1st Edition

Microsoft Word Introduction and Certification Study Guide Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019

By Daniel John Stine Copyright 2021
    216 Pages
    by SDC Publications

    Combining two books in one, Microsoft Word Introduction and Certification Study Guide serves as a training guide for Microsoft Word and a study guide for the Word Certification Exam. Students, professionals, beginners and more experienced users alike can all benefit from this manual. Learn how to create well-formatted, high-quality documents by following along with chapters that focus on six exam topics. These topics closely follow what is needed to ace the exam but also provide comprehensive information for everyday Word users.

    Careful descriptions and helpful tips for when and how to use important features are provided. Images and screenshots make the steps easy to follow and remember. Each topic starts out with the basics and builds to more complicated steps. Those taking the exam will find practical tips on how to locate a testing center, register for the exam, and get the best score possible, along with study materials including practice exam software and video tutorials for every outcome in the book. Whatever your reason for studying Word, this manual will develop your skills, bolster gaps in your knowledge, and give you the confidence to get certified.

    Why certification is important

    Microsoft Word Certification is an easily verifiable way to showcase your willingness to learn new skills and software, and it provides a myriad of other benefits as well. Not only can certification enhance your Word skills, it can help you get hired, boost academic performance, prepare for the demands of a job, open doors to career opportunities, and be more productive and confident working on projects at school, home, or work. Microsoft Word (Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019) certification is the first step to prove your skill level and open doors to career opportunities.

    Outline of the book

    The dual nature of this book helps you build a strong foundation in Word and prepares you for the exam. The first chapter gets you started right away opening Word and learning about the user interface and important terminology. For those interested in taking the exam, it includes how to register for the exam and find an exam center, tips on using your time wisely during the exam, and information on scores and retaking the exam.

    The next six chapters cover all of the topics you need to become proficient in Word and coincide with the objective domain categories in the Microsoft Word Certification Exam: Manage Documents; Insert and Format Text, Paragraphs, and Sections; Manage Tables and Lists; Create and Manage References; Insert and Format Graphic Elements; and Manage Document Collaboration. Short video tutorials are included for every single outcome in the book, 95 in all, for when you need extra help or learn best by observation.

    Word practice exam software included

    Unlike any other Word exam manual available, this book includes Word practice exam software. The final chapter focuses on the practice exam software, which closely mimics the format of the real exam. Custom-built and specially designed by SDC Publications, this practice exam software can be taken multiple times so you are comfortable with the real test software, how to mark and return to questions, question format, live in-application steps, and how the results are presented.

    Study materials for all learning styles

    • Custom-made Practice Exam Software
    • 95 short narrated video tutorials for every outcome in the book
    • End-of-chapter self-exam and review questions
    • 75 Flashcards
    • Exam Day Study Guide.

    1. Getting Started

    2. Create and Manage Documents

    3. Insert and Format Text, Paragraphs, and Sections

    4. Manage Tables and Lists

    5. Create and Manage References

    6. Insert and Format Graphic Elements

    7. Manage Document Collaboration

    8. Practice Exam Software Overview

    Exam Day Study Guide




    Daniel John Stine AIA, CSI, CDT, is a registered architect with over twenty years of experience in the field of architecture. Throughout these years of professional practice, Stine has leveraged many of the Microsoft Office products to organize and manage complex projects. In addition to Microsoft Office certification study guides, Stine has written multiple books on architectural design software, all written using Microsoft Word and published by SDC Publications.