1st Edition

Modern Permanent Magnet Electric Machines Theory and Control

By Jacek F. Gieras, Jian-Xin Shen Copyright 2023
    307 Pages 240 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The late 1980s saw the beginning of the PM brushless machine era, with the invention of high-energy density permanent magnets (PM) and the development of power electronics. Although induction motors are now the most popular electric motors, the impact of PM brushless machines on electromechanical drives is significant. Today, PM machines come second to induction machines. Replacement of electromagnetic field excitation systems by PMs brings the following benefits:

    • No electrical energy is absorbed by the field excitation system and thus there are no excitation losses, causing substantial increase in efficiency
    • Higher power density (kW/kg) and/or torque density (Nm/kg) than electromagnetic excitation
    • Better dynamic performance than motors with electromagnetic excitation (higher magnetic flux density in the air gap)
    • Simplification of construction and maintenance
    • Less expensive for some types of machines

    Modern Permanent Magnet Electric Machines: Theory and Control serves as a textbook for undergraduate power engineering students who want to supplement and expand their knowledge in the fundamentals of magnetism, soft magnetic materials, permanent magnets (PMs), calculation of magnetic circuits with PMs, modern PM brushed DC machines and their controls, modern PM brushless DC motors and drive control, and modern PM generators. The book can help students learn more about electrical machines and can serve as a prescribed text for teaching elective undergraduate courses such as modern permanent magnet electrical machines. Since the book is written in a simple scientific language and without redundant mathematics, it can also be used by practicing engineers and managers employed in electrical machinery or electromagnetic device industries.

    1. Fundamentals of Magnetism. 2. Soft Magnetic Materials. 3. Permanent Magnets. 4. Calculation of Magnetic Circuits with PMs. 5. PM Brush DC Machines and Control. 6. PM Brushless DC Motors and Drives Control. 7. PM Synchronous Motors and Drives Control. 8. Axial and Transverse Flux. Motors 9. High-speed PM Brushless Machines.


    Jian-Xin Shen is a Professor of Electrical Engineering with Zhejiang University, and currently is the Deputy Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering. He was a Visiting Professor at EPFL, Switzerland in 2016. He is a Fellow of IET, Senior Member of IEEE, and Senior Member of China Electrotechnology Society (CES). He is a Member of IEEE Nikola Tesla Award Committee (2018-2020), Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE VTS (2018-2020), and Member-at-Large of IEEE IAS (2019-2020). He is the Vice Director and academic co-leader of the Chinese National Research Centre of Precision and Special Electric Machines, and the Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Electrical Machine Systems. He is a member of the Chinese National Technical Committee for Rotary Electrical Machines Standardization, and the Chair of the Zhejiang Provincial Technical Committee for Electrical Machines Standardization. He was the General Chair of three IEEE sponsored or co-sponsored international conferences, and a keynote speaker of six International Conferences.

    Jacek F. Gieras is affiliated with United Technology Corporation, U.S.A., most recently with UTC Aerospace Systems Applied Research. He is a Fellow of IEEE , USA, UTC Aerospace Systems Fellow , USA, Full Member of International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, and member of Steering Committees of numerous international conferences. He is cited by Who's Who in the World, Marquis, USA, 1995 - 2018, Who's Who in Science and Technology, Marquis, USA, 1996 – 2019, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Marquis, USA, 1998 - 2019, Who’s Who in America, 2000 - 2019, and many other dictionaries of international biographies.