1st Edition

Money, Macroeconomics and Keynes Essays in Honour of Victoria Chick, Volume 1

Edited By Philip Arestis, Meghnad Desai, Sheila Dow Copyright 2002
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This volume, along with its companion volume, Methodology, Microeconomics and Keynes is published in honour of Victoria Chick, inspired by her own contributions to knowledge in all of these areas and their interconnections. It represents both consolidation and the breaking of new ground in Keynesian monetary theory and macroeconomics by leading figures in these fields.

    1 Introduction: On Chick's Life as an ACADEMIC (Philip Arestis, Meghnad Desai & Sheila Dow

    2. The ‘Great Inflation’, 1520–1640 (PhilipArestis & Peter Howells)

    3. The Endogeneity of Money (Charles Goodhart)

    4. The Transmission Mechanism with Endogenous Money (David Laidler)

    5. Economic Policy with Endogenous Money (Malcolm Sawyer

    6. Victoria Chick and the Theory of the Monetary Circuit (AlainParguez)

    7. Keynes, Money and Modern Macroeconomics (Colin Rogers)

    8. ‘The Stages’ of Financial Development, Financial Liberalization and Growth in Developing Economies (Rogério Studart)

    9. On Keynes's Concept of the Revolving Fund of Finance (Fernando J. Cardimde Carvalho)

    10. On a Post-Keynesian Stream from France and Italy (Joseph Halevi & Rédouane Taouil

    11. IS-LM and Macroeconomics After Keynes (Peter Kriesler & John Nevile)

    12. On Keynes and Chick On Prices In Modern Capitalism (G. C.Harcourt)

    13. Aggregate Demand Policy in the Long Run (Peter Skott)

    14. The Investment Decision in Keynes's Thought (Augusto Graziani)

    15. Aggregate Demand, Effective Demand, and Aggregate Supply in the Open Economy (John Smithin)

    16. Some Myths about Phillips's Curve (Bernard Corry)

    17. Transitional Steady States (Maurizio Caserta)

    18. Unemployment in a Small Open Economy (Penelope Hawkins & Christopher Torr)

    19. Why Do Macroeconomists Disagree on the Consequences of the Euro? (Jesper Jespersen)

    20. The Fate of Key Currencies (Stephen F. Frowen & Elias Karakitsos)


    Philip Arestis is Professor and Research Director at the South Bank Business School at South Bank University.
    Meghnad Desai is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics.
    Sheila Dow is Professor, Department of Economics, University of Stirling.