1st Edition

Moral Development Current Theory and Research

Edited By David J. DePalma, Jeanne M. Foley Copyright 1975
    214 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1975. The purpose of this volume is to present a collection of contemporary theory and research in moral development. The coverage, as further discussed in the Introduction, is selective rather than comprehensive with the emphasis on current contributions that focus on various provocative issues pertinent to both moral judgment and moral behavior. The fact that there is no existing collection of papers and critical evaluation of this type makes this book a unique resource for workers and students in the area of moral development.

    Preface, lntroduction, 1 The Development of Social Concepts: Mores, Customs, and Conventions, 2 lmplicators of Cognitive Development forMoral Reasoning, 3 The Necessity (but lnsufficiency) of Social Perspective Taking for Conceptions of Justice at Three Early Levels, 4 Recent Research on an Objective Test of Moral Judgment: How the lmportant lssues of a Moral Dilemma Are Defined, 5 You Will Be Weil Advised to Watch What We Do lnstead of What We Say,, 6 ToReara Prosocial Child: Reasoning, Learning by Doing, and Learning by Teaching Others, 7 The Development of Altruistic Motivation, 8 Moral Development and the Structure of Personality, 9 Recent Research on Moral Development: A Commentary, 10 Research and Theory in Moral Development: A Commentary, Toward the Future, Author Index, Subject Index


    DAVID J. DePALMA , JEANNE M. FOLEY  both Loyola University of Chicago.