1st Edition

Molecular Magnetochemistry

By Sergey Vulfson PhD Copyright 1998
    472 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Investigating the relationship between the magnetic properties and structure of molecules, molecular magnetochemistry, is an area of growing interest to scientists in a variety of fields, including physical, organic and inorganic chemistry, molecular physics, and biophysics. For the first time, systematic results on magnetic properties of molecules such as mean magnetic susceptibility, their anisotropies and principal magnetic axes are presented. Molecular Magnetochemistry is a comprehensive and up-to-date view on experimental methods not covered in previous volumes, including the Zeeman effect in vapor phase and magnetic birefringence of diamagnetic systems (Cotton-Mouton Effect). The relationship between magnetic and related electrical phenomena is also described, summing up experimental data on magnetic and electrical anisotropies and components of molecular quadrupole moments.

    Preface, Illustration Acknowledgments, Introduction Magnetic Susceptibility as a Molecular, Tensor Property, 1 Determination of Average Magnetic Susceptibilities, 2 Methods of Determination of Anisotropic Magnetic Susceptibilities of Molecules, 3 Relation Between Magnetic and Electric Properties of Molecules, 4 Tensor Additivity of Molecular Electron Properties, 5 Magnetic Susceptibilities and Interatomic Interaction Effects, 6 Determination of Three-Dimensional Structure of Molecules and Complexes, References, Subject Index


    Sergey Vulfson received his PhD in organic chemistry from Kazan State University in Russia in 1969 and his Doctorate of Science in organic chemistry from Rostov-on-Don State University in Russia in 1978. From 1969 to 1993, Dr. Vulfson was affiliated with the A. E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, where, from 1989 through 1993, he was director of the Laboratory of Organic Structures and Reactions and then the Laboratory of Structure and Properties of Metal Complexes. During 1993 to 1994, Dr. Vulfson spent a year as a visiting researcher at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. At present he is a research chemist with Monsanto Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri.