1st Edition

Multiliteracies, Emerging Media, and College Writing Instruction

By Santosh Khadka Copyright 2019
    182 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book proposes a broad-based multiliteracies theory and praxis for college writing curriculum. Khadka expands on the work of the New London Group’s theory of multiliteracies by integrating work from related disciplinary fields such as media studies, intercultural communication, World Englishes, writing studies, and literacy studies to show how they might be brought together to aid in designing curriculum for teaching multiple literacies, including visual, digital, intercultural, and multimodal, in writing and literacy classes. Building on insights developed from qualitative analysis of data from the author’s own course, the book examines the ways in which diverse groups of students draw on existing literacy practices while also learning to cultivate the multiple literacies, including academic, rhetorical, visual, intercultural, and multimodal, needed in mediating the communication challenges of a globalized world. This approach allows for both an exploration of students’ negotiation of their cultural, linguistic, and modal differences and an examination of teaching practices in these classrooms, collectively demonstrating the challenges and opportunities afforded by a broad-based multiliteracies theory and praxis. This book will be of particular interest to scholars and researchers in writing studies, rhetoric and communication studies, multimodality, media studies, literacy studies, and language education.

    1. Exigencies for a Broad-based Multiliteracies Theory and Praxis for College Writing Instruction

    2. (Teaching) Essayist Literacy Within Multimedia and Multiliteracy Contexts

    3. Emerging Digital/New Media, and an Expanded Notion of Composition in a Diverse Writing Class

    4. Implications of the Study and Future Research Directions


    Santosh Khadka is Assistant Professor of English at California State University Northridge. He has co-edited three books—Bridging the Multimodal Gap: From Theory to Practice, Designing and Implementing Multimodal Curricula and Programs (Routledge), and Narratives of Marginalized Identities in Higher Education: Inside and Outside the Academy (Routledge).