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Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing Applications

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ISBN 9789067641081
Published December 1, 1989 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This book contains papers by well renowned scientists from all over world --- including Eastern Europe --- which were presented during a specialist meeting on microwave radiometry and its applications to remote sensing of the atmosphere and the surface of the earth held in Florence, Italy, in March 1988. The book is divided into five sections, some of which contain review papers which summarize the most recent advances in the field. The sections are: -- Microwave radiometry of the earth's surface -- Dielectric properties of natural materials -- Microwave radiometry of the atmosphere -- Synergism of passive and active microwave remote sensors -- Technology of passive microwave systems

Table of Contents

Preface MICROWAVE RADIOMETRY OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE Algorithm for the passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture T.J. Jackson and T.J. Schmugge Microwave radiometry and saline soil N. Armand, E.A. Reutov and A.M. Shutko Results of PBMR flights during the four intensive field campaigns of Fife J.R. Wang, J.C. Shiue, T.J. Schmugge and E.T. Engman Capability of Bhaskara-II Satellite microwave radiometer data for land studies: correlation with ground truth K.S. Rao, P.V. Narasimha Rao, B.H. Mohan, M.V.R. Murthi, R.L. Karale and K.K. Narula Physical bases and applications of microwave radiometry for land survey N. Armand and A. Shutko Modeling microwave emission from vegetation P. Ferrazzoli, S. Paloscia, P. Pampaloni and D. Solimini Microwave radiometry of vegetation parameters S. Paloscia and P. Pampaloni Multispectral microwave signatures of the Antarctic ice sheet H. Rott The advance of multifrequency microwave radiometry in China T. Xuyan DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF NATURAL MATERIALS Properties of dielectric mixtures with layered spherical inclusions A. Sihvola A study on the effect of soil texture on passive microwave remote sensing K.S. Rao, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Y. Subramanyeswara Rao, G. Chandra, C. Suresh Raju and M.V. Bapat Microwave radiometry of leaves C. Mätzler and A. Sume MICROWAVE RADIOMETRY OF THE ATMOSPHERE Passive microwave sensing of the atmosphere from space D.H. Staelin Passive microwave remote sensing of precipitation from space: impact of cloud microphysics A. Mugnai and E.A. Smith The microwave radiometric profiler in integrated atmospheric remote sensing systems E.R. Westwater Physical inversion by means of singular value decomposition of a ground-based temperature profiling microwave radiometer H. Nordius Preliminary observations of atmospheric brightness temperature fluctuations at two microwave frequencies P. Ciotti, G. Schiavon, D. Solimini, P. Tognolatti and E.R. Westwater SYNERGISM OF PASSIVE AND ACTIVE MICROWAVE REMOTE SENSORS Synergism between EOS passive and active microwave sensors K.R. Carver Microwave emission and scattering from agricultural fields P. Ferrazzoli, G. Luzi, S. Paloscia, P. Pampaloni, G. Schiavon and D. Solimini Microwave radiometry for correcting radar altimeter data: the ERS-1 experiment P. Basili, P. Ciotti and G.D' Auria Microwave remote determination of ocean surface parameters -- A preliminary analysis A. Guissard, P. Sobieski and C. Baufays TECHNOLOGY OF PASSIVE MICROWAVE SYSTEMS The microwave radiometry mode of the MRSE W. Keydel, M. Werner and F. Schlude AMIR: sensor technical aspecst S. Badessi, B. Bizzarri, L. Lachi, D. Martinez and E. Nisi A sea salinity/soil moisture push-broom radiometer system for future high capacity space platforms N. Skou Design, manufacture and testing of a demonstration model push-broom radiometer B. Le Stradic Airborne microwave equipment for soil moisture investigation G. Ijjas, I. Juhasz and P. Zilahy Optimization of scan and post-detection filter parameters for a passive microwave sensor L.M. Reyneri and G. Nesti Long term stability test on two Plessey 90 GHz noise sources G. Nesti Passive microwave data products standardisation: MOS-1 MSR case L. Fusco and M. Egleme

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