1st Edition

Metal Forming Processes Developments in Experimental and Numerical Approaches

    248 Pages 190 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Metal forming processes include bulk forming and sheet metal forming with numerous applications. This book covers some of the latest developments aspects of these processes such as numerical simulations to achieve optimum combinations and to get insight into process capability. Implementation of new technologies to improve performance based on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technologies are also discussed, including the use of CAD/CAM/CAE techniques to enhance precision in manufacturing. Applications of AI/ML, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the role of tribological aspects in green engineering are included to suit Industry 4.0.


    • Covers latest developments in various sheet metal forming processes
    • Discusses improvements in numerical simulation with various material models
    • Proposes improvements by optimum combination of process parameters
    • Includes finite element simulation of processes and formability
    • Presents a review on techniques to produce ultra-fine-grained materials

    This book is aimed at graduate students, engineers, and researchers in sheet metal forming, materials processing and their applications, finite element analysis, manufacturing, and production engineering.

    Ch 1. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based formability prediction model for 22MnB5 steel under hot stamping conditions
    Amarjeet Kumar Singh and K. Narasimhan

    Ch 2. Shock tube based forming of sheets
    Saibal Kanchan Barik, R. Ganesh Narayanan and Niranjan Sahoo

    Ch 3. Bending of sheet metals: challenges and recent developments
    S. Deb and S. K. Panigrahi

    Ch 4. Friction stir welding and friction stir spot welding of dissimilar sheet materials
    Sukanta Das and R. Ganesh Narayanan

    Ch 5. Cryorolling of Aluminum Alloy Sheets and their Characterization – A Review
    Kandarp Changela, K. Hariharan and D. Ravi Kumar

    Ch 6. Deformation Mechanism in SPIF and Significance of Crystallographic Texture in Sheet Metal Forming Operations
    Parnika Shrivastava

    Ch 7. Tribological behavior in bulk and sheet forming processes
    Vishal Bhojak and Dr. Jinesh Kumar Jain

    Ch 8. Hole expansion ratio for automotive steels
    Surajit Kumar Paul

    Ch 9. Forming and Fracture Limit Diagrams of Inconel 718 Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
    Gauri Mahlle , Nitin Kotkunde, Amit Kumar Gupta and Swadesh Kumar Singh

    Ch 10. Tensile properties and anisotropy of cross-rolled sheets: An overview
    Murugabalaji V, Matruprasad Rout  and Kishore Debnath

    Ch 11. A Review on Process Limitations and Recent Advancements in Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming
    Parnika Shrivastava and Puneet Tandon

    Ch 12. Single-Stage to Multi-Stage Incremental Sheet Forming Technology: State of the Art
    Sameer Vadhera and Amrut Mulaya,

    Ch 13. Multi-Response Optimization of Process Parameters to Minimize Geometric Inaccuracies in Single Point Incremental Forming Process
    Narinder Kumar and Anupam Agrawal

    Ch 14. A Review on Formability of Tailored Sheets in Incremental Forming
    Kuntal Maji and Gautam Kumar


    Kakandikar Ganesh Marotrao