First published in 1983, Modern Partnership Law departs from the traditionally stale treatment of the subject. The amount of effort being made to encourage small businesses has made partnership law particularly relevant. This book contains chapters on partnership finance; employees; partnerships between spouses and legal intervention in partnership law. In an attempt to move away from citing hackneyed nineteenth century English authorities on this subject, greater prominence is given to Commonwealth cases. This book should be a stimulating addition to the list of all law students.

    Preface Table of Cases Table of Statues 1. Introduction 2. Financing Partnerships 3. Partnership Employees 4. Partnerships and Spouses 5. Relations between Partners inter se 6. Partners and Outsiders 7. Partnerships and Taxation 8. Legal Regulation of and Intervention in Partnerships 9. Winding up and Insolvency 10. Partnerships: Review and Reform Appendix I – The Partnership Act 1890 Index


    David Milman and Terence Flanagan

    "In conclusion, this is an enjoyable and useful source of specialist legal commentary on a number of areas of partnership law, and Routledge is to be commending for republishing it. " - Elspeth Berry, Nottingham Law School