Metals Speciation Separation and Recovery, Volume I  book cover
1st Edition

Metals Speciation Separation and Recovery, Volume I

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ISBN 9780873710343
Published July 5, 1987 by CRC Press
800 Pages

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Book Description

This comprehensive book covers metals chemistry, separation chemistry, and metals separation processes. State-of-the-art papers give new and recent developments and future research needs.

Table of Contents

KEYNOTE PAPERS. Changes in Metal Mobilities in Aquatic and Terrestrial Cycles. General Affinity Concepts, Equilibria, and Kinetics in Aqueous Metals Chemistry. Metals Separation and Recovery. SECTION I: CRYSTALLIZATION AND PRECIPITATION PHENOMENA. Kinetics of Precipitation and Dissolution of Ferrous Carbonate. Use of Thiourea and Thioacetamide for Separation and Recovery of Heavy Metals from Mineral Treatment Waste Waters. The Effect of Citrate, a Weak Chelating Agent, on the Removal of Heavy Metals by Sulfide Precipitation. The Kinetics and Yield of the Magnesium Cementation of Cadmium. SECTION II: METALS SPECIATION: MODELS AND METHODS. Current Status of Metal Speciation Studies. Electroanalysis of Heavy Metal/Organic Matter Systems. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography with Element Specific Detectors for the Speciation of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds. SECTION III: MEMBRANE AND BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES. Liquid Membranes for Metal Ion Removal from Aqueous Media-An Overview. Algal Sorbents for Selective Metal Ion Recovery. Fungal Biosorption: A Comparative Study of Metal Uptake by Penicillium and Cladosporium. SECTION IV: METALS SPECIATION: LIGAND DESIGN AND KINETIC CONTROLS. The Selective Extraction of Pd(II) and Ag(I) by Substituted Formazans. Kinetics of Cadmium and Copper Complexation. Ion Exchange Kinetics in Selective Systems. SECTION V: SORPTION ON SURFACE OXIDES. Chemical Interactions Between Heavy Metal Ions and Hydrous Solids. Mechanisms of Metal Ion Adsorption on Activated Alumina. Adsorption of Inorganic Arsenic and Organoarsenical on Hydrous Oxides. SECTION VI: ION EXCHANGE SEPARATIONS. Synthesis of Dual Mechanism Ion Exchange/Redox Resins and Ion Exchange/Coordination Resins with Application to Metal Ion Separations. The Separation of Precious Metals by Polymers Functionalized with Dehydrodithizone Derivatives. Cation Exchange Removal of Heavy Metals with a Recoverable Chelate Regenerant. SECTION VII: METALS RECOVERY APPLICATIONS PROCESS RESEARCH. Development of an Ion Exchange Process to Recover Cobalt and Nickel from Primary Lead Smelter Residues. Purifying Plating Baths by Chelate Ion Exchange. A Continuous Electrolytic Process for the Recovery of Copper from Spent LT CO Shift Catalyst. Heavy Metals Removal: Pilot Scale Research on the Advanced MEXICO Precipitation Process. SECTION VIII: METALS RECOVERY APPLICATIONS: CASE STUDIES. Economic Feasibility of a State-Wide Hydrometallurgical Recovery Facility. Recovery of Aluminum as Aluminum Sulfate from Aluminum Anodizing Sludge. Studies of the Uptake of Heavy Metals by Activated Sludge. INDEX. 779 pp., 1987, ISBN 0-87371-034-7.

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