Molecular and Cellular Biology of Viruses  book cover
1st Edition

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Viruses

ISBN 9780815345237
Published July 29, 2019 by Garland Science
501 Pages - 512 Color Illustrations


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Book Description

Viruses interact with host cells in ways that uniquely reveal a great deal about general aspects of molecular and cellular structure and function. Molecular and Cellular Biology of Viruses leads students on an exploration of viruses by supporting engaging and interactive learning. All the major classes of viruses are covered, with separate chapters for their replication and expression strategies, and chapters for mechanisms such as attachment that are independent of the virus genome type. Specific cases drawn from primary literature foster student engagement. End-of-chapter questions focus on analysis and interpretation with answers being given at the back of the book. Examples come from the most-studied and medically important viruses such as HIV, influenza, and poliovirus. Plant viruses and bacteriophages are also included. There are chapters on the overall effect of viral infection on the host cell. Coverage of the immune system is focused on the interplay between host defenses and viruses, with a separate chapter on medical applications such as anti-viral drugs and vaccine development. The final chapter is on virus diversity and evolution, incorporating contemporary insights from metagenomic research.

Key selling feature:

  • Readable but rigorous coverage of the molecular and cellular biology of viruses
  • Molecular mechanisms of all major groups, including plant viruses and bacteriophages, illustrated by example
  • Host-pathogen interactions at the cellular and molecular level emphasized throughout
  • Medical implications and consequences included
  • Quality illustrations available to instructors
  • Extensive questions and answers for each chapter

Table of Contents




1. The Fundamentals of Molecular and Cellular Virology

2. The Virus Replication Cycle

3. Attachment, Penetration, and Uncoating

4. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in Model Bacteriophages

5. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in the Positive-Strand RNA Viruses

6. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in the Negative-Strand RNA Viruses

7. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in the Double-Stranded RNA Viruses

8. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in the Double-Stranded DNA Viruses

9. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in the Single-Stranded DNA Viruses

10. Gene Expression and Genome Replication in the Retroviruses and Hepadnaviruses

11. Assembly, Release, and Maturation

12. Virus–Host Interactions during Lytic Growth

13. Persistent Viral Infections

14. Viral Evasion of Innate Host Defenses

15. Viral Evasion of Adaptive Host Defenses

16. Medical Applications of Molecular and Cellular Virology

17. Viral Diversity, Origins, and Evolution




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Professor Phoebe Lostroh is a molecular microbiologist whose research has focused on bacterial "sex." She has recruited a diverse team of undergraduate researchers at Colorado College where she has won multiple awards, such as the Theodore Roosevelt Collins Outstanding Faculty award for teaching, mentoring, and advising students of color and first-generation students. Her research has been supported by the NSF (2009-2018), NIH (1994-2003), and the Keck foundation (2001-2003). She’s a volunteer comedienne with Science Riot, which brings science to the public through stand-up routines, and is the lead singer on Rejoice! an album of songs for activists.

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