1st Edition

Micro-Approaches to Demographic Research

Edited By John Caldwell, Allan Hill, Valerie J. Hull Copyright 1988

    Originally published in 1988, this collection of essays was the first attempt by population scientists to incorporate some of the methods and materials of anthropologists into their work. The essays bridge the gap in the conceptualisation and organisation of field research by 2 sets of social scientists – demographers and social anthropologists – who share an interest in the explanation of particular patterns of population composition and change.

    Introduction John Caldwell and Allan G. Hill 1. On the Local Context of Demographic Change Geoffrey McNicoll 2. Investigating the Nature of Population Change in South India John C. Caldwell, P. H. Reddy and Pat Caldwell Micro-Perspectives on Asian Fertility: 3. Focus Group Research on Fertility Decline in Thailand John Knodel, Anthony Pramualratana and Napaporn Havanon 4. Combining Research Techniques in the Study of Fertility and Family Planning in Java T. H. Hull, V. J. Hull and M. Singarimbun 5. Micro-Study of Culture and Fertility in Rural Maharashra Carol Vlassoff 6. The Use of Genealogies for Reconstructing Social History and Analyzing Fertility Behaviour in a North Indian Village Monica Das Gupta 7. Structural Change and Fertility Decline in a Northern Thai Community Christine M. Mougne The Family and Fertility in Africa 8. Investigating the Timing of Additional Children in Non-Contracepting Societies Lawrence A. Adeokun 9. The Seven Roles Framework: Focused Biographies and Family Size in Ghana Christine Oppong and Katharine Abu 10. Birth Expectations in Bobo-Dioulasso Francine van de Walle 11. A Micro-Approach to the Study of Breastfeeding Patterns in Rural Kivu (Zaire) Michel Caraël 12. Households, Women’s Roles and Prestige as Factors Determining Nuptiality and Fertility Differentials in Mali Duncan Fulton and Sara Randall Institutions and Inter-Generational Transfers 13. Transactional Analysis and the Measurement of Institutional Determinants of Fertility: A Comparison of Communities in Present-Day Bangladesh and Pre-Industrial England R. M. Smith 14. Demographic Transition in a Punjab Village Moni Nag and Neeraj Kak Studying Mortality and Morbidity 15. Micro-Approaches to the Study of Childhood Mortality in rural Bangladesh Lincoln C. Chen 16. Observing the Unexpected: Nutrition and Child Mortality in Guinea-Bissau Peter Aaby 17. Age Patterns of Mortality in Eastern Senegal: A Comparison of Micro and Survey Approaches Gilles Pison and André Langaney Marriage, Household Formation and Fertility 18. When Did you Last See Your Mother? Aspects of Female Autonomy in Rural North India Patricia Jeffery, Roger Jeffery and Andrew Lyon 19. The Structure of Households Amongst the Malian Fulani Allan G. Hill and Adam S. Thiam Migration and Urbanization 20. Population Movement Studied at Micro-Scale: Experience and Extrapolation Murray Chapman 21. Micro-Approaches to the Study of Population Movement: An Indonesian Case Study Graeme Hugo 22. Undoing Migration Myths in Melanesia Gerald Haberkorn Indigenous Perceptions and Theories of Reproduction 23. Social and Supernatural Control in a Mayan Demographic Regime Philip Kreager 24. The Social, Economic and Cultural Context of Women’s Health and Fertility in Rural North Yemen Cynthia Myntti 25. Lay Concepts of Reproductive Physiology Related to Contraceptive Use: A Method of Investigation Carol P. MacCormack Concluding Observations The Use of the Method of Participant Observation in the Study of Demographic Phenomena M. N. Srinivas 27. Micro-Approaches: Similarities and Differences, Strengths and Weaknesses John Caldwell.


    John Caldwell, Allan G Hill and Valerie Hull.