1st Edition

Metabolic Effects Of Dietary Fructose

By Sheldon Reiser Copyright 1987
    176 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    It is hoped that the material presented in this book will provide the reader with a detailed description of the published research pertaining to the metabolic effects of dietary fructose, will define future research needs, and will stimulate interest in further research aimed at evaluating the advisability of the intake of fructose by humans.

    1. Fructose Occurrence in Foods and Production of High-Fructose Corn Sweeteners 2. Intestinal Digestion of Sucrose and Absorption of Fructose 3. Metabolism 4. Inborn Errors of Metabolism 5. Glucose Tolerance 6. Effects on Other Hormones 7. Lipogenesis and Blood Lipids 8. Uric Acid and Lactic Acid 9. Interaction with Other Nutrients


    Reiser, Sheldon