2nd Edition

Modern Diagnostic X-Ray Sources Technology, Manufacturing, Reliability

By Rolf Behling Copyright 2021
    412 Pages 40 Color & 298 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    412 Pages 40 Color & 298 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    412 Pages 40 Color & 298 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Now fully updated, the second edition of Modern Diagnostic X-Ray Sources: Technology, Manufacturing, Reliability gives an up-to-date summary of X-ray source technology and design for applications in modern diagnostic medical imaging. It lays a sound groundwork for education and advanced training in the physics of X-ray production, X-ray interactions with matter, and imaging modalities and assesses their prospects. The book begins with a comprehensive and easy-to-read historical overview of X-ray tube and generator development, including key achievements leading up to the current technological and economic state of the field.

    The book covers the physics of X-ray generation, including the process of constructing X-ray source devices. The stand-alone chapters can be read in order or in selections. They take you inside diagnostic X-ray tubes, illustrating their design, functions, metrics for validation, and interfaces. The detailed descriptions enable objective comparison and benchmarking.

    This detailed presentation of X-ray tube creation and functions enables you to understand how to optimize tube efficiency, particularly with consideration for economics and environmental care. It also simplifies faultfinding. Along with covering the past and current state of the field, the book assesses the future regarding developing new X-ray sources that can enhance performance and yield greater benefits to the scientific community and to the public.

    After heading international R&D, marketing and advanced development for X-ray sources with Philips, and working in the X-ray industry for more than four decades, Rolf Behling retired in 2020 and is now the owner of the consulting firm XtraininX, Germany. He holds numerous patents and is continuously publishing, consulting and training.

    1 Historical introduction and survey

    2 Physics of generation of bremsstrahlung

    3 The interaction of X-ray with matter

    4 More background on medical imaging

    5 Imaging modalities and challenges

    6 Diagnostic X-ray sources from the inside

    7 Housings, system interfacing, and auxiliary equipment

    8 The source of power

    9 Manufacturing, service, and tube replacement

    10 X-ray source development for medical imaging


    Rolf Behling holds a diploma in physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany. During more than 30 years in the medical industry he has held many positions, including department head of tube technology development, global project coordination manager, global innovation manager, head of marketing and field support for X-ray tubes, department head for X-ray tube development, project manager, and process physicist. The first spiral-groove-bearing X-ray tube was developed under his leadership. He currently heads the Philips Group for Advanced Development of X-ray Tubes and X-ray Generators at Philips HealthTech in Hamburg. He is a part-time lecturer at the University of Hamburg and has written numerous patents and publications in vacuum technology and medical imaging.

    "The book is written very well – with logical and condense structure, which supports well its understanding. Reading the book requires knowledge of medical physics principles and is one of the best sources of information for preparation of lectures in the field of Physics and Equipment of X-ray Diagnostic Radiology.

    The book of Dr Rolf Behling about X-ray tubes can be seen as a must for each Medical Physics Department with activities in X-ray Diagnostic Radiology – from Quality Control to selection/purchase of new X-ray equipment (and replacement X-ray tubes). For some countries the book can be seen also as a bridge between medical physics and clinical engineering activities.

    We would like to conclude this brief review with a congratulation to the author for this unique excellent book with much needed detail about X-ray tubes – the devices which triggered the beginning of medical physics profession and still support over 2/3 of all medical imaging procedures."

    - S. Tabakov, King’s College London UK and Past President IOMP, and L. Bertocchi, ICTP, Italy in MEDICAL PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL Journal, vol.10, No.2, 2022