Multimedia Technology IV : Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Multimedia Technology, Sydney, Australia, 28-30 March 2015 book cover
1st Edition

Multimedia Technology IV
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Multimedia Technology, Sydney, Australia, 28-30 March 2015

ISBN 9781138027947
Published March 18, 2015 by CRC Press
226 Pages

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Book Description

Multimedia Technology IV is a collection of papers from the 4th International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT 2015, Sydney, Australia, 28-29 March 2015). The book discusses a wide range of topics, including:

– Image and signal processing

– Video and audio processing

– Multimedia data communication and transmission, and

– Multimedia tools.

Presenting recent advances, and new techniques and applications, the contributions will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in the field of multimedia technology.

Table of Contents

SDN based load balancing and its performance 
Z. Fan, Y. Jinyao, L. Bo & M. Haiyan
A SAMP reconstruction algorithm based on Haar wavelet tree 
J. Yang, X. Li & D. Zhang
The effects of receiver concentrators on receiving power in indoor visible light communications 
Y. Liu, Y. Peng &Y. Liu
Cognitive approaches for physical impairment-aware routing and wavelength assignment in dynamic optical networks 
S.Wang, Z. Chen, Y. Liu, Y. Peng & H. Zhang
A study on setting a proper burial depth for submarine cables 
Y.Wang, M. Zha & F. Yuan
Electricity information collection system based on 230 MHz-WiMAX network and multi-network fusion technology 
M. Pan, S. Tian, X. Jin, C. Lv &W.Wang
Design and implementation of safety monitoring system for underground 
L. Yang,W. Liang, L. Peng, L.-W. Zhu, X. Qian &Y.-F. Liu
Reconstruction method of channel taps in OFDM systems based on inverse 
Z. Li, K. Xiao & L.J.Wang
A clustering algorithm for data aggregation in spatial-correlated sensor networks 
R. Hong, Z. Su & H. Cheng
Intelligent analysis of passenger flow state in integrated transport hub 
L. Yinghong, L. Zhao, H. Xiaoqing &T. Hongfang
Industrial insight and core competence of using intelligent logistics system in Taiwan distribution business 
Y.-B.Wang & C.-W. Ho
Fast and robust varying affine stitching by proper feature point selection 
L. Rong, Y. Sun & C.Wang
How brand loyalty is affected by online brand community? 
C.-W. Ho, Y.-B.Wang & H.-Y. Chang
Study on the evaluation of webpage based on eye tracking technology 
Y. Tai & L. Bing
Application of virtual agent’s eye movement by using artificial intelligence 
Y. Zhang
Improved algorithm of EPZS based on rotary coordinate system and movement similarity 
S. Xi-jia, L. Yi, Y. Liang & L.Wei
A SaaS-based software modeling for bank intermediary business 
B. Li,W.-T. Tsai, H. Zhou & D. Zuo
Fractional order arc-length term for level set 
S. Shenshen
OMP spectrum sensing algorithm based on differential signal 
W. Hu, X. Gu, X. Kong, Z. Zhao & H.Wang
A multi-scale extraction for urban road intersection in high-resolution panchromatic imagery 
H. Cai, G. Yao & M. Li
FPGA implementation of the encoding and decoding of an LDPC code for deep space applications 
X. Liu, K. Cai, X. Tang & H.Wu
The research on dim moving target detection algorithm in deep space 
Y. Xu &Y. Mao
An adaptive multi-scale lattice vector quantization and its application in low bit rate speech coding 
W. He & Q. He
Sparse coding based kinship recognition 
Y. Chen, H. Hu, S. Cao & B. Ma
Sparse representation and random forests based face recognition with single sample per person 
T. Xu, H. Hu, Q. Ma & B. Ma
Practice and thinking of the bilingual teaching for undergraduate digital signal processing course 
K. Cai
Interactive random music using breath control for entertainment application 
T.-C. Liu & C.-C. Tu
A high efficient and feature lossless image compression approach for image retrieval 
L. Ping, Y. Yong, L. Ming & D. Zhenjiang
Automatical face beautification based on near-infrared image 
Q. Zhang, F. Zhou, F. Yang & Q. Liao
Learning semantic correlations of images and text by automatic image annotation 
Y. Xia, Y.L.Wu & J.F. Feng
Chinese character recognition based on 8-direction feature extraction 
P. Lu, Y. Yang, B. Sheng, P. Li, M. Chen & D.Wu
Visual tracking via discriminative random ferns 
H.Wen, S. Chen, S. Ge & L. Sun
Classifying collaborative behavior in the form of behavioral stereotypes in collaborative mobile applications 
R. Tague, A. Maeder & J. Basilakis
DOA estimation of array radar via compressive sampling and matrix completion 
W.Wang, X. Bi & J. Du
An improved non-linear ARED algorithm based on queue length 
Z. Ying, Z. Jihong, L.Wei, L. Yongsheng, H. Tao, R. Xianyi & C. Xiaoping
Frontier approach research on the detection of early breast tumor 
Y. Gao, X. Bi, J. Du, R. Su &W.Wang
An invisible watermark algorithm including embedding and detection for color image based on internet 
X.-L. Chen & G.-Q. Hu
A novel holistic approach for 3D face recognition from range images 
S. Ganguly, D. Bhattacharjee & M. Nasipuri
Efficient SIMD acceleration of DCT and IDCT for high efficiency video coding 
L. Li, X. Zhang & Z. Gao
Early CU termination based on SKIP/Merge RD cost for B frames in HEVC 
J. Shen, X. Zhang, Z. Gao & J.Wang
A multipurpose image watermarking algorithm based on DWT and Sudoku 
X. Yan, J. Xie & M. Xiong
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