1st Edition

Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems

ISBN 9781420076868
Published August 5, 2009 by CRC Press
796 Pages 382 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Developed from the author’s academic and industrial experiences, Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems provides a unified treatment of the modeling of mechanical, electrical, fluid, and thermal systems and then systematically covers conventional, advanced, and intelligent control, instrumentation, experimentation, and design. It includes theory, analytical techniques, popular computer tools, simulation details, and applications.

Overcoming the deficiencies of other modeling and control books, this text relates the model to the physical system and addresses why a particular control technique is suitable for controlling the system. Although MATLAB®, Simulink®, and LabVIEW are used, the author fully explains the fundamentals and analytical basis behind the methods, the choice of proper tools to analyze a given problem, the ways to interpret and validate the results, and the limitations of the software tools. This approach enables readers to thoroughly grasp the core foundation of the subject and understand how to apply the concepts in practice.

Control ensures accurate operation of a system. Proper control of an engineering system requires a basic understanding and a suitable representation (model) of the system. This book builds up expertise in modeling and control so that readers can further their analytical skills in hands-on settings.

Table of Contents

Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems

Control Engineering

Application Areas

Importance of Modeling

History of Control Engineering

Organization of the Book

Modeling of Dynamic Systems

Dynamic Systems

Dynamic Models

Lumped Elements and Analogies

Analytical Model Development

Model Linearization

Model Linearization

Nonlinear State-Space Models

Nonlinear Electrical Elements

Linearization Using Experimental Operating Curves

Linear Graphs

Variables and Sign Convention

Linear Graph Elements

Linear Graph Equations

State Models from Linear Graphs

Miscellaneous Examples

Transfer-Function and Frequency-Domain Models

Laplace and Fourier Transforms

Transfer Function

Frequency Domain Models

Transfer Functions of Electro-Mechanical Systems

Equivalent Circuits and Linear Graph Reduction

Block Diagrams and State-Space Models

Response Analysis and Simulation

Analytical Solution

First-Order Systems

Second-Order Systems

Forced Response of a Damped Oscillator

Response Using Laplace Transform

Determination of ICs for Step Response

Computer Simulation

Control System Structure and Performance

Control System Structure

Control System Performance

Control Schemes

Steady-State Error and Integral Control

System Type and Error Constants

Control System Sensitivity

Stability and Root Locus Method


Routh–Hurwitz Criterion

Root Locus Method

Stability in the Frequency Domain

Bode Diagram Using Asymptotes

Nyquist Stability Criterion

Nichols Chart

Controller Design and Tuning

Controller Design and Tuning

Conventional Time-Domain Design

Compensator Design in the Frequency Domain

Design Using Root Locus

Controller Tuning

Digital Control

Digital Control

Signal Sampling and Control Bandwidth

Digital Control Using z-Transform

Digital Compensation

Advanced Control

Modern Control

Time Response

System Stability

Controllability and Observability

Modal Control

Optimal Control

Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR)

Other Advanced Control Techniques

Fuzzy Logic Control

Control System Instrumentation

Control System Instrumentation

Component Interconnection

Motion Sensors

Stepper Motors

dc Motors

Control Experiments Using LabVIEW

Appendix A: Transform Techniques

Appendix B: Software Tools

Appendix C: Review of Linear Algebra


Problems appear at the end of each chapter.

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Clarence W. de Silva is a professor of mechanical engineering and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Professor of Mechatronics and Industrial Automation (formerly Senior NSERC-BC Packers Research Chair Professor) at the University of British Columbia.