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Molecular Description of Biological Membrane Components by Computer Aided Conformational Analysis, Volume II

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ISBN 9780849363764
Published September 25, 1990 by CRC Press
224 Pages

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Book Description

The goal of these two volumes is to help fill the gap between theory and experiment in membrane science. This is the only work available today which covers the domain of computer-aided conformational analyses of membranes. Written in a detailed, yet comprehensive manner, this book uses the semi-empirical approach as a way to give a molecular description of the membrane structure in organized systems. This interesting work establishes the validity and quality of the prediction by making a permanent comparison with the experimental data. This reference aims to use this comparison to open a new avenue in the molecular description of the biological membrane. Those involved with biochemistry, biophysics, pharmacology, and biology will find these volumes interesting and informative.

Table of Contents

Volume II:
Conformational Analysis of Arachidonic Acid Derivatives and Their Ca Complexes in Interaction with Membranes
Transconformation of Ionophore at the Lipid-Water Interface
Mode of Insertion of Azole Antifungals and Sterols in Biological Membranes
Conformational Analysis of Cardiovascular Drugs-Lipids Interactions: Propranolol and Amiodarone
Interaction Between Aminoglycosides Antibiotics and Phospholipids in Relation to Their Toxicity
Adriamycin-Mitochondrial Membrane Interaction and Cardiotoxicity
Theoretical Contribution to Understanding of Ion Channels in Membranes: from Gramicidin A to Bundles of x-Helices
N-Acetyl-Gramicidin A: Molecular Mechanics Study of Head-to-Head Docking
Insight into Cytochrome b Structure-Function Relationship by the Combined Approaches of Genetics and Computer Modeling
Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the Binding of Heparin to Apolipoprotein E: Theoretical and Experimental Consideration
Identification and Computer Modeling of Functional Domains in Plasma Apolipoproteins
Orientation into the Lipid Bilayer of an Asymmetric Amphipathic Helical Peptide Located at the N-Terminus of Viral Fusion Proteins

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