1st Edition

Multicultural AIDS Prevention Programs

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ISBN 9781560230878
Published November 21, 1996 by Routledge
235 Pages

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Book Description

Multicultural AIDS Prevention Programs explores the behaviors of injection drug users and crack users to determine HIV risk factors and to help you reevaluate intervention and education programs. Program directors learn how to design and implement effective programs based on the research presented.

Among the important issues you will learn about are:

  • risk behavior and stages of behavior change for condom and needle use
  • predictors of loss for follow-up among drug users participating in HIV/AIDS prevention projects
  • the role of psychosocial domains as causes for HIV risk behaviors and as resources for behavioral change
  • condom use as AIDS prevention among drug users and high-risk women
  • sexual orientation and HIV risk behaviors among injection drug users (IDUs) and crack smokers
  • the utility of the stages-of-change model in assessing intervention readiness and measuring the outcome of modifying drug-related and sexual risk behaviors of active drug users
  • an evaluation of the effect on risk behaviors of an HIV testing and counseling program among African American (in the U.S.) and Puerto Rican (in the U.S. and Puerto Rico) drug abusers
  • a cost analysis of outreach services to IDUs and street youth (a comparison of outreach costs with the medical costs of treating an HIV-infected individual)
  • an examination of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) cohort of out-of-treatment IDUs and crack users to determine variables associated with entering drug treatment, factors correlated with treatment retention, and the extent to which entering treatment is related to cessation of injection drug and crack use.

    Multicultural AIDS Prevention Programs gives you an explanation for and better understanding of risk behaviors among drug users. You will use this insight in your efforts as a professional in drug abuse prevention and treatment or HIV/AIDS education, research, and outreach to develop and implement the most effective approaches for successfully changing client behavior.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface

  • Stages of Change for HIV Risk Behavior: Injecting Drug Users in Five Cities
  • Factors Contributing to Retention of Not-in-Treatment Drug Users in an HIV/AIDS Outreach Prevention Project
  • The Effect of Psychosocial Domains on AIDS Risk Behaviors
  • Predicting Increased Condom Use With Main Partners: Potential Approaches to Intervention
  • Condom Use With Main and Other Sex Partners Among High-Risk Women: Intervention Outcomes and Correlates of Reduced Risk
  • Sexual Orientation and HIV Risk Behaviors in a National Sample of Injection Drug Users and Crack Smokers
  • Using Stages of Change to Assess Intervention Readiness and Outcome in Modifying Drug-Related and Sexual HIV Risk Behaviors of IDUs and Crack Users
  • Effectiveness of HIV Interventions Among Crack Users
  • An Analysis of Differential Factors Affecting Risk Behaviors Among Out-of-Treatment Drug Users in Four Cities
  • Effects of HIV Testing and Counseling on Reducing HIV Risk Behavior Among Two Ethnic Groups
  • Cost of Outreach for HIV Prevention Among Drug Users and Youth at Risk
  • Correlates and Consequences of Entering Drug Treatment: A Study of the NIDA Cooperative Agreement National Database
  • AIDS Prevention: Conclusions and Implications
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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