1st Edition

Migrants, Minorities, and the Media Information, representations, and participation in the public sphere

Edited By Erik Bleich, Irene Bloemraad, Els de Graauw Copyright 2017
    172 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The media inform the public, help political and social actors communicate with each other, influence perceptions of pressing issues, depict topics and people in particular ways, and may shape political views and participation. Given these critical functions that the media play in society, this book asks how the media represent migrants and minorities. What information do the media communicate about them? What are the implications of media coverage for participation in the public sphere?

    In the past, researchers studying migrants and minorities have rarely engaged in systematic media analysis. This volume advances analytical strategies focused on information, representation, and participation to examine the media, migrants, and minorities, and it offers a set of compelling original analyses of multiple minority groups from countries in Europe, North America, and East Asia, considering both traditional newspapers and new social media. The contributors analyze the framing and type of information that the media provide about particular groups or about issues related to migration and diversity; they examine how the media convey or construct particular depictions of minorities and immigrants, including negative portrayals; and they interrogate whether and how the media provide space for minorities’ participation in a public sphere where they can advance their interests and identities. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

    1. Migrants, Minorities and the Media: Information, Representations and Participation in the Public Sphere Erik Bleich, Irene Bloemraad and Els de Graauw

    2. Immigrants in the Media: Civic Visibility in the USA and Canada Irene Bloemraad, Els de Graauw and Rebecca Hamlin

    3. An Emerging ‘European’ News Portrayal of Immigration? Alexander Caviedes

    4. Local and National Accounts of Immigration Framing in a Cross-national Perspective Andrea Lawlor

    5. Media Portrayals of Minorities: Muslims in British Newspaper Headlines, 2001-2012 Erik Bleich, Hannah Stonebraker, Hasher Nisar and Rana Abdelhamid

    6. Racial Mediation in the Coverage of Candidates’ Political Viability: A Comparison of Approaches Erin Tolley

    7. Debating Multicultural Korea: Media Discourse on Migrants and Minorities in South Korea Joseph Yi and Gowoon Jung


    Erik Bleich is Professor of Political Science at Middlebury College, VT, USA. His work focuses on issues of race and ethnicity in Western Europe, with a particular emphasis on media representations of minorities and on judicial enforcement of hate speech laws. His most recent book is The Freedom to Be Racist? How the United States and Europe Struggle to Preserve Freedom and Combat Racism (2011).

    Irene Bloemraad is Professor of Sociology and the Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA. Her research examines immigrants’ political incorporation, and the consequences for politics and understandings of membership. Her books include Becoming a Citizen (2006), Civic Hopes and Political Realities (2008) and Rallying for Immigrant Rights (2010).

    Els de Graauw is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Baruch College, the City University of New York, USA. Her research centres on the nexus of immigration and immigrant integration, civil society organizations, urban and suburban politics, and public policy. She is the author of Making Immigrant Rights Real: Nonprofits and the Politics of Integration in San Francisco (2016).