2nd Edition

NMR Spectroscopy Techniques

By Martha Bruch Copyright 1996

    This work elucidates the power of modern nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques to solve a wide range of practical problems that arise in both academic and industrial settings. This edition provides current information regarding the implementation and interpretation of NMR experiments, and contains material on: three- and four-dimensional NMR; the NMR analysis of peptides, proteins, carbohydrates and oligonucleotides; and more.

    NMR concepts; spectral editing methods for structure elucidation; NMR relaxation and dynamics; multidimensional NMR spectroscopy of liquids; practical tips and structure elucidation of small organic molecules; structure determination of biological macromolecules; high-resolution NMR of solids; wide-line and line-narrowing NMR techniques; chemical and physical characterization of polymer systems by NMR spectroscopy; in vivo 31P and 23Na NMR sprctroscopty and imaging.


    Martha Bruch

    "Praise for the First Edition. . . . . .provide[s] operational (or practical) information without becoming bogged down in mathematical considerations. . . .a useful text. "
    ---Journal of the American Chemical Society
    ". . .a valuable asset for those who want practical help in carrying out NMR experiments. "
    ". . .recommend this book to anyone unfamiliar with NMR who needs to acquire an operational and applications-oriented understanding, or to individuals currently practicing NMR who desire a nontheoretical supplement to their current knowledge. "
    ---Applied Spectroscopy
    ". . .provide[s] comprehensive background information about what magnetic resonance techniques are based on and the kinds of information you can obtain by their use. "
    ---Polymer News