1st Edition

Milk Production Management

ISBN 9780367627379
Published November 2, 2020 by CRC Press
234 Pages 52 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Milk Production Management, as the name implies, provides the information on different aspects related to Milk Production Management. The information in this book will be of practical utility for actual feeding of animals e.g. chapters on various rations, nutrient requirement tables, feeding of pregnant/lactating animals, feeding of calves, silage making, hydroponics technique, azolla production different feeds and fodders, fodder cultivation, computation of rations for dairy animals, feeding during scarcity periods etc. In this book different topics like common disease problems of dairy animals and their prevention and control, methods of selection, different breeding systems, semen collection and artificial insemination, different biotechniques used in animal husbandry, milking methods, embryo transfer technique, judging of cows and buffaloes, milk synthesis and milk secretion, record keeping at dairy farms, reproductive aspects of dairy animals etc. are also covered.
The book also covers different terms related to animal husbandry. This book is written in simple understandable language with description of those concepts which are useful for actual management of animals.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Animal Husbandry 2. Distinguishing Characteristics of Indian and Exotic Breeds of Dairy
Animals and their Performance 3. External Body Parts of Cows and Buffaloes 4. Feed Nutrients Required by Animal Body 5. Feeding Standards 6. General Dairy Farm Practices- Identification, Dehorning, Castration, Exercising, Grooming, Weighing 7. Systems of Housing Dairy Animals and Maintenance of Hygiene and Sanitation at Dairy Farm Premises 8. Care of Animals at Calving and Feeding and Management of Calves 9. Management of Lactating and Dry Cows and Buffaloes 10. Identification Common Feeds and Fodder or Classification of Feedstuffs 11. Preparation of Rations for Adult Animals 12. Measures of Feed Energy 13. Systems of Breeding of Dairy Animals 14. Dairy Farm Records and their Maintenance 15. Common Disease Problems of Dairy Animals, their Prevention and Control 16. Digestive System of Cattle/Buffaloes 17. Male Reproductive System 18. Female Reproductive System 19. Estrous Cycle in Cows / Buffaloes 20. Artificial Insemination and Its Advantages 21. Nutrients and Fertility in Animals 22. Ovulation, Fertilization, Gestation, Pregnancy Diagnosis and Parturition 23. Methods of Selection of Dairy Animals 24. Structure and Function of Mammary System 25. Milk Secretion and Milk Let Down 26. Methods of Milking, Procedure of Milking and Practices for Quality Milk Production 27. Factors Affecting Milk Composition of Animals 28. Cleaning and Sanitation of Milking Equipments 29. Embryo Transfer and their Role in Animal Improvement 30. Introduction to Biotechniques in Dairy Animal Production 31. Demonstration of Semen Collection, Processing 32. Handling and Restraining of Dairy Animals 33. Judging of Cows and Buffaloes 34. Preparation of Animal for Show 35. Silage Making 36. Nutritional Management and Milk Composition 37. Improved Varieties of Fodders for Animals 38. Hydroponics Technique for Fodder Production 39. Azolla Production and its use in Animal Feeding 40. Feeding Care of Animals During Scarcity Period

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Dr. Prafullakumar V. Patil, presently working as a Farm Manager at Veterinary College, Udgir. He did his Master degree in Animal Nutrition in 2006 from MAFSU, Nagpur. He has qualified ICAR, NET examination in 2010. He has been actively engaged in research, extension and clinical activities during the last 13 years, and also engaged in teaching from the last four years. He has published 32 research papers in national and international journals along with 230 popular articles.
Dr. (Mrs.) Matsyagandha K. Patil, presently working as an Assistant Professor at Veterinary College, Udgir. She did her Master degree in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology in 2005 and Ph.D. in 2016 from MAFSU, Nagpur. She has been actively engaged in teaching, research, and extension activities during the last 11 years. She has published 19 research papers in national and international journals along with more than 100 popular articles.