1st Edition

Mercury Pollution Integration and Synthesis

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ISBN 9781566700665
Published November 11, 1994 by CRC Press
752 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains 57 chapters describing the results of original research and reviewing the state-of-the-science with respect to environmental mercury. Topics include analytical methodology, atmospheric cycling, freshwater and marine ecosystems, terrestrial processes, bioaccumulation, modeling, pollution and remediation, and human health and public policy.

Table of Contents

Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems
Mercury in the Environment: Biogeochemistry, D.B. Porcella.
Levels of Mercury in the Tucuruí Reservoir and its Surrounding Area in Pará, Brazil, I. Aula, H. Braunschweiler, T. Leino, I. Malin, P. Porvari, T. Hatanaka, M. Lodenius, and A. Juras.
The Distribution of Mercury in a Mediterranean Area, C. Barghigiani and T. Ristori.
Distribution and Speciation of Mercury in the Water and Fish of Nan Hu (South Lake), Guangxi Province, People's Republic of China, N.S. Bloom, L. Liang, Z.Q. Xie, and S.S. Wang.
Chemical Speciation of Mercury in a Meromictic Lake, D. Cossa, R.P. Mason, and W.F. Fitzgerald.
Distribution and Flux of Particulate Mercury in Four Stratified Seepage Lakes, J.P. Hurley, C.J. Watras, and N.S. Bloom.
Elemental Mercury Cycling within the Mixed Layer of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, R.P. Mason, J. O'Donnell, and W.F. Fitzgerald.
Aqueous and Biotic Mercury Concentrations in Boreal Lakes: Model Predictions and Observations, M. Meili.
Methylmercury in a Permanently Stratified Fiord, H. Parkman, P. Östland, M.-O. Samuelsson, and Å. Iverfeldt.
Methylmercury Sources in Boreal Lake Ecosystems, M. Verta, T. Matilainen, P. Porvari, M. Niemi, A. Uusi-Rauva, and N.S. Bloom.
The Vertical Distribution of Mercury Species in Wisconsin Lakes: Accumulation in Plankton Layers, C.J. Watras and N.S. Bloom.
Sources and Fates of Mercury and Methylmercury in Wisconsin Lakes, C.J. Watras, N.S. Bloom, R.J.M. Hudson, S. Gherini, R. Munson, S. Claas, K.A. Morrison, J. Hurley, J.G. Wiener, W.F. Fitzgerald, R. Mason, G. Vandal, D. Powell, R. Rada, L. Rislov, M. Winfrey, J. Elder, D. Krabbenhoft, A. Andren, C. Babiarz, D.B. Porcella, and J.W. Huckabee.
Atmospheric Cycling, Transport, and Deposition
Atmospheric Cycling of Mercury: An Overview, O. Lindqvist.
Historical Atmospheric Mercury Deposition in the Mid-Continental United States as Recorded in an Ombrotrophic Peat Bog, J.M. Benoit, W.F. Fitzgerald, and A.W.H. Damman.
Air-Water Cycling of Mercury in Lakes, W.F. Fitzgerald, R.P. Mason, G.M. Vandal, and F. Dulac.
Atmospheric Bulk Deposition of Mercury to the Southern Baltic Sea Area, A. Jensen and Å. Iverfeldt.
Measurements of Atmospheric Mercury in the Great Lakes Basin, G.J. Keeler, M.E. Hoyer, and C.H. Lamborg.
Diurnal Variations in Mercury Concentrations in the Ground Layer Atmosphere, K. Kvietkus and J. Sakalys.
Particulate-Phase Mercury in the Atmosphere: Collection/Analysis Method Development and Applications, C.H. Lamborg, M.E. Hoyer, G.J. Keeler, I. Olmez, and X. Huang.
Application of Throughfall Methods to Estimate Dry Deposition of Mercury, S.E. Lindberg, J.G. Owens, and W. Stratton.
The Atmospheric Chemistry of Mercury: Kinetic Studies of Redox Reactions, J. Munthe.
Atmospheric Mercury Measurements at a Rural Site in Southern Ontario, Canada, W.H. Schroeder.
Terrestrial and Watershed Processes
Mercury in Forest Ecosystems: Risk and Research Needs, D.L. Godbold.
Spatial Distribution Patterns of Mercury in an East-Central Minnesota Landscape, D.F. Grigal, E.A. Nater, and P.S. Homann.
Methylmercury Input/Output and Accumulation in Forested Catchments and Critical Loads for Lakes in Southwestern Sweden, H. Hultberg, Å. Iverfeldt, and Y.-H. Lee.
The Relation Between Mercury in Soil and the Transport of Mercury from Small Catchments in Sweden, K. Johansson and Å. Iverfeldt.
Fluxes and Turnover of Methylmercury: Mercury Pools in Forest Soils, Y.-H. Lee, G.Ch. Borg, Å. Iverfeldt, and H. Hultberg.
Mercury in Terrestrial Ecosystems: A Review, M. Lodenius.
Mercury Release and Transformation from Flooded Vegetation and Soils: Experimental Evaluation and Simulation Modeling, K. Morrison.
Amplification of Mercury Concentrations in Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) Downstream from the La Grande 2 Reservoir, James Bay, Québec, D. Brouard, J.-F. Doyon, and R. Schetagne.
Earthworm Bioaccumulation of Mercury from Contaminated Flood Plain Soils, D. Cocking, M.L. King, L. Ritchie, and R. Hayes.
Mercury Concentration in Perch (Perca fluviatilis) as Influenced by Lacustrine Physical and Chemical Factors in Two Regions of Russia, T.A. Haines, V.T. Komov, and C.H. Jagoe.
Mercury in the Food Chains of a Small Polyhumic Forest Lake in Southern Finland, M. Rask, T.-R. Metsälä, and K. Salonen.
Mercury in Vegetation of the Precambrian Shield, P. E. Rasmussen.
You Are What You Eat and Little Bit More: Bioenergetics-Based Models of Methylmercury Accumulation in Fish Revisted, D.W. Rodgers.
Methylmercury Levels in Fish Tissue from Three Reservoir Systems in Insular Newfoundland, Canada, D.A. Scruton, E.L. Petticrew, L.J. LeDrew, M.R. Anderson, U.P. Williams, B.A. Bennett, and E.L. Hill.
Mercury in Yellow Perch from Adirondack Drainage Lakes (New York, U.S.), H.A. Simonin, S.P. Gloss, C.T. Driscoll, C.L. Schofield, W.A. Kretser, R.W. Karcher, and J. Symula.
Modeling of Aquatic Ecosystems
Modeling the Biogeochemical Cycle of Mercury in Lakes: The Mercury Cycling Model (MCM) and its Application to the MTL Study Lakes, R.J.M. Hudson, S.A. Gherini, C.J. Watras, and D.B. Porcella.
Analytical Methodology and Chemistry
Importance of New Specific Analytical Procedures in Determining Organic Mercury Species Produced by Microorganism Cultures, F. Baldi and M. Filippelli.
Influence of Analytical Conditions on the Observed "Reactive Mercury" Concentrations in Natural Freshwaters, N.S. Bloom.
A Passive Sampler for the Monitoring of Gaseous Mercury Amounts in the Atmosphere, K. Kvietkus and J. Sakalys.
Experiences on Different Pretreatment Procedures in the Analysis of Low Methylmercury Levels in Environmental Samples by a GC-CVAFS Technique, Y.-H. Lee, Å. Iverfeldt, and E. Lord.
Determination of Low-Level Methylmercury Concentrations in Water and Complex Matrixes by Different Analytical Methods: A Methodological Intercomparison, S. Padberg, Å. Iverfeldt, Y.-H. Lee, F. Baldi, M. Filippelli, K. May, and M. Stoeppler.
Photochemical Behavior of Inorganic Mercury Compounds in Aqueous Solution, A.F. Xiao, J. Munthe, D. Strömberg, and O. Lindqvist.
Pollution and Remediation
Natural Gas Industry Sites Contaminated with Elemental Mercury: An Interdisciplinary Research Approach, D.S. Charlton, J.A. Harju, D.J. Stepan, V. Kühnel, C.R. Schmit, R.D. Butler, K.R. Henke, and F.W. Beaver.
Could the Geothermal Power Plant at Mt. Amiata (Italy) be a Source of Mercury Contamination? R. Ferrara, B.E. Maserti, A. DeLiso, H. Edner, P. Ragnarson, S. Svanberg, and E. Wallinder.
Mercury in Soils and Plants in the Florida Everglades Sugarcane Area, W.H. Patrick, Jr., R.P. Gambrell, P. Parkpian, and F. Tan.
Mercury Pollution: The Impact of U.S. Government Stockpile Releases, M. Rieber and D.P. Harris.
The Retention of Gaseous Mercury on Flyashes, P. Schager, B. Hall, and O. Lindqvist.
Human Health and Public Policy
The Toxicology of Mercury and its Compounds, T.W. Clarkson.
Policy Implications of Communicating Health Risks from Fish Consumption, B.A. Knuth.
Mercury Imbalances in Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases, W.D. Ehmann, E.J. Kasarskis, and W.R. Markesbery.
Trends in Mercury Concentrations in the Hair of Women of Nome, Alaska: Evidence of Seafood Consumption or Abiotic Absorption? B. Lasorsa.
Inhibition of Progression through the S Phase of the Cell Cycle: A Mechanism of Cytoxicity of Methylmercury, E.J. Massaro.
Mercury Levels in Fisherman Groups of the North Adriatic Sea, G. Moretti, A. Bortoli, V. Marin, and E. Ravazzolo.
Average Mercury Intake in an Italian Diet, T. Ristori and C. Barghigiani.
Changes in Human Dietary Intake of Mercury in Polluted Areas in Finland Between 1967 and 1990, M. Verta, A.B. Mukherjee, and K. Louekari.

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