1st Edition

Medieval Scholarship: Biographical Studies on the Formation of a Discipline Literature and Philology

Edited By Helen Damico Copyright 1998

    First published in 1998. Medieval Scholarship: Biographical Studies on the Formation of a Discipline: Volume 2: Literature and Philology is the second volume of three that present Biographies of scholars whose work influenced the study of the Middle Ages and transformed it into the discipline known as Medieval Studies. Volume 2 provides thirty~two accounts of men and women from the sixteenth century to the twentieth who developed medieval philology and literature into a profession. Their subject deals with the languages and literatures of greater Europe from about the seventh century through the fifteenth and includes Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, and Romance nations.

    Chapter 1 Laurence Nowell, Carl T. Berkhout; Chapter 2 George Hickes (1642–1715), Richard L. Harris; Chapter 3 ÁRni Magnússon (1663–1730 ), ólafur Halldórsson; Chapter 4 Humfrey Wanley (1672–1726), Milton McC. Gatch; Chapter 5 Elizabeth Elstob (1683–1756), Kathryn Sutherland; Chapter 6 Benjamin Thorpe (1782–1870), Phillip Pulsiano; Chapter 7 The Brothers Grimm, Maria Dobozy; Chapter 8 Rasmus Rask (1787–1832), Kirsten Wolf; Chapter 9 Frederick James Furnivall (1825–1910), Derek Pearsall; Chapter 10 Walter William Skeat (1835–1912), Charlotte Brewer; Chapter 11 Gaston Paris (1839–1903), Gerard J. Brault; Chapter 12 Henry Sweet (1845–1912), Michael K. C. MacMahon; Chapter 13 Eduard Sievers (1850–1932), †John C. Pope; Chapter 14 Eduard Rudolf Thurneysen (1857–1940), Hildegard L.C. Tristram; Chapter 15 Hippolyte Delehaye (1859–1841), Thomas J. Heffernan; Chapter 16 Alfred Jeanroy (1859–1953), William D. Paden; Chapter 17 George Lyman Kittredge (1860–1941), †John C. McGalliard; Chapter 18 Joseph Bédier (1864–1938), William W. Kibler; Chapter 19 Axel Olrik (1864–1917), Lars Hemmingsen; Chapter 20 Andreas Heusler (1865–1940), Heinrich Beck; Chapter 21 John Matthews Manly (1865–1940) Edith Rickert (1871–1938), Elizabeth Scala; Chapter 22 Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1866–1954), Kathleen Ashley; Chapter 23 Michele Barbi (1867–1941), Christopher Kleinhenz; Chapter 24 Max FÖrster (1869–1954), Hans Sauer; Chapter 25 Ramón MenéNdez Pidal (1869–1968), †Colin Smith; Chapter 26 Ernst Robert Curtius (1886–1956), Klaus Ostheeren; Chapter 27 Roger Sherman Loomis (1887–1966), Sigmund Eisner; Chapter 28 Erich Auerbach (1892–1957), †Lowry Nelson; Chapter 29 C.S. Lewis (1898–1963), Derek Brewer; Chapter 30 Jean Frappier (1900–1974 ), Raymond Cormier; Chapter 31 N.R. Ker (1908–1982), Kevin S. Kiernan; Chapter 32 Rosemary Woolf (1925–1978), Helga Spevack-Husmann;


    Helen Damico (University of New Mexico), Fennema Donald, Karmen Lenz

    "An extremely useful digest of information...a major contribution in this area." -- Parergon