Mentoring Trainee and Newly Qualified Teachers

Series Editors:

The Mentoring Trainee and Newly Qualified Teachers Series offers subject-specific, practical books designed to reinforce and develop mentors’ understanding of the different aspects of their role, as well as exploring issues that mentees encounter in the course of learning to teach. The books have two main foci: First, challenging mentors to reflect critically on theory, research and evidence, on their own knowledge, their approaches to mentoring and how they work with beginning teachers in order to move their practice forward. Second, supporting mentors to effectively facilitate the development of beginning teachers. Although the basic structure of all the subject books is similar, each book is different to reflect the needs of mentors in relation to the unique nature of each subject. Elements of appropriate theory introduce each topic or issue with emphasis placed on the practical application of material. The chapter authors in the subject books have been engaged with mentoring over a long period of time and share research, evidence and their experience. We, as series editors, are pleased to extend the work in initial teacher education to the work of mentors of beginning teachers.

We hope that this series of books supports you in developing into an effective, reflective mentor as you support the development of the next generation of subject teachers.