3rd Edition

More Than Words An Introduction to Communication

By Graeme Burton, Richard Dimbleby Copyright 1998

    The authors cover the essential elements of communication, including communication between individuals and groups, in organizations and through mass media and new technologies.

    Part 1: What is Communication? 1. How do we Experience Communication? 2. Why do we Communicate? 3. What Happens when we Communicate? Part 2: Interpersonal Communication 1. Means of Contact 2. Dealing with Others 3. Perception - Of Ourselves and Others 4. Barriers to Communication 5. Interpersonal Skills Part 3: Communication in Groups 1. What is a Group? 2. Why do People Join Groups? 3. Features of Groups 4. Communicating in Groups Part 4: Communication in Organizations 1. How do Organizations Operate? 2. Applications: Case Studies and Activities Part 5: Mass Communication 1. A Mass-Communication Society 2. Interpreting the Media, Including Institutions, Audiences, Genres, Representations 3. The Media: Particular Examples - Advertising, News and Technologies Part 6: Communication and Media Skills 1. Getting Started - General Principles for Approaching Practical Work 2. Interpersonal Skills - Listening, Assertiveness, Interviews, Presentations 3. Writing Skills - Questionnaires, Radio Scripts 4. Design Skills (Print) 5. Storyboarding 6. Taking Photographs 7. Audio-Visual Production - Audio, Exhibitions, Film-Making 8. Into the Net 9. Designing a Web Site


    Richard Dimbleby is a former Principal of Bournemouth and Poole College and now works as a writer, trainer and consultant. Graeme Burton is a freelance author and part-time lecturer at the University of Teesside. He has written several books on communication and the media.

    'A radically new book which keeps the accessibility of earlier incarnations while focusing sharply on the needs of students this excellent new edition was long overdue.' - Tim Gay, The Lecturer

    'As more and more pressure is put on staff to reduce their preparation time, this book will provide them with the basis of an effective and interesting course. It comes thoroughly recommended.' - Tim Gay, The Lecturer