Originally published in 1981, Modern Policing provided an opportunity for members of the Police Staff College, Bramshill to air their views about different aspects of modern British policing. Contributions were made by members of the directing staff – professional and academic – and by students. This book was addressed primarily to policemen themselves but also had wider appeal to those interested in policing. The editors saw within police constabularies a rapidly developing concern for management information by senior police personnel, for material to better prepare officers for their difficult task by training departments, for relevant analyses to help improve qualifications by policemen themselves. This was one of the first books to include views from inside the police rather than those from the outside the service.

    Foreword by Sir Kenneth Newman.  Introduction.  Section A: The Nature of Policing  Overview.  1. The Role of the Police Michael O’Byrne  2. Preventive Policing in the Community David Watts Pope  3. The Need for Accountability John A. Rhind  4. Professionalism in the Police Service Norman J. Greenhill  5. Policing in America Norman L. Weiner  Section B: The Environment of Policing  Overview  6. The Value of Sociology in Policing Norman J. Greenhill  7. Explaining Police Pessimism Colin J. Vick  8. Political Awareness in Policing Irene Wilson  9. Understanding Human Behaviour John M. Brindley  10. The Police Personality Robert C. A. Adlam  11. Social Services and the Police Bernard Sleigh  Section C: Managing Police Organisations  Overview  12. Developing Effective Police Managers Michael D. Plumridge  13. Learning to Communicate: A Management Skill Brian J. Mason  14. The Applications of Police Computing Gordon P. A. Fraser  15. Can Sense be Made of Crime Statistics? Brian J. Hilton.  Notes on Contributors.  Index.


    David Watts Pope and Norman L. Weiner