Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials 1983, Third Oxford Conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, St Catherines College, March 1983  book cover
1st Edition

Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials 1983, Third Oxford Conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, St Catherines College, March 1983

ISBN 9780854981588
Published January 1, 1983 by CRC Press
300 Pages

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Book Description

This volume contains invited and contributed papers at the conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials which took place on 21–23 March 1983 in St Cathernine's College, Oxford. The conference was the third in the series devoted to advances in microscopical studies of semiconductors.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Structure and properties of dislocations 1. Effect of doping on mechanical properties, recrystallisation and diffusion in semiconductors 2. The motion of charged dislocations in AIIBIV semiconductors 3. Lattice images of undissociated 600 dislocations in silicon 4. The mechanism of dislocation climb in GaAs 5. Quantitative TEM analysis of the dislocation structure at the lower yield point of silicon 6. The dislocation content of some near-coincidence grain boundaries in polycrystalline silicon 7. A theoretical interpretation of dislocation glide in silicon 8. Valence force-field geometry and electronic states of the 90° partial dislocation in silicon 9. Interfacial defects in diamond-structure materials Section 2: High resolution microscopy 10. Thermally induced micro-defects in CZ silicon: a high resolution electron microscopy study 11. Defects induced by annealing or irradiation in CZ silicon or germanium 12. High resolution electron microscopy studies of native oxide on silicon 13. High resolution electron microscopy of Si-implanted and electron-beam annealed silicon-on-sapphire 14. The atomic structure of the NiSi2/(00l) Si interface 15. High resolution TEM study of Al—Si 1%/Si interface 16. High resolution electron microscopy of Il—VI compound semiconductors 17. Field ion microscopy and atom probe microanalysis of semiconductor materials Section 3: Transient annealing phenomena 18. Electron microscopy and defect/impurity spectroscopy of CW beam- annealed semiconductors 19. Electron microscopy of Se-implanted and electron-beam annealed GaAs NJ Shah, H Ahmed, L A Freeman and D J Smith 20. Investigation of ion-implanted GaAs following electron beam annealing 21. Electron-beam annealing of Co and Cr implanted polycrystalline silicon 22. Heatpulse annealing of ion-implanted silicon: structural characterization by transmission electron microscopy 23. Microstructure of photodeposited thin films 24. MeV ion backscattering spectrometry applied to the analysis of beam processed semiconductors 25. Ultra-rapid solidification of transiently molten laser-annealed silicon 26. SEM studies of structural defects induced by thermoelastic stresses during pulsed electron beam annealing in silicon 27. Transient annealing of implanted silicon: microscopic analysis and comparison with electrical characteristics 28. Laser alloying of nickel gold germanium contacts to InP 29. Phase conversion of electrophoretically deposited cubic CdS layers for use in CdS—CuxS solar cells 30. SEM CL studies of II—VI powder layers transformed into heterojunction solar cells using transient heating techniques 31. In situ TEM microscopy of α—Ge films in laser annealing conditions 32. Defect migration and temperature gradient effects in low-power laser annealing of a—Ge Section 4: Silicon characterisation 33. SEM developments in semiconductor characterization 34. Defect structure of epitaxial films grown on porous silicon 35. The nucleation and growth morphology of nickel impurity precipitates in silicon wafers 36. TEM studies of <111> and <100> silicon slices implanted with W and BF ions after annealing and oxidation 37. Defects generated by oxidation of BF implanted silicon 38. Combined RBS, SEM and TEM studies of hydrogen and helium effects in silicon 39. The structure and energy of reconstructed {211} twins in silicon Section 5: Compound semiconductor characterization 40. The sources of defects in InP/InGaAsP emitters 41. Emission and transmission cathodoluminescence analysis of InGaAsP/InP LPE double heterostructures emitting at 1.3 and 1.6 microns 42. Optically induced catastrophic degradation in InGaAsP laser structures 43. Microscopic examination of the deep donor EL2 in undoped semi- insulating GaAs 44. Chemical and structural TEM of defects in doped GaAs 45. The structure of displacement cascades in Ill—V semiconductors Section 6: Scanning EBIC and CL 46. Characterisation of semiconducting materials and devices by EBIC and CL techniques 47. Low temperature SEM cathodoluminescence of life-tested GaA1As/GaAs double heterostructure lasers 48. Use of SEM CL spectra to determine local variations in Ge doping concentration in LEC InP ingots 49. SEM CL assessment of minority carrier lifetime in silicon 50. A low-temperature, high-resolution, computer-controlled SEM CL mode detection system 51. Spatial distribution of donors in MOCVD ZnSe 52. Cathodoluminescence spectra and images of crystalline ZnSe in the scanning electron microscope Section 7: X-ray techniques 53. Determination of atom locations on surfaces with x-ray standing waves 54. Impurity drag on climbing misfit dislocations in phosphorus-implanted 55. Measurement of grading in heteroepitaxial layers 56. An examination of dislocations in Si-doped LEC GaAs by double crystal topography, SEM cathodoluminescence and chemical etching Section 8: Non-conventional microscopy 61. Acoustic and photoacoustic microscopy: application to device diagnostics 62. Techniques for scanning electron acoustic microscopy 63. Aspects of SAM imaging of semiconductor devices 64. Optical stimulation of semiconducting devices in the SEM Section 9: Device assessment by scanning microscopy 65. Tracing of design weaknesses in VLSI circuits using the electron probe 66. SEM voltage contrast techniques for CMOS device assessment 67. Multichannel logic state analysis of IC-internal signals by an electron- beam probe 68. Quantitative voltage contrast: instrumentation and signal processing 69. Design of a high efficiency secondary electron collector 70. Electrically active defects in Si photodetector devices 71. High resolution lithography and the role of secondary electrons Section 10: Device assessment by transmission microscopy 72. Structural defects and their electronic effect in devices and unprocessed silicon 73. Details of microstructure and geometrical configuration of integrated circuits studied by transmission electron microscopy 74. TEM studies of small geometry silicon MOSFETs 75. Transmission electron microscope studies of MOS silicon device structures 76. TEM, microdiffraction and electrical studies of buried Si02 layers formed by high dose oxygen implantation 77. TEM and Auger electron spectroscopy observations of C-MOS and N-channel silicon devices incorporating buried oxide implanted isolating regions 78. TEM investigation of thin oxides in MOS structures 79. Transmission electron microscopy of Si3N4/Si02 structures for local oxidation processes 80. Characterization of TiN films obtained by ion implantation 81. Microstructural investigation of large area and device size AuGeNi contacts on InP

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