1st Edition

My Brilliant Brain: A Practical Resource for Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming

By Liz Bates Copyright 2022
    64 Pages 14 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    For effective use, this book should be purchased alongside the storybook. Both books can be purchased together as a set, My Brilliant Brain: A Storybook and Guide for Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming, 978-1-032-06903-6.

    This resource uses simple yet effective shared language for adults and children, allowing them to talk about anxiety, and taking away the shame and blame that children may experience in response to these emotions. It encourages sharing, allowing the feelings of worry and anxiety to become normalised and the child to feel more in control.

    Full of activities and experiential learning for individual children, groups or classes, this guide covers topics such as:

    • The brain, the amygdala, what anxiety is and how it is normal.
    • Demonstrating and modelling calm, even if you are not, to help reassure and protect the children under your care.
    • Self-calming activities and strategies.
    • Being a Child in Charge – helping children to develop individual strategies that work best for them.

    Designed for use alongside the storybook Myg and Me: Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming, teachers, support staff, therapists and parents will find this guidebook an indispensable tool in the process of helping the children they interact with to feel a sense of self-determination and self-efficacy.


    Session 1 My Brilliant Brain

    Session 2 Meet Myg

    Session 3 This Happens to Everyone

    Session 4 Where is My Brilliant Brain

    Session 5 Lots of Ways to Help

    Session 6 Being a Child in Charge



    Liz Bates is an independent education consultant. She supports both primary and secondary schools in all aspects of Emotional Health and Wellbeing, and Safeguarding, including whole school approaches, training staff and delivering talks to parents. Liz is a Protective Behaviours Trainer, a Wellbeing Award Advisor for Optimus and a regular contributor at national conferences.

    "Aimed at upper primary and lower secondary aged children, Myg and Me enables positive conversations about anxiety. Split into six easy to follow sessions which work well one-to-one or in small groups, this beautifully illustrated resource offers activities that are explained clearly and simply without compromising on facts, giving useful suggestions to help children manage their own anxiety. I recommend Myg and me as a practical, engaging, and clear resource to anyone who wants to support children to develop an understanding of their emotions and how to manage them."

    Heather Rowlands, Peacemakers