1st Edition

Microstrip Antenna Design for Wireless Applications

    352 Pages 161 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book focuses on recent advances in the field of microstrip antenna design and its applications in various fields including space communication, mobile communication, wireless communication, medical implants and wearable applications. Scholars as well as researchers and those in the electronics/ electrical/ instrumentation engineering fields will benefit from this book. The book shall provides the necessary literature and techniques using which to assist students and researchers would design antennas for the above- mentioned applications and will ultimately enable users to take measurements in different environments. It is intended to help scholars and researchers in their studies, by enhancing their the knowledge and skills in on the latest applications of microstrip antennas in the world of communications such as world like IoT, D2D, satellites and wearable devices, to name a few.


    • Addresses the complete functional framework workflow in printed antenna design systems
    • Explores the basic and high-level concepts, including advanced aspects in planer design issues, thus serving as a manual for those in the the industry while also assisting beginners
    • Provides the latest techniques used for antennas in terms of structure, defected ground, MIMO and fractal designs
    • Discusses case studies related to data-intensive technologies in microchip antennas in terms of the most recent applications and similar uses for the Internet of Things and device-to-device communication


    Overview and Introduction
    1. Microstrip Patch Antenna Technique for Wireless Applications
    Mahesh Kumar Aghwariya and Amit Kumar
    2. A Review-Microstrip Patch antenna for Ultra Wideband (UWB
    Ashish Singh, Krishnananda Shet, Durga Prasad, Anil Kumar Bhat, Ramya Shetty and Satheesh Rao

    Performance Analysis Of Micro-Strip Antenna
    3. Design And Performance Analysis Of Microstrip Antenna For Wireless Applications
    J. Silamboli and Dr. Thangadurai. N
    4. Design And Simulation Of High Gain Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Fabricated Perovskite Manganite Added Polymer Nanocomposite For Multiple Input And Multiple Output System
    Karpagam R, Megala V, Rajkumar G, Sakthipandi K and Sathishkumar G K
    5. Compact  Microstrip  Patch  Antenna Design With  Three I, Two L, One E And One F Shaped Patch For Wireless Applications
    Mehaboob Mujawar
    6.Design of Elliptically Etched Circular And Elliptical Printed Antennas For Dual-Band 5G Mobile Applications
    Aqeel Shaik, V. A. Sankar Ponnapalli  and Vinod Babu P
    7. Design and Analyses of Dual-band Microstrip Patch Antennas for Wireless Communications
    D. Singh: A. Thakur, R. Kumar and Geetanjali

    Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna design and it’s applications
    8. Multiple Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Antenna Design And Application
    Anup. P. Bhat, Sanjay. J. Dhoble and Kishor. G. Rewatkar
    9. A Survey Of Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular Communication Using MIMO For Iot Application
    Sanket A. Nirmal and Richa Chandel
    10. Design Considerations in MIMO Antenna for Next Generation 5G Wireless Communication
    V.Dinesh, J.Vijayalakshmi, M.Suresh and A.Kabeel
    11. Design and Development of MIMO Antennas for Smart 5G Devices
    Neeraja S Jawali, Vidyadhar S Melkeri and Gauri Kalnoor

    Fractal and defected ground structure Micro-strip antenna
    12. Compact Rhombus Rectangular Microstrip Fractal Antenna with Vertically Periodic Defected Ground Structure for Wireless Applications
    T. Poornima, Dhivya Priya E L and Gokul Anand K R
    13. Design and Analysis of Heptagon shaped Multi band Antenna with Multiple Notching for Wireless Applications
    K.Sumathi, S.Thenmozhi and Seethalakshmi.V

    Micro-strip antenna in vehicular communication
    14. Multifunctional Integrated Hybrid Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for High-Speed Communication
    Sovan Mohanty and Baibaswata Mohapatra

    Importance and uses of Micro-strip antenna in IoT
    15. Importance and uses of Microstrip Antenna in IoT: Opportunities and challenges
    D. Ganeshkumar and K. Jaikumar
    16. Importance and Uses of Microstrip Antenna In IoT
    Shivleela Mudda, K M Gayathri and Mallikarjun Mudda
    17. Design of a Microstrip Patch Antenna Based on Fractal Geometry for IoT Applications
    N.Koteswaramma and P.A.Harsha Vardhini

    Ultra-wide-band antenna design for wearable applications
    18. UWB and NB Performance Integrated Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications – A Survey
    Shine Let G, G Josemin Bala and C Benin Pratap
    19. An Ultra-wideband wearable Vivaldi antenna for Bio-Medical applications
    20. Ultra-Wide-band Antenna Design for Wearable Applications
    Shailesh and Garima Srivastava
    21. An Orthogonal Quad-Port Wearable MIMO Antenna for UWB Applications
    G.Viswanadh Raviteja

    Micro-strip antenna design for Misc applications
    22. Design and Simulation of 5G Microstrip Patch Antenna with Phase Shifter and Dodecagonal Prism (12-Sided Prism) Shape Base Station
    Vishal A Ker, Vidyadhar S Melkeri and Gauri Kalnoor


    Praveen Malik is a Professor in the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, India.

    Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban is a Faculty Member with the CTIF Global Capsule (CGC) Laboratory, Department of Business Development and Technology, Aarhus University, Denmark.

    Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen is Head of Research Group of Bioenergy and Green Engineering, Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark.