. ... However, each chapter contains a particularly rich selection of references for those readers interested in pursuing a particular topic in detail. ... In conclusion, this book provides a well-written, very well-referenced, modestly illustrated, and clinically focused evaluation of the current state of nanomedicine and its future prospects. Highly recommended."
--D. John Doyle, MD, Ph.D, Department of Anaesthesiology, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, Anesthesia & Analgesia, November 2013