1st Edition

Metabolism and Medicine Two Volume Set

    858 Pages 386 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Chronic disease states of aging should be viewed through the prism of metabolism and biophysical processes at all levels of physiological organization present in the human body. The first volumeconnects these insights to what causes them to go awry in the context of unhealthy human behaviors and aging, aiming to buttress scientific creativity. It also provides links between the art and science of medicine that strengthens problem-solving in patient care. New and important discoveries in the area of metabolic health and metabolic diseases are discussed in exquisite detail.

    The second volume describes the building blocks of understanding from a reasonable but not high-level technical language viewpoint, employing the perspective of a clinical physician. It brings together concepts from five specific branches of physics relevant to biology and medicine, namely, biophysics, classical electromagnetism, thermodynamics, systems biology and quantum mechanics.

    Volume 1: 1.Biological Thermodynamics: On Energy, Information and its Evil Twin, Entropy. 2.  Biological Engines and the Molecular Machinery of Life. 3. From Quantum Biology to Quantum Medicine. 4. From Systems Biology to Systems Medicine. 5. Introduction to The Roadmap of Future Medicine - The Physiological Fitness Landscape. 6. Science Seen Through the Lessons of Life.

    Volume 2: 1. Introduction to Metabolism - A New Model for Medicine 2. The Stress Response: From Health to Disease 3. Nuclear Hormone Receptors: Mediators of Dynamic (Patho)physiological Responses 4. The Biology of Time: How Molecular Clocks Make Living Cells Tick 5. Calorie Restriction, Intermittent Fasting, and Time-Restricted Feeding 6. The Microbiota, in Symbiotic Entanglement with Human Metabolism 7. The Role of Insulin Resistance in Metabolic Disease  8. Mitochondrial Function and Dysfunction and Insulin Resistance  9. Chronic Diseases of Aging as Metabolic Disorders 10. Epilogue


    Brian Fertig is a clinical endocrinologist, with almost 30 years of clinical experience. He is Chairman of the Department of Diabetes & Endocrinology Hackensack Meridian Health at JFK University Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey and Associate Professor of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University School of Medicine with an expertise in metabolism. He is also Founder of the Diabetes and Osteoporosis Center.