Middle American Terranes, Potential Correlatives, and Orogenic Processes: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Middle American Terranes, Potential Correlatives, and Orogenic Processes

1st Edition

Edited by J. Duncan Keppie, J. Brendan Murphy, F. Ortega-Gutierrez, W. G. Ernst

CRC Press

416 pages | 177 B/W Illus.

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Consisting of papers that have appeared recently in International Geology Review, Middle American Terranes, Potential Correlatives, and Orogenic Processes focuses on Middle American terranes in which tectonic processes, including flat-slab subduction, for orogenic development are examined at various times since the late Mesoproterozoic: at 1 Ga, through the Paleozoic, and into the Cenozoic. Many papers relate the evolution of the Middle American terranes over the past billion years to global scale events, and a second theme running through the book relates to the supercontinents, Rodinia and Pangea, the geometry of their amalgamation and breakup, and the processes responsible.

Highlights include:

· An update on the geographic record, tectonic setting, and provenance of these terranes

· Documentation of allocthonous nature and position peripheral to Amazonia of the ~1 Ga basement of southern Mexico

· Data demonstrating that the basement rocks were involved in several Phanerozoic tectonic events

· An examination of new evidence of a Late Paleozoic event associated with the amalgamation of Pangea overprinting the ~1 Ga basement and the Paleozoic units lying chiefly to the west and south of it

· An exploration of the following potential correlatives: (1) events in Europe on the northern margin of Gondwana; (2) the Late Silurian-Devonian Acadian orogeny in the Appalachian, which is inferred to have resulted from flat-slab subduction related to overriding a plume; and (3) Mesozoic-Cenozoic events along the western margin of Laurentia

· A discussion of possible mechanisms for the initiation of orogeny, flat-slab subduction in the Laramide orogeny, and hypotheses relating to the amalgamation and breakup of supercontinents

The combination of respected contributors, expert editorial guidance, and coverage of current and emerging theories makes this book an essential resource for understanding the evolution of the terranes constituting Middle America.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Preface, J. Duncan Keppie, J. Brendan Murphy, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, and W.G. Ernst

Middle American Terranes

Terranes of Mexico Revisited: A 1.3 Billion Year Odyssey, J. Duncan Keppie

Oaxaquia Terrane

Sedimentary Origin of Calcareous Intrusions in the ~1 Ga Oaxacan Complex, Southern Mexico: Tectonic Implications, J. Dostal, J.D. Keppie, H. Macdonald, and F. Ortega-Gutiérrez

Geochronology and Geochemistry of the ~917 Ma, Calc-alkaline Etla Granitoid Pluton (Oaxaca, Southern Mexico): Evidence of Post-Grenvillian Subduction along the Northern Margin of Amazonia, C. Ortega-Obregon, J.D. Keppie, L.A. Solari, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, F., J. Dostal, R. Lopez, A. Ortega-Rivera, and J.W.K. Lee

Geochemistry of the Tremadocian Tiñu Formation (Southern Mexico): Provenance in the Underlying ~1 Ga Oaxacan Complex on the Southern Margin of the Rheic Ocean, J.B. Murphy, J.D. Keppie, J.F. Braid, and R.D. Nance

Phanerozoic Structures in the Grenvillian Northern Oaxacan Complex, Southern Mexico: Result of Thick-Skinned Tectonics, L.A. Solari, J.D. Keppie, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, A. Ortega-Rivera, W.E. Hames, and J.W. K. Lee

A Late Permian Tectonothermal Event in Grenville Crust of the Southern Maya Terrane: U-Pb Zircon Ages from the Chiapas Massif, Southeastern Mexico, B. Weber, K.L. Cameron, M. Osorio, M., and P. Schaaf

Mixteca Terrane

Ordovician and Mesoproterozoic Zircons from the Tecomate Formation and Esperanza Granitoids, Acatlán Complex, Southern Mexico: Local Provenance in the Acatlán and Oaxacan Complexes, J.L. Sánchez-Zavala, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, J.D. Keppie, G.A. Jenner, E. Belousova, and C. Maciás-Romo

Implications of Latest Pennsylvanian to Middle Permian Paleontological and U-Pb SHRIMP Data from the Tecomate Formation to Re-dating Tectonothermal Events in the Acatlán Complex, Southern Mexico, J.D. Keppie, C.A. Sandberg, B.V. Miller, J.L. Sánchez-Zavala, R.D. Nance, and F.G. Poole

Detrital Zircon Data from the Eastern Mixteca Terrane, Southern Mexico: Evidence for an Ordovician–Mississippian Continental Rise and a Permo-Triassic Clastic Wedge Adjacent to Oaxaquia, J.D. Keppie, R.D. Nance, J. Fernández-Suárez, C.D. Storey, T.E. Jeffries, and J.B. Murphy

North American Craton

Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Francisco Gneiss: Triassic Continental Rift Tholeiites on the Mexican Margin of Pangea Metamorphosed and Exhumed in a Tertiary Core Complex, J.D. Keppie, J. Dostal, B.V. Miller, A. Ortega-Rivera, J. Roldán-Quintana, and J.W.K. Lee

Sierra Madre Terrane

Deformational History of the Granjeno Schist, Cuidad Victoria, Mexico: Constraints on the Closure of the Rheic Ocean? D.S. Dowe, R.D. Nance, J.D. Keppie, K.L. Cameron, A. Ortega-Rivera, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, F., and J.W.K. Lee

The Tuzancoa Formation: Evidence of an Early Permian Submarine Continental Arc in East-Central Mexico, L. Rosales-Lagarde, E. Centeno-García, J. Dostal, F. Sour-Tovar, H. Ochoa-Camarillo, and S. Quiroz-Barroso

Chuacús Terrane

Orogeny in Time and Space in the Mesoamerican Region and Appalachian-Variscan Connections, F. Ortega-Gutiérrez, L.A. Solari, J. Solé, U. Martens, A. Gómez-Tuena, S. Morán-Ical, M. Reyes-Salas, and C. Ortega-Obregón

Chortis Terrane

Tectonic Implications of Alternative Cenozoic Reconstructions for Southern Mexico and the Chortis Block, J.D. Keppie and D.J. Morán-Zenteno

Potential Correlatives

Cadomian and Early Paleozoic Magmatic Events: Insights from Zircon Morphology and Geochemical Signatures of I- and S-Type Granitoids (Saxo-Thuringia/Bohemian Massif/Central Europe), M. Gehmlich and K. Drost

The Acadian Orogeny in the Northern Appalachians, J.B. Murphy and J.D. Keppie

Episodic Volcanism in the Buck Creek Complex (Central British Columbia, Canada): A History of Magmatism and Mantle Evolution from the Jurassic to the Early Tertiary, J. Dostal, J.V. Owen, B.N. Church, and T.S. Hamilton

Orogenic Processes

Buoyancy of the Oceanic Lithosphere and Subduction Initiation, A. Hynes

The Laramide Orogeny: What Were the Driving Forces? J.M. English and S.T. Johnston

Do Supercontinents Turn Inside-in or Inside-out? J.B. Murphy and R.D. Nance

About the Editors

Keppie\, J. Duncan; Murphy\, J. Brendan; Ortega-Gutierrez\, F.; Ernst\, W. G.

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