6th Edition

Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents

    366 Pages
    by Routledge

    366 Pages
    by Routledge

    Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents explores the foundations of diversity through cultural portraits of young people from a variety of backgrounds, and provides practical strategies for shaping and implementing a multicultural curriculum. In Part I, the authors introduce multicultural education as a concept and document the increasing cultural diversity of the United States. The text describes, in Part II, various cultural groups—including African, American Indian, and Hispanic cultures—to help pre-service teachers better understand the backgrounds of diverse learners. Part III focuses on topics that educators should consider when planning and implementing programs that teach acceptance and respect for cultural diversity. Through this series of applied chapters, teacher candidates will learn to use the most effective instructional practices with diverse learners, and to work successfully with families, school personnel, and administrators to implement a multicultural program.

    Content and features new to the sixth edition include the following:

      • Every chapter opens with a real-life story that introduces the subject matter by showing the ideas in action.
      • Points to Ponder boxes urge readers to reflect more deeply on information they have just read.
      • Additional Case Studies with accompanying Questions for Discussion in all chapters enable nuanced consideration of the crucial differences between culturally specific learning styles.
      • Increased emphasis on Social Justice and White Privilege, including its effects on all people.
      • Chapter 13 has been significantly revised to include increased and updated information on sexual orientation, including transgender students.
      • Chapters in Part II now feature further expanded sections on socioeconomic status and conditions of each ethnic group.


    Part I Multicultural Education and lts Response to our Nation’s lncreasing Diversity  

    Chapter 1 Multicultural Education  

    Chapter 2 Diversity  

    Part II Understanding Learners and  their Cultural Backgrounds  

    Chapter 3 Understanding African American Children and Adolescents  

    Chapter 4 Understanding American Indian Children and Adolescents  

    Chapter 5 Understanding Arab American Children and Adolescents  

    Chapter 6 Understanding Asian American Children and Adolescents  

    Chapter 7 Understanding European American Children and Adolescents  

    Chapter 8 Understanding Hispanic American Children and Adolescents  

    Part III Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Society 

    Chapter 9 Curricular Efforts  

    Chapter 10 Instructional Practices  

    Chapter 11 Parents, Families, and Caregivers of Culturally Diverse Backgrounds  

    Chapter 12 Administrators and Special School Personnel  

    Chapter 13 Newly Emerging Issues of Multicultural Education


    M. Lee Manning is Professor and Eminent Scholar in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Old Dominion University, USA.

    Leroy G. Baruth is Professor and Chair of the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling at Appalachian State University, USA.

    G. Lea Lee is Associate Professor and Director of the Tidewater Writing Project in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Old Dominion University, USA.

    This diversity volume is the most thorough, insightful, and practical volume to date.  It is a must for both practicing and future teachers. My only regret is that a book of this quality was not available earlier in my career.  It would have certainly enriched the careers of my students and made a much-needed difference in the lives of the world’s children. 

    • James Hoot, Professor Emeritus (Early Childhood Education), The University at Buffalo--State University of New York and Past President, Association for Childhood Education International.

    This 6th edition seamlessly blends a comprehensive conceptual framework for Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents with a portrait approach for deep dives into contemporary issues of diversity. It provides pre-service and experienced teachers alike with innovative pedagogical practices and curricular perspectives and content that dynamically engage students in explorations, understandings, and appreciation of difference.  

    • Jabari Mahiri, Professor of Language and Literacy, Society and Culture, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley