1st Edition

Metal Ions in Biological Systems
Volume 32: Interactions of Metal Ions with Nucleotides: Nucleic Acids, and Their Constituents

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ISBN 9780824795498
Published February 5, 1996 by CRC Press
854 Pages

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Book Description

Volume 32 covers metal ion bonding to phosphate, sugar and nucleobase residues; the ambidentate as well as the stacking properties of nucleotides; kinetic aspects as well as properties of nucleobase and nucleotide analogs; and the oligonucleotides and nucleic acids. It examines electron transfer reactions over a large number of base repairs in DNA, the role of metal ions in ribozymes, ternary metal-nucleic acid base-protein complexes, metal responsive gene regulation, and the structure-activity relationships of anticancer drugs and their action on DNA, including cisplatin and the role of proteins.

Table of Contents

Phosphate-metal ion interactions of nucleotides and polynucleotides; sugar-metal ion interactions; dichotomy of metal ion binding to N1 and N7 of purines; general conclusions from sold state studies of nucleotide-metal ion complexes; solution studies of nucleotide-metal ion complexes - isomeric equilibria; stacking interactions involving nucleotides and metal ion complexes; the effect of metal ions on hydrolytic reactions of nucleotides and their phosphoesters; metal complexes of sulfur-containing purine derivatives; mechanistic insight from kinetic studies on the interaction of model palladium (II) complexes with nucleic acid components; platinum (II)-nucleobase interactions - a kinetic approach; NMR studies of oligonucleotide-metal ion interactions; metal ion interactions with DNA - considerations on structure, stability and effects from metal ion binding; electron transfer reactions through the double helix; the role of metal ions in ribozymes; ternary metal-nucleic acid base-protein complexes; metal responsive gene regulation and the zinc metalloregulatory model; the role of iron-sulfur proteins in gene regulation; current status of structure-activity relationship of platinum anticancer drugs - activation of the trans-geometry; cisplatin and derived anticancer drugs - mechanism and current status of DNA binding; proteins that bind to and mediate the biological activity of platinum anticancer drug-DNA adducts; interactions of metallopharmaceuticals with DNA.

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