1st Edition

Moral Psychology

By Daniel K Lapsley Copyright 1996
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    303 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book, a review of the psychological literatures with allied traditions in ethics, emphasizes parenting and educational strategies for influencing moral behavior, reasoning, and character development and charts a line of research for the "post-Kohlbergian era" in moral psychology.

    Developmental Psychology Series -- Preface -- Piaget’s Theory: Stage and Structure -- Piaget’s Moral Judgment of the Child -- Kohlberg’s Theory: An Overview -- Kohlberg’s Stage Theory -- Moral Components and the Defining Issues Test: Enlarging and Constricting the Moral Domain -- Domains of Social Knowledge -- Moral Orientations: Gender, Benevolence, Caring -- Positive Justice and Prosocial Reasoning -- Prosocial Behavior -- Moral Traits and the Moral Personality -- The Moral Personality: Socioanalytic Theory -- The Moral Self -- Postscript -- About the Book and Author


    Daniel K. Lapsley teaches in the Department of Educational Psychology at Ball State University. He has taught previously at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and at the University of Notre Dame.