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Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Earth's Surface and Atmosphere

ISBN 9780367447441
Published December 18, 2019 by CRC Press
552 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains a selection of refereed papers presented at the 6 Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment held in Florence, Italy on March 15-18, 1999.

Over the last two decades, passive microwave remote sensing has made considerable progress, and has achieved significant results in the study of the Earth's surface and atmosphere. Many years of observations with ground-based and satellite-borne sensors have made an important contribution to improving our knowledge of many geophysical processes of the Earth's environment and of global changes. The evolution in microwave radiometers aboard satellites has increased steadily over recent years. At the same time, many investigations have been carried out both to improve the algorithms for the retrieval of geophysical parameters and to develop new technologies.

The book is divided into four main sections: three of these are devoted to the observation of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, and the fourth, to future missions and new technologies. The first section deals with the study of sea and land surfaces, and reports recent advances in remote sensing of ocean wind, sea ice, soil moisture and vegetation biomass, including electromagnetic modelling and the assimilation of radiometric data in models of land surface processes. The following two sections are devoted to the measurement of atmospheric quantities which are of fundamental importance in climatology and meteorology, and, since they influence radio-wave propagation, they also impact on several other fields, including geodesy, navigational satellite and radioastronomy. The last section presents an overview of new technologies and plans for future missions.

Table of Contents

Remote sensing of the Earth's surface Ocean surface and wind speed 1. Sea surface parameters retrieval by passive microwave polarimetry 2. Comparison of the sea surface brightness temperature measured during the Coastal Ocean Probing Experiment (COPE'95) from a blimp with model calculations 3. Determination of ocean surface wind speeds from the TRMM Microwave Imager 4. Ocean winds measured by an imaging, polarimetric radiometer 5. Interference effects in freshwater and sea ice 6. A comparison of the errors associated with the retrieval of the latent heat flux from individual SSM/I measurements Land surface 7. Airborne passive microwave measurements on agricultural fields 8. A combined two-scale model for microwave emissivities of land surfaces 9. Modelling of the electromagnetic response of geophysical media with complicated geometries: Analytical and numerical approaches 10. Faraday rotation and passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture from space 11. On simultaneous optical and passive microwave remote sensing of soil, water and vegetation 12. Application of physically-based models of land surface processes in the interpretation of passive microwave radiometry 13. Detection of ice sheet on asphalt roads Remote Sensing of Atmosphere Ground based observations 14. Resolution and accuracy of a multi-frequency scanning radiometer for temperature profiling 15. Implications of an improved atmospheric absorption model on water vapor retrievals 16. Analysis of tip cal methods for ground-based microwave radiometric sensing of water vapor and clouds 17. Observations of integrated water vapor and cloud liquid water at the SHEBA ice station 18. Measurement of plentiful water vapor and cloud liquid water around precipitation area 19. Characteristics of atmospheric water on measurements of ground based microwave radiometer and rain recorder 20. Using a micro-rain radar to assess the editing of ground-based microwave radiometer data 21. Microwave ground based unattended s

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