1st Edition

Multifunctional Molecular Materials

Edited By Lahcene Ouahab Copyright 2012
    314 Pages 29 Color & 130 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book provides a comprehensive overview on multifunctional molecular materials that involve coexistence or interplay or synergy between multiple physical properties focusing on electrical conductivity, magnetism, single-molecule magnets behavior, chirality, spin crossover, and luminescence. The book’s coverage ranges from transition metals and lanthanide coordination complexes to genuine organic materials. The book also discusses some potentialities of applications of these materials in molecule-based devices.

    Magnetism and Conductivity, T. Sugawara and A. Miyazaki
    Multi-Functionalities of Single-Molecule Magnets with Electrical Conductivities, K. Kubo, H. Hiraga, H. Miyasaka, and M. Yamashita
    Multifunctional Single-Molecule Magnets and Single Chain Magnets, L.-C. Kang and J.-L. Zuo
    Magnetism and Chirality, K. Inoue and J.-I. Kishine
    Towards Bi-Functional Materials with Conducting, Photochromic and Spin Crossover Properties, L. Valade, I. Malfant, and C. Faulmann
    Electroactive 4f Lanthanides Complexes Involving Tetrathiafulvalene Derivatives as Ligands: Magnetism and Luminescence, F. Pointillart, S. Golhen, O. Cador, and L. Ouahab
    Multifunctional Materials of Interest in Molecular Electronics, M. L. Mercuri, P. Deplano, A. Serpe, and F. Artizzu


    Lahcène Ouahab received his PhD from the University of Rennes 1, France, in 1985. He was associate Professor at the University of Rennes 1 before getting a permanent position in CNRS as associate researcher in 1989. He is presently a CNRS director of research and leads the molecular materials research group in the CNRS unit 6226 in Rennes. He was awarded 1998 prize of the Coordination Chemistry Division of the French Chemical Society. His fields of research include molecular materials, particularly multifunctional materials, charge transfer complexes, radical ion salts, organic–inorganic hybrids, polymeric coordination complexes, and polyoxometallates. He has published more than 250 papers and review articles and presented more than 60 invited talks in international conferences.

    "One of the foremost contemporary challenges of materials science is the development and understanding of materials with interacting or co-existing functionalities. In this unique book, the current status of this field in molecular systems has been thoroughly reviewed by leading experts. This work is highly recommended both as a desktop reference for current researchers and an enlightening introduction for students and those new to the field."
    —Dr. John Schlueter, Argonne National Laboratory, USA