Nanotechnology 2010 : Fabrication, Particles, Characterization, MEMs, Electronics and Photonics; Technical Proceedings of the 2010 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo (Volume 1) book cover
1st Edition

Nanotechnology 2010
Fabrication, Particles, Characterization, MEMs, Electronics and Photonics; Technical Proceedings of the 2010 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo (Volume 1)



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ISBN 9781439834015
Published July 8, 2010 by CRC Press
748 Pages - 350 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

NSTI's nanotechnology conferences have built a tradition of being the most prestigious forum in the world for leading nano scientists, and Nanotech 2010 is no exception. Top nano scientists offer an up-to-date global perspective on the latest developments in nanotechnology. More than mere proceedings, these volumes cut across every scientific and engineering discipline to provide the most complete record of current accomplishments in Nanotech. Information from past conferences has been compiled into authoritative and comprehensive compendiums and made available (along with pricing information) here on our site. Contents of the proceedings for this year's conference and expo are also available. A DVD is available containing both Nanotech and Cleantech proceedings.

Table of Contents

Nanoscale Materials Characterization

Advanced nanoscale elastic property measurement by contact-resonance atomic force microscopy, G. Stan, R.F. Cook

Nanoscale Chemical Spectroscopy with the Atomic Force Microscope

C.B. Prater, D. Cook, R. Shetty, K. Kjoller

Subsurface characterization of high dielectric nanostructures in low dielectric polymer matrix using Electric Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

M. Zhao, B. Ming, P. Stutzman, G. Chen, X. Gu, C. Park, Y.C. Jean, T. Nguyen

Mechanical Characterization of Metallic Nanowires by Combining Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

E. Celik, E. Madenci

Imaging three-dimensional microstructures fabricated by two-photon polymerization using CARS microscopy

T. Baldacchini

Individual SiGe Nanowire Chemical Composition Depth Profiling and Surface Oxidation Analyzed by Auger Electron Spectroscopy

J.S. Hammond, U. Givan, D. Paul, F. Patolsky

Advances in Helium Ion Microscopy for High Resolution Imaging and Material Modification

W. Thompson, J. Notte, L. Scipioni, M. Ananth, L. Stern, S. Sijbrandij, C. Sanford

Atomic scale dopant detection in an individual silicon nanowire by atom probe tomography

W.H. Chen, R. Lardé, E. Cadel, T. Xu, B. Grandidier, J.P. Nys, D. Stievenard, P. Pareige

In situ Surface Characterization of Nano- and Microparticles by Optical Second Harmonic Generation

B. Schürer, S. Wunderlich, U. Peschel, W. Peukert

Size and Count of Nanoparticles by Scattering and Fluorescence Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

D. Griffiths, P. Hole, J. Smith, A. Malloy, B. Carr

Conformation of pH Responsive Alternating Copolymers and Self-Assembly in Nanoarchitectures

A.S.W. Chan, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot

Intense room-temperature photoluminescence of crystalline β-Ta2O5 nanobrick arrays

Y-R Ma, J-H Lin, W-D Ho, R.S. Devan

Nano-scale TEM studies of the passive film and the chloride-induced depassivation of carbon steel in concrete

P. Ghods, O.B. Isgor, J. Li, G. Carpenter, G. McRae, G.P. Gu

Enhanced ferromagnetism and weak polarization of multiferroic BiFeO3 synthesized by sol-gel autocombustion method

G.M. Wang, J.M. Xu, D. Zhang

Size distribution determination of nanoparticles and nanosized pores by small-angle X-Ray scattering on a multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer platform

J. Bolze, S. Rekhi, K. Macchiarola, B. Litteer

Effect of local curvature on the interaction between hydrophobic surfaces

P. Hansson, A. Swerin, E. Thormann, P.M. Claesson, J. Schoelkopf, P.A.C. Gane

Structural Elucidation of Doxorubicin-Loaded Liposomes by Atomic Force Microscopy in air and water

B.W. Tian, W.T. Al-Jamal, M. Stuartb, K. Kostarelos

High resolution imaging of biological materials using hydrophobic carbon nanotube AFM probes

J.-H. Lee, C.K. Najeeb, J. Chang, W.-S. Kang, G.-H. Nam, J.-H. Kim

Dynamics of intermediate to late stage concentration fluctuations during free diffusion experiments

A. Oprisan, S.A. Oprisan, A. Teklu

Effects of Non-radiative energy transfer processes on the visible upconversion in ZrO2:Yb3+/Er3+ nanocrystals

O. Meza, L.A. Diaz-Torres, P. Salas, E. De la Rosa, C.D. Solis

Acyl ascorbate in enzymatic synthesis: Industrial use as a food nano additive

R. Sharma, Y. Pathak

Method of enhancing polyaniline conductivity using different oxidizing agents as dopant

M.A. Iqbal, S. Manzoor

Synthesis of Magnetically Separable Photocatalyst-TiO2/SiO2 coated Mn-Zn Ferrite-and its Photocatalytic study

K. Laohhasurayotin, S. Pookboonmee, D. Viboonratanasri

Effect of compounding method on the thermal, mechanical, and molphological properties of Polypropylene-Nanoclay nanocomposites

J. Nader, H. Dagher, D. Gardner, A. Duguay, J. Parent, A. Kiziltas

High Strain Rate Compression Behavior of Conventional and CNF-Filled-Nanophased Glass/Polyester Composites

M.K. Hossain, M.E. Hossain, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, V. Rangari

In-situ techniques in optical spectroscopy for the analysis of carbon nanotubes

G. Freihofer, B. Mohan, S. Raghavan

Synthesis and Characterizations of nano sized Barium hexa-ferrites using sol gel method

M.A. Iqbal, A. Mir

Fabrication of bulk Al-TiB2 nanocomposite by spark plasma sintering of mechanically alloyed powder

Z. Sadeghian, M.H. Enayati, P. Beiss

Fabrication and Thermomechanical Characterization of CNF-Filled Polyester and E-Glass/Polyester Nanophased Composites

M.K. Hossain, M.E. Hossain, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, V. Rangari

The Effects of POSS on the Interlaminar Shear Strength of Marine Composites under Various Environmental Conditions

H. Mahfuz, F. Powell, R. Granata, M. Hosur

Volume Grain Analysis in Organic Thin Film Semiconductors

D. Bergman, K.P. Gentry, T. Gredig

Characterization of an electrical powering nano-generator based on aluminum doped ZnO thin films

N. Muñoz Aguirre, J.E. Rivera López, L. Martínez Pérez, P. Tamayo Meza

Growth and optical properties of high-density InN nanodots

W.C. Ke, S.J. Lee, C.Y. Kao, W.K. Chen, W.C. Chou, W.H. Chang, W.J. Lin, Y.C. Cheng, T.C. Lee, J.C. Lin

Theoretical Studies in Epitaxial Stabilization of ZnO-based Light-emitting Semiconductors

P-L Liu, Y-J Siao, M-H Lee

Magnetic properties of Sputter deposited and magnetically annealed IrMn/CoFeB nanometric bilayers for exchange biased magnetic tunnel junctions

H. Fulara, M. Raju, S. Chaudhary, S.C. Kashyap, D.K. Pandya

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanorods using Molecular Beam Epitaxy

M. Asghar, A. Ali, M.-A. Hasan, M. Yasin Akhtar Raja

Novel Nanoparticles Dispersing Beads Mill with Ultra Small Beads and its Application

M. Inkyo

Evaluation of Tools for Nanoparticles-modulated Hyperthermia by Atomic Force Microscopy

I.V. Reshetov, V.I. Chissov, S.S. Sukharev, O.V. Matorin, A.V. Korizky

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for on-line monitoring and workplace surveillance of nanoparticle production processes

E. Frejafon

Application of nanoindentation for constituent phases testing

I. Hussainova, I. Jasiuk

Oxygen Vacancies induced ferromagnetism in undoped and Cr doped SnO2 nanowires

L. Zhang, S. Ge, Y. Zuo, Q. Jing

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Nanoparticle Size Measurement by Differential Mobility Analysis

C.M. Lin, T.C. Yu, S.H. Lai, H.C. Ho, H.F. Weng, S.H. Wang, C.J. Chen

Nano Crystalline Cellulosic Nematic monocrystals optical properties

G. Picard, Y. Kadiri, D. Simon, F. Ghozayel, J.-D. Lebreux

Interfacial Effect in Fe/ InGaAs Magnetism

N. Berrouachedi, S. Rioual, B. Lescop, B. Rouvellou, J. Langlois, M. Bouslama, Z. Lounis, A. Abdellaoui


Carbon Nano Structures & Devices

Review of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes, Synthesis and Applications (overview presentation)

W. Bacsa

Carbon-based nanocomposite EDLC supercapacitors

C. Lei, C. Lekakou

Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors using Printed Semiconducting Tubes

N. Rouhi, D. Jain, K. Zand, P.J. Burke

Gels of Carbon Nanotubes and Nonionic Surfactant and High-quality Carbon Nanotube Films Prepared by Gel Coating

J. Ouyang

An Amplification Strategy to Label Free Opiate Drug Detection using Liquid-Gated Carbon Nanotubes Transistor

J.N. Tey, I.P.M. Wijaya, J. Wei, I. Rodriguez, S.G. Maisalkar

RNA Functionalized Carbon Nanotube for Chemical Sensing

M. Chen, S.A. Datta, S.M. Khamis, J.E. Fischer, A.T. Johnson, Jr.

Incorporation of plasma modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes into TiO2 photoanode for dyesensitized solar cells (DSSC)

Y.F. Chan

Large area, directionally aligned single-walled carbon nanotube thin film by self-assembly and compressed sliding methods

C.K. Najeeb, J.-H. Lee, J. Chang, J.-H. Kim

Characterizing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction for the Proton Exchange Fuel Cell with with Novel Nanotechnology-based Catalyst Supports

M.N. Groves, A.S.W. Chan, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot

Influence of Silica Precursor in the Cobalt Incorporation in Mesoporous Silica MCM-41 Used for the Synthesis of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

F.C. Ramírez, B.L. López, L.F. Giraldo

Spin Dependent Transport in Carbon Nanostructures

N.M. Harrison, B. Montanari

Effect of Position and Orientation of Stone-Wales Defects on the Fracture Behavior of a Zigzag Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube

K. Talukdar, A.K. Mitra

Controlled Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped in Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Elaboration of Polymer Nanocomposite

C. Semaan, G. Pecastaings, M. Schappacher, A. Soum

Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Low-Intensity Lasers

V. Krishna, B. Koopman, B. Moudgil

Direct growth of carbon nanotubes on a plastic substrate

D. Carnahan, D. Esposito, I. Izrailit, A.V. Vasenkov

Electric-Arc Plasma Instalation and method for Preparing Nanodispersed Carbon Structures

G.P. Vissokov, D.T. Garlanov, K.L. Zaharieva, S.K. Rakovski

Large area graphene sheets synthesized on a bi-metallic catalyst system

E. Dervishi, Z. Li, J. Shyaka, F. Watanabe, A. Biswas, J.L. Umwungeri, A. Courte, A.R. Biris, A.S. Biris

Is Aluminum Suitable Buffer Layer for Growth of Carbon Nanowalls?

P. Alizadeh Eslami, M. Ghoranneviss, S. Nasiri Laheghi

Fabrication of Nanoporous Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Membranes

O.V. Makarova, R. Divan, N. Moldovan, C.-M. Tang

Quantum Electrodynamics of Nanosystems

S.S. Masood

Electron irradiation induced stuructural changes in nickel nanorods encapsulated in carbon nanotubes

N. Kulshrestha, K.S. Hazra, S. Roy, R. Bajpai, D.R. Mohapatra, D.S. Misra

Tuning the electronic and chemical surface properties of graphane combining alkali deposition and low-energy ion irradiation

B. Heim, J.P. Allain, D. Zemlyanov, C.N. Taylor, O. El-Atwani

Fabrication and characterization of optoelectric device using CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots/singlewalled carbon nanotubes heterostructure

H.C. Shim, S. Jeong, S. Kim, C.S. Han

Effect of Source, Surfactant, and Deposition Process on Electronic Properties of Nanotube Arrays

D. Jain, N. Rouhi, C. Rutherglen, P.J. Burke

Novel Electrostatic Digital Printing Device Based on Single Walled Carbon Nanotube

K.Y. Law, M. Kanungo

A Dual-Frequency Wearable MWCNT Ink-Based Spiral Microstrip Antenna

T.A. Elwi

Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays assembled on Glassy Carbon electrode

J. Sun

Carbon Nanotubes and Grephene for Solar Cells

Z. Li, E. Dervishi, V. Saini, S. Bourdo, A.S. Biris

Determination of Cefixime in aqueous solution using multiwalled carbon nanotubes solid- phase extraction cartridge

M. Jafari, F. Aghamiri, G.R. Khaghani

Wafer Level Assembly of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Arrays with Precise Positioning

J. Cao, A. Arun, K. Lister, D. Acquaviva, J. Bhandari, A.M. Ionescu

100nm Range Short Tube Products of Nano Carbon from Solid Phase Synthesis Process Without Shortening Effort

K.C. Nguyen, V.V. Tran, A.T.N. Mai, M.C. Bui, H.D. Dang

Synthesis and Characterization of Single Wall Carbon Nanohorns Produced by Direct Vaporization of Graphite

C. Pagura, M. Schiavon, S. Barison, S. Battiston

Effect of Strain on the Energy Band Gaps of (13,0) and (15,0) Carbon Nanotubes

G. Dereli, N. Vardar, O. Eyecioglu

Ab initio investigation of Graphene Based Systems

N.S. Virka, N.M. Harrisonb, B. Montanaric

Enhanced Field Emission properties of Titanium decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

H. Sharma, V. Kaushik, A.K. Shukla, V.D. Vankar

Violet-Blue Emission From TiO2/SWCNT Hybrid Structure Synthesized by a Simple Chemical Route

R. Paul, P. Kumbhakar, A.K. Mitra

Novel interdigital actuators and sensors based on highly overlapped branched carbon nanotubes

S. Darbari, Y. Abdi, A. Ebrahimi, S. Mohajerzadeh

Computer Simulation and Study of Bridge–Like Radiation Defects in the Carbon Nano-Structures in Composite Materials

A.M. Ilyin, G.W. Beall

Rapid Determination of Purity of Carbon Nanotubes

J. Hodkiewicz, M. Wall

Introduction to Raman Spectroscopy as a Characterization Tool for Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and other Carbon Nanostructures

J. Hodkiewicz, M. Wall

CNT and Silver-CNT Nanoparticles provide immune responses against RSV

S. Boyoglu, L. Adiani, C. Boyoglu, M. Mishra, V. Rangari, V. Dennis, S.R. Singh

Morphology Changes and Defects in Carbon Nanoparticles Due to Different Atom Arrangements

R. Sharma, S. Kwon, A. Sharma


Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications

Gas-phase synthesis of highly-specific nanoparticles on the pilot-plant scale

T. Huelser, S.M. Schnurre, C. Schulz, H. Wiggers

Gas phase synthesis of silica nanoparticles in a hybrid microwave-plasma hot-wall reactor

A. Abdali, B. Moritz, H. Wiggers, C. Schulz

Ionic Liquids - Novel Tenside like Materials for size controlled Preparation of Nanoparticles and safe-to-handle Nanoparticle Dispersions

T.F. Beyersdorff, F.M. Stiemke, A. Willm, T.J.S. Schubert

Highly conducting nanosized monodispersed antimony-doped tin oxide particles synthesized via nonaqueous sol-gel method

V. Müller, J. Rathousky, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing

Investigation of the stabilisation mechanism of small ZnO quantum dots below 20 nm

D. Segets, R. Marczak, S. Schäfer, W. Peukert

The use of PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymers in the synthesis of nano ZnO via the hydrothermal method

M. Young, X. Bao

Au, Ag and Au-Ag nanoparticles: microwave-assisted synthesis in water and applications in ceramic and catalysis

M. Blosi, S. Albonetti, F. Gatti, M. Dondi, A. Migliori, L. Ortolani, V. Morandi, G. Baldi

In Situ Quick XAFS Study on the Formation Mechanism of Cu Nanoparticles Synthesized in Aqueous Phase

S. Nishimura, A. Takagaki, S. Maenosono, K. Ebitani

Hydrothermal synthesis and Photoluminescent characterization of nanocrystalline BaZrO3

L.A. Diaz-Torres, P. Salas, V.M. Castaño, J. Oliva, E. De la Rosa

Synthesis of Sulfated and Carbon-Coated Al2O3 Aerogels and Their Activity in Dehydrochlorination of 1-Chlorobutane and (2-Chloroethyl)ethyl Sulfide

A.F. Bedilo, A.M. Volodin, K.J. Klabunde

Sol-gel Synthesis of Ferrite Foam Materials for H2 Generation from Water-Splitting Reaction

R. Bhosale, R. Shende, J. Puszynski

The Mechanochemical Formation of Functionalized Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Electronic and Superhydrophobic Surface Applications

B.S. Mitchell, M.J. Fink

Electrical Properties of Functionalized Silicon Nanoparticles

S. Hartner, A. Gupta, H. Wiggers

Precipitant molar concentration effect on the upconversion emission in BaZrO3:Er,Yb nanocrystalline phosphor

L.A. Diaz-Torres, P. Salas, V.M. Castaño, J. Oliva, C. Angeles-Chavez

New ripening mechanism for silver and gold nanorods in aqueous solution

D. Segets, C. Damm, G. Yang, E. Spiecker, W. Peukert

Durability of Pt/MWCNT Nanocatalyst in High Temperature H3PO4/PBI PEMFC

F. Buazarand, H. Khaledib, K. Almoora, Q. Lia, T. Steenbergc, J.O. Jensen, N.J. Bjerruma

Nano Silver – Why It is so Hot Now?

K.W. Lem, J.R. Haw, D.S. Lee, C. Brumlik, S. Sund, S. Curran, P. Smith, S. Brauer, D. Schmidt

Surface Enhanced Raman Utilizing Magentic Core Silver Shell Nanoparticles

G.P. Glaspell

Au nanoparticles functionnalized by J-aggregates for highly efficient strong coupling applications

D. Djoumessi Lekeufack, A. Brioude, J. Bellessa, L. De Zeng, A.W. Coleman, P. Miele

Electron instabilities in nanoclusters, nanostructures and inhomogeneous nanomaterials: bottom up approach

A. Kocharian

Ultrasonically sprayed nanostructured SnO2 thin films for highly sensitive hydrogen sensing

L.A. Patil

Synthesis of highly-doped silicon and germanium nanoparticles in a low-pressure plasma-reactor for thermoelectric and solar applications

H. Grimm, N. Petermann, A. Gupta, H. Wiggers

Cleaning 10nm ceramic particles by the supersonic particle beam

I. Kim, K. Hwang, J.W. Lee

Formation mechanism of copper-silver metal nanoparticle encapsulated in carbon shell

H.Y. Kang, H.P. Wang, C.H. Huang, C.K. Tsai

The Use of Taguchi Method to Determine Factors Affecting the size of fine attapulgite particles generated by rapid expansion supercritical solution with and without cosolvents

I. Asghari, F. Esmaeilzadeh

Manufacture of ultrafine drug particles via the Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution (RESS) Process using Taguchi approach

I. Asghari, F. Esmaeilzadeh

Synthesis of Cobalt-based Nanoparticles in Silicon Dioxide for Nonvolatile Memory Applications

J-H Yoon

Microwave-assisted superparamagnetic FePt synthesis for MRI application

M.J. Tsai, T.Y. Tsai, J.L. Tsai, P.S. Lai

Application of Sugimoto model on particle size prediction of colloidal TiO2 nanoparticles

H. Mehranpour, M. Askari, M.S. Ghamsari, H. Farzalibeik

Preparation of nitrogen-doped mesoporous TiO2 with a room-temperature ionic liquid

T-L Hsiung, H.P. Wang, Y-L Wei

Preparation of Nanosize Copper Recycled from an Electroplating Wastewater

C.-H. Huang, H.P. Wang

Synthesis of nanocrystalline (Zn1-xCox)Al2O4 solid solution: structural and optical properties

A. Fernández-Osorio, D. Hernández- Mendoza, E. Pineda-Villanueva

Synthesis of Nanocrystalline VOx/MgO Aerogels and Their Application for Destructive Adsorption of CF2Cl2

E.V. Ilyina, I.V. Mishakov, A.A. Vedyagin, A.F. Bedilo, K.J. Klabunde

Microwave-assisted synthesis of water soluble [email protected] quantum dots

S.J. Bailon-Ruiz, O. Perales-Perez, S.P. Singh

Hydrothermal Growth of ZnO Nanostructures Using Zinc Thin Films as Seed Layer

J.-Y. Yang, H.-W. Cheng, T.-C. Cheng, Y. Li

Synergistic effect of Cobalt and Nitrogen doping on Anatase Titania for Photodegradation under Visible light

N.N. Binitha, Z. Yaakob, P.P. Silija, M.R. Resmi, P.V. Suraja

Size dependent photoluminescence characteristics of GaN nanoparticles

Y. Chen, K.S. Kang, N. Jyoti, J. Kim

Fuel cell catalysts based on core-shell nanoparticles

H. Xu, C. Zalitis, M. Rivera-Hernandez, T. Albrecht, A. Kucernak

Characterization and synthesis of nano magnetic particles

M. Thiyagarajan

Early Stages of Particle Formation by in-situ UV-Vis and HRS

B. Schürer, D. Segets, W. Peukert

Green Chemistry Used in the Synthesis and Characterization of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles

R. Vallejo, P. Segovia, N. Elizondo, O. Vázquez, V. Coello, V. Castaño

Polarity sensitive colloidal gold nanoparticles

F. Amin, D. Yushchenko, F. Zhang, A. Zulqurnain, W.J. Parak

The Reaction of Nano-scale Iron Fluidized in Microwave Radiation Field to Treat Chlorobenzene

C-L Lee, Y-S Wang, C-R Wu, H-P Wang, C.-J.G. Jou

Effect of C Content and Calcination Temperatures on the Characteristics of C-doped TiO2 Photocatalyst

F.Y. Chen, Y.-T. Lin

Formation and stabilization of gold and silver clusters and nanoparticles in mordenites

A. Pestryakov, N. Bogdanchikova, I. Tuzovskaya, M. Avalos, M.H. Farías

SAPHIR – European Project

C. Goepfert

Preparation of ZnAl2O4 Catalytic Support by Combustion Reaction: Influence of Type of Heating Source

E. Leal, K.M.S. Viana, R.H.G.A. Kiminami, S.M.P. Meneghetti, A.C.F.M. Costa, H.L. Lira

Catalytic Degradation of Substituted Phenols in Water by Chemically Synthesized Bimetallic Nanoalloys

R. Nazir, M. Mazhar

The influences of nanoscale titanium dioxide particle size and crystal structure on light absorbance

M. Zou, F. Yang, J. Ma, Y. Chen, L. Cao, F. Liu

Size-Controllable Synthesis and Characterization of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Oxide Nanoparticles

A. Sharma, A. Sharma, R. Sharma

Effect of Grain Size on Neél Temperature, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of NiFe2O4 Nanoparticle Synthesized by Chemical Co-precipitation Technique

Sk. Manjura Hoque

Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline GaP for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures

S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, G. Chumanov, N. Tsyntsaru, E. Rusu

Fabrication of size-tunable gold nanoparticles using plasmid DNA as a biomolecular reactor

J. Samson, I. Piscopo, A. Yampolsky, P. Nahirney, A. Parpas, A. Toschi, C.M. Drain

Synthesis and optical properties of L-cystine capped ZnS:Co nanoparticles

P. Kumbhakar, R. Sarkar, A.K. Mitra

Magnetite particle size dependence on the co-precipitation synthesis method for protein separation

R.T. Reza, C.A. Martínez Pérez, C.A. Rodriguez Gonzalez, D.B. Baques, P.E. García-Casillas

Combustion synthesis and Magnetic Characterizations of Mn Substituted Ni–Zn Ferrite Nanoparticles

D.R. Mane, D.D. Birajdar, S.E. Shirsath, R.H. Kadam

Luminescent mechanism of bulk and nano ZnS:Mn2+ phosphors

M.M. Biggs, O.M. Ntwaeaborwa, H.C. Swart, M.J.H. Hoffman

From Micro to Nano Magnetic Spheres: Size-Controllable Synthesis, Multilayer Coatings, and Biomedical Applications

K.C.F. Leung, S. Xuan

Transport of large Particles and Macromolecules in Flow Through Inorganic Membrane

A.O. Imdakm, T. Matsuura

A facile low-temperature route for preparing monodisperse Mn3O4 nanopolyhedrons from amorphous MnO2 nanoparticles

J. Ma, S. Zhang, W. Liu, Y. Zhao

Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles via Ionomer Clusters

P. Atorngitjawat, K. Pipatpanyanugoon

Preparation and Application of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles

M-H Chang, C.Y-D Tai

Nanopowders of TiO2 obtained by combustion reaction: effect of fuels

E.P. Almeida, J.P. Coutinho, N.L. Freitas, R.H.G.A. Kiminami, A.C.F.M. Costa, H.L. Lira

Preparation and Characterization of BiFeO3 Nanosystems as Visible Light Driven Photo-degradation of Organic Compounds

C. Hengky, S. Dunn, V. Singh, L. Loh

Magnetite nanoparticles as moderators of extreme conditions during Bradyrhizobium japanicum growth

M.R. Ghalamboran, J.J. Ramsden

NanoZeolites - small particles, small pore, big impact! Porous nanoparticles for environmental applications

W. Daniell, A. Kohl, J. Sauer


Nanostructured Coatings, Surfaces and Films

Adhesion of Water on Flat Polymer Surfaces and Superhydrophobic Surfaces

K.Y. Law, H. Zhao, B. Samuel

Biofouling control coatings utilizing VOC free biodegradable chitothane and nanotubes containing non-toxic natural product repellents

R.R. Price, J. Matias

Nanoscale Silver Coatings on Synthetic Fibers

M. Amberg, E. Körner, D. Hegemann, M. Heuberger

Tribological studies of conventional microcrystalline and engineered near-nanocrystalline WC-17Co HVOF coatings

G. Saha, A. Mateen, T. Khan

A Generalised Approach for the Surface Engineering of Nanoparticles in Suspension for Highly Efficient Hybrid Capture of Bio-molecules

T. Sen, I.J. Bruceb

Fabrication of superhydrophobic nanostructured films by Physical Vapour Deposition

M. Yoldi, J.A. García, R.J. Rodríguez, A. Martínez, M. Rico

Development of Durable Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Self-Cleaning Surfaces in Glass Substrates

Y.D. Jiang, M. White, A.T. Hunt, M. Kitada, T. Fitz

Superhydrophobic coating using metallic nanorods for aerospace applications

G.K. Kannarpady, Y. Lefrileux, T. Laurent, J. Woo, K.R. Khedir, H. Ishihara, S. Trigwell, C. Ryerson, A.S. Biris

Durable Super-Hydrophobic Nano-Composite Films

J. Chinn

Tunable Wetting of Titanium and Gold Based Wicking Materials

C. Ding

Self Assembly of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles on Diblock Copolymer Thin Film Templates

S.M. Adams, R. Ragan

Non-Silicone Based Nano Thickness Coating to Improve Protein Compatibility

R. Yeh, M.T. Ling

Transparent Conducting Films of Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide with Uniform Mesostructure Assembled from Pre-formed Nanocrystals

V. Müller, J. Rathousky, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing

Correlation between the oxygen content and the structure of AlCrSiOxN(1-x) thin films deposited by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering

H. Najafi, A. Karimi, M. Morstein, H. Najafi

Mesoporous TiO2 hollow spheres on a DSSC photoanode

C-Y Liao, H.P. Wang, H-P Lin

Electronic properties control of single-walled carbon nanotube using spontaneous redox process of MnO4- and carbon nanotube

D.-W. Shin, J.H. Lee, J.-B. Yoo

Dry native protein assays on on 3D and 2D substrates by non-contact Laser-Induced-Forward Transfer LIFT process

S. Genov, I. Thurow, D. Riester, K. Borchers, T. Hirth, A. Weber, G.E.M. Tovar

Novel Metal Oxide Deposition Method to Fabricate Nanostructures

R. Mansouri, M. Sandooghchian, M.R. Mansouri

Effect of nano-sized silica particle for high insulation resistance on the surface of non-oriented electrical steel

J.W. Kim, M.S. Kwon, C.H. Han

Rhodamine B degradation efficiency of differently annealed titanium dioxide nanotubes

M.V. Diamanti, F. Stercal, MP. Pedeferri

Control of solid surface properties by electron beam processing

I.V. Vasiljeva, S.V. Mjakin

Fabrication and assembly of nanowrinkle patterns on metallic surface: a nonlithography method for nano fabrication

Z. Zhang, C. Guo, Q. Liu

Simple Fabrication of Hierarchical Structures on a Polymer Surface

B. Farshchian, S.M. Hurst, J.T. Ok, S. Park

The Nanophysics of TiO2/Au Model Catalyst as a Key to Understanding the High Efficiency of Real Au/TiO2 Catalyst and Technological Consequences

I.V. Tvauri, D.F. Remar, A.M. Turiev, N.I. Tsidaeva, K. Fukutani, T.T. Magkoev

Production Technology for Nanofiber Filtration Media

M. Maly, S. Petrik

Atmospheric Plasma Surface Modification of Polytetrafluoroethylene Films for Metal Deposition

B.E. Stein, A.A. Bujanda, K.E. Strawhecker, D.D. Pappas

Bio-Molecules Immobilization on Nanowire Electronic Devices

W. Maki, N. Mishra, M. Fellegy, E. Cameron, G. Maki

Chemical structure of ZnO nanorod array on a DSSC photoanode

Y-H Chang, C-Y Liao, H.P. Wang, Y-L Wei, Y. Fukushima, T-F Guo, Y-F Chiang

An experimental and theoretical study of the inhibition mechanism of organic substances in concrete

M.V. Diamanti, M. Ormellese, E.A. Perez-Rosales, MP. Pedeferri, G. Raffaini, F. Ganazzoli

Thin-Film Deposition on Nanoparticles in Low-Pressure Plasma

A. Shahravan, T. Matsoukas


Composite Materials

Surface Modification and Performance Analysis of Jute Based Nanophased Green Composite

M.K. Hossain, M.W. Dewan, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, V. Rangari

Chemical and Phase Transformations of Nanocrystalline Oxides in a Carbon Nanoreactor

A.M. Volodin, V.I. Zaikovskii, A.F. Bedilo, K.J. Klabunde

Integration of SWCNT into Olefin polymer composites

J. Guan, B. Simard

Role of Nanoparticles in Life Cycle of Nanocomposites

X. Gu, G. Chen, M. Zhao, S.S. Watson, D. Zhe, P.E. Stutzman, T. Nguyen, J.W. Chin, J.W. Martin

Surface tailoring of carbon fabric reinforced PES composites with micro and nano PTFE fillers

M. Sharma, J. Bijwe

Characterizing Nanoparticle Emissions from Burning Polymer Nanocomposites

M.R. Nyden, R.H. Harris, Y.S. Kim, R.D. Davis, N.D. Marsh, M. Zammarano

New method for the caracterization of abrasion-induced nanoparticle release into air from nanomaterials

L. Golanski, A. Guiot, F. Tardif

Direct Evidence of Nanoparticle Release from Epoxy Nanocomposites Exposed to 295 nm-400 nm UV Radiation

T. Nguyen, B. Pellegrin, P. Stutzman, A. Shapiro, E. Byrd, X. Gu, J. Chin

An analytical method to quantify the release of silica nanoparticles from polymer nanocomposites exposed to UV radiation

S.A. Rabb, L.L. Yu, T. Nguyen

Developing a Strategy for the Spatial Localisation and Autonomous Release of Silver Nanoparticles within Smart Implants

L.A.A. Newton, D.G. Sharp, R. Leslie, J. Davis

Nanoparticle release from nano-containing product, introduction to an energetic approach

L. Gheerardyn, O. Le Bihan, E. Dore, M. Morgeneyer

Poly(vinyl chloride)/TiO2 nanocomposite resin via the synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles in vinyl chloride followed by in situ suspension polymerization

H. Yoo, S.-Y. Kwak

Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced CNT/LCP Nanocomposites

N.G. Sahoo, H.K.F. Cheng, L. Li, S.H. Chan, J. Zhao

Atomistic-Based Continuum Modeling of the Interfacial Properties of Structural Adhesive Bonds

J.M. Wernik, S.A. Meguid, H. Ruda

Alignment of Si3N4 nanorods in Polypropylene single fibers

V.K. Rangari, M. Yousuf, S. Jeelani

Trifunctional Epoxy – SWNTs Composites. a New Non – Covalent SWNTs Integration Approach

J.M. González-Domínguez, A. Ansón-Casaos, A.M. Díez-Pascual, B. Ashrafi, M. Naffakh, A. Johnston, M.A. Gómez, M.T. Martínez

Synthesis of polynobornene on catalyst functionalized-MWCNTs with a "grafting from" approach: The influence of the catalyst-MWCNT spacing

P. Longo, C. Costabile, F. Grisi, N. Latorraca, P. Ciambelli, M. Sarno, C. Leone, D. Sannino

Quantum Dot - Fibre Composites

A. Zeller, J. Johnston

Nanogold and Nanosilver Plastics

M. Pobedinsky, J. Johnston

Wide Area Deposition of Transparent Flexible Nanocomposites

T. Druffel

Fabrication and Characterization of the GaP/PGMA Polymer Nanocomposite for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures

S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, I. Luzinov, B. Zdyrko

Carbon Nanocomposite Electrode for Electrostatic Precipitators

K. Alam, J. Morosko, D. Burton

Nanopalladium – Wool: A Novel Fibre for Multifunctional

C. Fonseca-Paris, J.H. Johnston

Novel Nanocomposites: Hierarchically Ordered Porous Silica for the Immobilisation of Enzyme as Bio-catalyst

Y. Sen, T. Sen

The physical properties of zein nanoclay hybrid resin as a base for zein nanoclay films

J. Luecha, N. Sozer, J.L. Kokini

Nanogold and Nanosilver Wool: New Products for High Value Fashion Apparel and Functional Textiles

J. Johnston, K. Burridge, F. Kelly, A. Small

Deposition of layered TiO2/N,C-ITO film electrodes for solar hydrogen production via water splitting

K.R. Wu, C.H. Hung, C.W. Yeh, C.C. Wang, T.P. Cho

Effect of Bimodal Micro-Nano Powder Mixture on the Solids Loading and Pressureless Sintering of Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Nitride

V. Onbattuvelli, G. Purdy, S. Ramamoothi, S.V. Atre

Preparation, properties and thermal control applications of silica aerogel infiltrated with solid-liquid phase change materials

Z. Xiangfa, X. Hanning, F. Jian, Z. Changrui, J. Yonggang

Multifunctional Nanocomposite Systems

A. Das, J. Dinglasan, N. Loukine, D. Anderson

‘In situ polymerization and composite formation’ (IPCF): An important synthesis route in advanced materials science

K. Mallick, M.J. Witcomb, A.M. Strydom

Graphene and polymer composite using easy soluble expanded graphite

J.H. Lee

Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin MWCNts Nanocomposites

A. Kanapitsas, H. Zois, C.G. Delides

Ag-TiO2 Coated Polyurethane Composite Nanofiber Web for Application in the Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent

S.-Y. Ryu, W.H. Choi, C.H. Ahn, S.-Y. Kwak

Development of Melt Blown Electrospinning Apparatus of Isotactic Polyproylene

K. Watanabe, Y.J. Lee, T. Nakamura, K.H. Lee, K.W. Kim, B.S. Kim, I.S. Kim

Magnetic Dye-Adsorbent Catalyst: A "Core-Shell" Nanocomposite

S. Shukla, M.R. Varma, K.G. Suresh, K.G.K. Warrier

Nanohybrid silica/polymer subcritical aerogels

A. Fidalgo, L.M. Ilharco, J.P.S. Farinha, J.M.G. Martinho

The magnetic properties optimization in diluted magnetic oxide semiconductor nanoparticles obtained by a modified co-precipitation approach in intrazeolitic networks

R. Bosinceanu, F. Iacomi

Evaluations of PP-g-GMA and PP-g-HEMA as a Compatibilizer for Polypropylene/Clay Nanocomposites

D.H. Kim, Y. Son


Polymer Nanotechnology

Synthesis and Application of nano-size polymer colloids at The Dow Chemical Company

C.J. Tucker

ZnO:Polydiacetylene Films as Chromatic Sensors

A. Patlolla, J.L. Zunino III, D.P. Schmidt, Z. Iqbal, D.R. Skelton

Directed assembly of magnetic nanoparticles in polymers: the formation of anisotropic plastic films containing aligned nanowires

D. Fragouli, R. Buonsanti, F. Villafiorita Monteleone, G. Bertoni, C. Sangregorio, B. Torre, R. Cingolani, A. Athanassiou

Soft plasma polymer coatings based on atomic polymerization

V. Cech, R. Trivedi, S. Lichovnikova, L. Hoferek

Structural Control of Porous Polymeric Materials through Magnetic Gelation

M. Furlan, M. Lattuada, M. Morbidelli

Polymer nanocomposites: an advanced material for functional fibers

M. Joshi

Polymer nanoparticles as nanoformulation agents

H. Pham, F. Li, J.B. Goh, J. Dinglasan, D. Anderson

Preparation of nickel doped multi-functional micro-patternable polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite polymer with characterization of its magnetic, electrical and mechanical properties for soft MEMS/Lab on a chip applications

A. Khosla, J.L. Korand, M. Haiducu, B.L. Gray, D.B. Leznoff, M. Parameswaran

Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Polypyrrole within polymeric Nanotemplates-mechanism of polypyrrole synthesis

X. Li, A. Chan, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot

Directing cell migration by electrospun fibers

Y. Liu

Design and multiobjective optimization of a novel reactive extrusion process for the production of nanostructured PA12/ PDMS blends

F. Pla, R. Rached, S. Hoppe, C. Fonteix

Effect of Size on Properties of Nano-Structured Polymers –Transition from Macroscaling to Nanoscaling

K.W. Lem, J.R. Haw, D.S. Lee, C. Brumlik, S. Sund, S. Curran, P. Smith, S. Brauer, D. Schmidt

Preparation and characterization of Sulfonated High Impact Polystyrene (SHIPS) ion exchange nanofiber by electrospinning

T.S. Hwang, E.J. Choi, N.S. Kwak

Mechanical and Moisture Resistance Performance of Silver Nanoparticle Reinforced Fish Skin Gelatin Films

H. Harding, A. Ludwick, T. Samuel, S. Young, H. Aglan

Experiments to Investigate Electromagnetic Shielding Performance of Polyaniline-Coated Thin Films

B.R. Kim, H.K. Lee

Fabrication of poly(alizarin red)-carbon nanofibers composite film and its application as nitric oxide microsensor

D.Y. Zheng, C.G. Hu, S.S. Hu

Characterization of Carbon Nanotube-reinforced Polyethylene Nanocomposite Produced by Cryogenic Ball-milling Process

G. Terife, K.A. Narh

Electronic Properties and Transitions States involved in the Pyrrole Oligomerization

A. Cuán, C.M. Cortés-Romero, M.T. Ramírez-Silva, M.A. Romero-Romo, M.E. Palomar-Pardavé


Soft Nanotech

Amphiphilic Polymeric Core-Shell Particles: Novel Synthetic Strategy and Potential Applications of the Particles

P. Li

Green Chemistry Derived Nanocomposite of Silver-modified Titania used for Disinfectant

J. Liu, I. Ramirez, S. Bashir, R. Mernaugh

Magnetoliposomes: Stability of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Suspension for drug delivery

 T. Sen, S.J. Sheppard, T. Mercer, A. Elhissi

Nanoemulsion Formation and characterization of Neutraceutical Components with the Sonication and Self-Assembly Methods

A.J. Choi, C.B. Park, C.G. Park, S.H. Han

Control of the morphology of nanoparticles resulting from the dynamic optimization of a fed-batch emulsion copolymerization process

B. Benyahia, A. Latifi, C. Fonteix, F. Pla

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