1st Edition

Multivariate Applications in the Social Sciences

Edited By N. Hirschberg, L. G. Humphreys Copyright 1982
    304 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1982. Textbooks in multivariate methods proliferate, but there are few books concerned with their application. Experimental psychology and its associated method of statistical data analysis, analysis of variance, has tended to dominate psychological thinking even in such areas as social and clinical psychology, two areas that are particularly ill-suited to simple analysis-of-variance statistical models. The recent emphasis of clinical and social psychology on applied research relevant to social problems requires that more attention be paid to multivariate methods and appropriate research designs. this book illustrates and examines the multivariate approach alone, this does not imply that a multivariate approach combined with an experimental approach would not in the long run provide the best overall research design. The present collection of multivariate applications introduces some of the kinds of research problem that can be tackled by means of multivariate statistical analysis.

    Introduction, 1. Multivariate Reliability: Implications for Evaluating Profiles, 2. Symmetric and Asymmetric Rotations in Canonical Correlational Analysis: New Methods with Drug Variable Examples, 3. Multidimensional Psychophysics, 4. Construal of Social Environments: Multidimensional Models of Interpersonal Perception and Attraction, 5. The Perception of Crowding: Conceptual Dimensions and Preferences, 6. Configural Self-Diagnosis, 7. The Method of Sorting in Multivariate Research with Applications Selected from Cognitive Psychology and Person Perception, 8. Attraction and Conversational Style, 9. Interpersonal Construal: An Individual Differences Framework, 10. A Structural Equation Model of Impression Formation, 11. The Hierarchial Factor Model and General Intelligence, 12. Multivariate Diagnostic Information Processing by Computer, 13. Process Models of Social Behavior, Author Index, Subject Index


    Nancy Hirschberg University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Lloyd G. Humphreys University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.