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Museums Without Barriers A New Deal For the Disabled

    ISBN 9780415069946
    240 Pages
    Published March 13, 1992 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138171718
    240 Pages
    Published April 27, 2016 by Routledge

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    Essential reading for all professionals concerned with museums and the cultural heritage, with the architecture and design of museums and for those providing service for the disabled. The volume provides access to some of the best practice in the provision for the disabled, and sets out an agenda for future action in museums worldwide.

    Part 1 Cultural policies concerning disabled people, in France and abroad; Chapter 1 European policy for the integration of disabled people into cultural life, Bernhard M. Wehrens; Chapter 2 The policy of the Ministry of Culture in France, Dominique Charvet; Chapter 3 Access to historical monuments for disabled people, Anne Magnant; Chapter 4 ‘Cry Freedom’ after Attenborough, Peter Senior; Chapter 5 Facilities for disabled people in French national museums, Alain Erlande-Brandenburg; Chapter 6 The work of the Commission on the Disabled at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, and the Charter for the Disabled, Louis Avan; Chapter 7 The ‘Handicap and Culture’ programme at the Fondation de France, Nancy Breitenbach; Chapter 8 Changing basic attitudes, Frans Schouten; Part 2 Funding possibilities; Chapter 9 Museums and sponsorship, Roland May; Chapter 10 The Fondation de France as sponsor, Sylvie Tsyboula; Chapter 11 The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust; Part 3 Museums and physical disabilities; Chapter 12 Adapting historic buildings to make them accessible to the disabled, Francisco García Aznarez; Chapter 13 The needs of people with walking handicaps. The Association des Paralysés de France, Pascal Dubois; Chapter 14 The training of architects in Europe, Piero Cosulich; Chapter 15 Ergonomics and museology, Louis-Pierre Grosbois; Chapter 16 Accessibility at the Greater Louvre, Paris, C. C. Pei; Chapter 17 Accessibility at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, Jean-Paul Philippon; Chapter 18 The ‘Venice for all’ project, Italy, Piero Cosulich; Part 4 Museums and people with impaired vision; Chapter 19 Museums and the visually handicapped, Marcus Weisen; Chapter 20 The many forms of visual handicap, Robert Benoist; Chapter 21 An introduction to art as a means to a therapy to be practised by disabled and non-sighted people, Michel Bourgeois-Lechartier; Chapter 22 The blind and museums, Gilles Grandjean; Chapter 23 Art and the visual handicap. A role for t


    Fondation de France, ; International Committee of Museums (ICOM),

    `It provides a guide to the best modern museum practice in respect to disability and sets out an agenda for future action in museums worldwide.' - Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

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