Nanotechnology 2010 : Life Sciences, Medicine, Diagnostics, Bio Materials and Composites; Technical Proceedings of the 2010 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo (Volume 2) book cover
1st Edition

Nanotechnology 2010
Life Sciences, Medicine, Diagnostics, Bio Materials and Composites; Technical Proceedings of the 2010 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo (Volume 2)



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ISBN 9781439834022
Published July 8, 2010 by CRC Press
636 Pages - 350 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

NSTI's nanotechnology conferences have built a tradition of being the most prestigious forum in the world for leading nano scientists, and Nanotech 2010 is no exception. Top nano scientists offer an up-to-date global perspective on the latest developments in nanotechnology. More than mere proceedings, these volumes cut across every scientific and engineering discipline to provide the most complete record of current accomplishments in Nanotech. Information from past conferences has been compiled into authoritative and comprehensive compendiums and made available (along with pricing information) here on our site. Contents of the proceedings for this year's conference and expo will be forthcoming. Nanotech is available in print and on CD-ROM.

Table of Contents

Electronics and Photonics

Adhesion of moulding compounds. Can material pre-selection increase the reliability of electronic components?

R. Pufall, B. Michel, E. Kaulfersch

Application of YAG Laser Micro-Welding in MEMS Packaging

P. Bozorgi

Backside Nanoscale Texturing to Improve IR Response of Silicon Photodetectors

L. Forbes, M.Y. Louie

Control of Conducting Path in Resistive Memory Utilizing Ferritin Protein with Metal Nano Dot

M. Uenuma, B. Zheng, K. Kawano, M. Horita, S. Yoshii, I. Yamashita, Y. Uraoka

3-state Quantum Dot Gate FETs in Designing High Sampling Rate ADCs

S. Karmakar, J.A. Chandy, F.C. Jain

Comprehensive Examination of Intrinsic-Parameter-Induced Characteristic Fluctuations in 16-nm-Gate CMOS Devices

M-H Han, Y. Li

Neighbouring Levels Statistic and Shape of Quantum Dots: Si/Sio2

I. Filikhin, S.G. Matinyan, B. Vlahovic

Enhancement of Defect Tolerance in the QCA-based Programmable Logic Array (PLA)

T. Notsu, K. Miura, K. Nakamae

Critical currents in graphene ribbon Josephson junctions

P.G. Gabrielli

Atomistic Simulations of Electronic Structure in Realistically-Sized Wurtzite InN/GaN Quantum Dots

K. Yalavarthi, V. Gaddipati, S. Ahmed

Jet-printed Si nanowires for flexible backplane applications

W.S. Wong, S. Raychaudhuri, S. Sambandan, R. Lujan, R.A. Street

Self–Heating Effects in Nanowire Transistors

A. Hossain, K. Raleva, D. Vasileska, S.M. Goodnick

Stable Light Emiting Electrochemical Cells Based in Supramolecular Interactions

R.D. Costa, M. Lenes, E. Ortí, H.J. Bolink, S. Graber, E.C. Constable

Optical properties of silicon nanoparticles: Influence of etching, surface oxidation and surface functionalization

A. Gupta, S. Kluge, C. Schulz, H. Wiggers

Growth and investigations on Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions fabricated by dual ion beam sputtering technique

B. Singh, P. Gupta, S. Chaudhary, D.K. Pandya, S.C. Kashyap

The Effects of Gamma rays on p-channel MOSFET

M.A. Iqbal, U. Firdous

Characteristic Optimization of Single- and Double-Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors

K-F Lee, M-H Han, I-S Lo, C-Y Yiu, Y. Li

Effect of temperature and γ rays radiation on the electrical and optical characteristics of Quantum well structure based laser diode

M.A. Iqbal, S. Ghani

Semiconductor nanoparticles in Photocatalysis: The Emerging Art and Perspectives

A. Sharma, A. Sharma, R. Sharma

An Architecture for Designing Noise-Tolerant QCA Nanocircuits

S.C. Lee, L.R. Hook IV

A New QCA Architecture for the Future of Nano-Scale Computing

L.R. Hook IV, S.C. Lee

A Fan-in Bounded Low Delay Adder for Nanotechnology

Y. Sun, M.D. Wagh

The Effects of Gamma rays on P-channel MOSFET

M.A. Iqbal, U. Firdous


Nanostructured Materials and Devices

Visible Room Temperature Photoluminescence in Wet-Chemically Etched Silicon Nanowires

V.A. Sivakov, F. Voigt, G. Brönstrup, G. Bauer, S.H. Christiansen

Iron based 1D Nanostructures by Electrospinning Process

C. Eid, A. Brioude, V. Salles, J.-C. Plenet, R. Asmar, Y. Monteil, R. Khoury, A. Khoury, P. Miele

Nanopore detection of nerve agent degradation products

X. Guan, J. Gupta, Q. Zhao, R.S. de Zoysa, D.A. Jayawardhana

The Potential of Silicon-Based Ligands in Metal-Organic Frameworks

A. Jumabekov

Characterization of Nanostructured Phenolic and Epoxy Composites Under Pulse Laser Degradation

S. Young, A. Kumar, A. Ludwick, H. Aglan

Novel metal nanoslit by dewetting of thermally activated Au film on CNT

H. Im

MOCVD Preparation and photoluminiscence of ZnS nanowires

J.M. Juarez, F. Juarez

Structural and magnetic Properties of electrochemically grown Co-Fe and Ni-Fe alloy nanowire arrays

D.K. Pandya, D. Kaur, S. Chaudhary, S.C. Kashyap

Crystalline/amorphous silicon core/shell nanowires under external loads: An atomistic simulation study

Q. Meng, Y. Jing

Monte Carlo Simulation of Impact of Random Telegraph Noise in 45 nm MOSFET Due to Coupled Effects of Random Interface and Oxide Traps With Random Channel Dopant Distributions

N.S. Ashraf, D. Vasileska, Z. Ma

Development of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) for Pressure Sensing Application

N.M. Mohamed, M.K. Lai, K.M. Begam

A new technology for making advanced materials

V. Varyukhin, V. Spuskanyuk, O. Davydenko

Development of nanoenergetic materials based on Al/I2O5 system

K.S. Martirosyan, L. Wang, D. Luss

The influence of nanometric size on various properties of nanocrystalline Ti0.95Co0.05O2 diluted magnetic semiconductors

K. Srinivas, P. Venugopal Reddy

Synthesis of porous silicas with high surface area using renewable templates

J.D. Peña, L.A. Rios

Mechanical Properties of Metallized Single Nanofibers

H-R. Kim, N. Kimura, H-S. Bang, B-S. Kim, Y. Watanabe, H-Y. Kim, Y. Enomoto, I-S. Kim

Doping Effects in Optical Properties of Low Temperature Grown ZnO Nanorod Arrays

O. Lupan, I. Tiginyanu, V. Ursaki, L. Chow

Crystal-like growth of metal oxide/CNT composite with electroplated "seed"

W.J. Kim, E.Y. Jang, D.K. Seo, T.J. Kang, K.C. Jin, D.H. Jeong, Y.H. Kim


Micro and Nano Reliability

Advanced Virtual Qualification Methods to Reduce the Time-to-Market of Microelectronic Assemblies

M.H. Shirangi, M. Koyuncu, J. Keller, B. Michel

In-situ MEMS Testing

A. Dommann, A. Neels, A. Schifferle, E. Mazza

A Novel In-situ Force Measurement Method for Real Solder Joints Fatigue Evaluation

M. Roellig, R. Metasch, K. Meier

A Multiscale Modeling Approach for Microelectronic Packaging Applications

N. Iwamoto, O. Hölck, S. Noijen, B. Wunderle, S. Todd

Influence of moisture on humidity sensitive material parameters of microelectonic relevant polymers

H. Walter, E. Dermitzaki, B. Wunderle, B. Michel

Advanced In- and Out-off plane High Resolution X-ray Strain Analysis on MEMS

A. Neels, A. Dommann

Networking in Micro/Nano Reliability Research Encouraged by EUCEMAN, the European Center for Micro- and Nanoreliability

B. Michel, J. Hammacher, T. Winkler, E. Kaulfersch


NanoFab: Manufacture, Instrumentation

Hierarchically Branched Gecko Tapes Imprinted Using Porous Alumina Templates

A.H.Y. Yee, I. Rodríguez, Y.C. Lam

PRINT® Nanoparticle Manufacturing Scaleup for Pharmaceutical Applications

D.A. Schorzman

Characterization of an ultra high aspect ratio electron beam resist for nano-lithography

S. Lewis, D. Jeanmaire, V. Haynes, L. Piccirillo

Nanoscale Graphene Lithography Using an Atomic Force Microscope

K. Kumar, E.H. Yang

Measurement of Figure of Merit for a Single β-Silicon Carbide Nanowire by the Four-Point Three-ω Method

T.Y. Choi

Preparation of nanopatterned substrates via Dip-pen Nanolithography for stem cell applications

S. Oberhansl, A. Lagunas, E. Martinez, H. Jamil, J. Samitier

Photonic Curing of Silver Nanoparticle Based Inks Deposited by M3D

J. West, M. Carter, S. Smith, J. Sears

Silicon Nanostructure Fabrication by Direct FIB Writing and TMAH Wet Chemical Etching

P. Sievilä, N. Chekurov, I. Tittonen

Point-Mass Model for Nano-Patterning Using Dip-Pen Nanolithography (DPN)

S.-W. Kang, D. Banerjee

Fabrication of Micro Photonic Crystals for Handling of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves

S. Kirihara, D. Sano, T. Niki, N. Ohta, Y. Takinami

Functional lipid nanostructures fabricated by dip-pen nanolithography

S. Lenhert

Measurement of DPN-Ink Viscosity using an AFM Cantilever

S. Biswas, M. Hirtz, S. Lenhert, H. Fuchs

The Challenges Facing Open Access Nanofabrication Facilities

R. Hicks

Intermittent desolvation method to prepare size-controlled BSA nanoparticle

S-Y-R Paik, H.H. Nguyen, S.C. Yang, J. Che, S. Ko

In-situ Growth of Gold Nanoparticles Conductive Layer on Plastic Film as an Integrated Lead Ions Sensor

X. Zhang, C.G. Hu, S.S. Hu

Alkoxide-based precursors for direct drawing of metal oxide micro- and nanofibres

T. Tätte, M. Hussainov, G. Kelp, R. Rand, J. Gurauskis, A. Lõhmus

Fabrication of pyramid array nanostructure on gallium nitride

C-C Hsieh, W-C Ke, N-P Chen, W-J Lin, Y-C Cheng, T-C Li, J-C Lin

Fabrication of biodegradable zein films by using soft lithography

B. Altunakar, J.L. Kokini

Deposition of Interwoven Fibrous Nanostructure using Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Ambient Condition

A. Tavangar, B. Tan, K. Venkatakrishan

VDK 4000 Direct Write System: A new approach to direct write technology

M. Theodore, J. Fielding, J. Royer, V. Kalanovic, J. Nirilovic, J. Sears

Development of Nitrogen modified TiO2 and activated carbon fiber composites in single step

C.-Y. Tsai, H.-C. Hsi, K.-S. Fan

Development of Precision Stage with Magnified Displacement System

J.G. Kim, S.C. Choi, D.W. Lee


MEMS Fab: Design, Manufacture, Instrumentation

Influence of resist composition on demolding force in UV nanoimprint lithography

A. Amirsadeghi, J. Lee, S. Park

Maskless Lithography Using Patterned Amorphous Silicon Layer Induced by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation

A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, B. Tan

Micro Crumples for Self-Assembly of Field Emission Devices

S. Sambandan

Monolithic CMOS MEMS technology development: A piezoresistive-sensors case study

A. Chaehoi, D. Weiland, D. O’Connell, S. Bruckshaw, S. Ray, M. Begbie

Practical issues with ion beam milling in acoustic resonator technologies

S. Mishin, Y. Oshmyansky, F. Bi

Investigation on correlation between cold/hot weld line mechanical properties and micro injection molding processing parameters

L. Xie, D. Zhu, G. Ziegmann, L. Steuernagel

Machining Using Fast Tool Servo Combined with Ultrasonic Vibrator

S.C. Choi, Lu Hong, D.W. Lee


MEMS and NEMS Devices

Micromachined Glass-Blown 3-D Spherical Shells as Mechanical Vibratory Elements

I.P. Prikhodko, A.A. Trusov, S.A. Zotov, A.M. Shkel

Carbon-based Nanoelectronic Devices for Space Applications

A.B. Kaul, A.R. Khan, K.G. Megerian, P. von Allmen, L. Bagge, L. Epp, R.L. Baron

Modeling of a Surface Acoustic Wave Strain Sensor

W.C. Wilson, G.M. Atkinson

Frequency-Interleaved MEMS Ultrasound Transducer

S-J Chen, Y. Choe, E.S. Kim

High Fidelit Loud Microspeaker Based on PZT Bimorph Diaphragm

Y. Choe, S.J. Chen, E.S. Kim

Mechanical Robustness of FPA in a-Si Microbolometer with Fine Pitch

H.Y. Kim, K.M. Kim, B.I. Kim, W.S. Jang, T.H. Kim, T.Y. Kang

Arrayed, Piezoelectrically-Actuated Mirrors and Gratings for Spectrometer

S-J Chen, D. Chi, J. Lo, E.S. Kim

A MEMS-Based Wide-Band Multi-State Power Attenuator for Radio Frequency and Microwave Applications

J. Iannacci, A. Faes, F. Mastri, D. Masotti, V. Rizzoli

Design of compact, high capacitance ratio MEMS switch for X - Band applications using high-k dielectric materials

K. Maninder

One-chip MOS Structure for Temperature Flow Sensor

M. Husak, A. Boura, J. Jakovenko

Gentle Micropump based on Microelectromagnetic Actuator

A.T. Al-Halhouli, A. Waldschik, M.I. Kilani, S. Büttgenbach

Investigation of Stress in AlN Thin Films for Piezoelectric MEMS

R.E. Sah, L. Kirste, M. Baeumler, P. Hiesinger, V. Cimalla, V. Lebedev, H. Baumann

Preparation of functional PZT films on 6" and 8" silicon wafers by high rate sputtering

R. Dudde, D. Kaden, H.-J. Quenzer, B. Wagner

Design and Control of a Zero Voltage Switching MEMS DC-DC Power Converter

S. Ghandour, G. Despesse, S. Basrour

A current controlled plasma-on-a-chip for atmospheric plasma generation

H. Park, J. Jeong, Y. Kim

Development of Surface-micromachined Binary Logic Gate for Low Frequncy Signal Processing in MEMS based Sensor Applications

S. Chakraborty, T.K. Bhattacharyya

Using MEMS as Self-Calibrating Force-Displacement Transducers: A Computational Study

J.V. Clark, F. Li, H. Lee, K. Kadasia

Towards Microrobots with Insect-Like Dexterity

J.V. Clark, F. Li, J.V. Clark

Nanolab System for Nanoelectronics and Sensors

A. Dimonte, D. Demarchi, P. Civera, G. Piccinini

Triaxial Accelerometer for Placement Inside the Ear Canal

T. Kwa, G. Pender, J. Letterneau

Individually addressable Cantilever Arrays for Parallel Atomic Force Microscopy

T. Sulzbach, W. Engl, R. Maier

Flexible Micropost Arrays For Studying Traction Forces Of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Q. Cheng, Z. Sun, G.A. Meininger, M. Almasri

A Fully Symmetric and Completly Decoupled MEMS-SOI Gyroscope

A. Sharaf, S. Sedky, M. Serry, A. Elshurafa, M. Ashour, S.E.-D. Habib

Nano-porous poly-silicon gated ion selective field effect transistors

N. Zehfroosh, M. Shahmohammdi, S. Mohajerzadeh

Design and Fabrication of the Sensor for Measuring the Human Bladder Volume

S. Lee, S. Jun, S. Kim, S. Kim, B. Choi


Sensing Systems and Wireless Networks

Innovative Gas Sensors for Sub-ppm Detection of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents by Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

A. Carella, L. Caillier, S. Clavaguera, C. Celle, J-P Simonato

Wireless SensorSystem with Bidirectional Communications

M. Husak, A. Boura, J. Jakovenko

Development of Quantitative Adhesive Force Measurement Systems for Flexible Electronics

M. Kim, J. Park, B. Choi

Simple vertical velocity measurement system for different use

M. Husak, J. Jakovenko

Modelling of Low Level Ionic Current Sensing Micro-tip

S. Memon, W. Balachandran

Digital signal processing post-hybridization of DNA Biosensor

S.A. Afuwape

Mobility Effects on WCDMA Receivers in Indoor Areas

S. Alhloul, F. Ahmad Alzahrani


Micro and Nano Fluidics

Slip boundary conditions in nanofluidics from the molecular theory of solvation

A.E. Kobryn, A. Kovalenko

Experimental Study of Drying/Evaporation in an Effective 2D Porous Medium

A.G. Yiotis, I.N. Tsimpanogiannis, A.K. Stubos

Continuous Separation of Non-Magnetic Particles through Negative Magnetophoresis inside Ferrofluids

T. Zhu, F. Marrero, L. Mao

Vapor-assisted bonding of poly(dimethylsiloxane) and silicon-based substrates

A.Y.N. Sofla, C. Martin

Transitions Between Epithelial and Mesenchymal States in Microfluidic Platform: Acquisition of Malignant and Stem Cell Traits

A.R. Aref, R.Y.J. Huang, W. Kang, S.W. Jing, J.P. Thiery, R.D. Kamm

Design of a normally closed piezoelectric micro valve

S. Zähringer, M. Menacher, P. Kirchner, N. Schwesinger

Biomolecular Adsorption Phenomena in Electrowetting-Based Digital Microfluidic Devices

A. Ahmadi, K.D. Devlin, H. Najjaran, J.F. Holzman, M. Hoorfar

Novel Parameters for Rapid Blood Separation on a Centrifugal Platform

R. Gorkin, T.H. Kim, M. Madou, Y.K. Cho

Multiplexed Localization in Bi-Layer Digital Microfluidic Systems

M. Abolhasani, K.D. Devlin, H. Najjaran, M. Hoorfar, J.F. Holzman

The Investigation of Electrostatic Induced Inkjet Printing System for the Ejection of a Stable Micro/Nano Droplet

J. Choi, Y-J Kim, S.U. Son, K. Chul An, S. Lee

Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes

J. Wu, R. Chantiwas, S.C. Soper, S. Park

Toward reliable synthesis of radiotracers for positron emission tomography in PDMS microfluidic chips: Study and optimization of the [18F] fluoride drying process

W-Y Tseng

Droplet actuation in PPy redox process

Y-T Tsai, C-H Choi, E-H Yang

Optimized Surface Patterning Tools for Sub-attoliter Volume Fluid Deposition

M.L. Adams

Novel ultra-fine hollow needles formed on Silicon membranes

Z. Sanaee, S. Mohajerzadeh

Innovative Strobe-Based Drop Analysis Equipment for Non-Contact Dispensing Systems

Y. Kipman

Analysis of prediction capability for internal micro-channels fabrication in polycarbonate and PMMA

S.M. Karazi, D. Brabazon

Effect of laser processing parameters and glass type on topology of micro-channels

A. Ben Azouz, D. Brabazon, M. Vázquez, M. Macka

Study of the phenomenon of meniscus deformation and ejection by pulse voltage and frequency in drop-on-demand EHD printing

S. Son, K. An, Y-J Kim, J. Choi, S. Lee

Visual Motion Analysis of Nanoplatforms Flow under an External Magnetic Field

A. Nakhmani, L. Etgar, A. Tannenbaum, E. Lifshitz, R. Tannenbaum

Applied Systems and Synthetic Biology in Micro-Fluidic Biochips

B.J. Zeng

A Finite Element Analysis for a Supercritical Particulate Process

Y. Bakhbakhi


Inkjet Design, Materials and Fabrication

Manipulating Optical Properties of Luminescent Nanoparticle Substrates through Inkjet Printing

K. Guzan, J. Sumerel, L. Davis, P. Hoertz, K. Mills, D. Magnus-Aryitey

Modeling Drop Generation at the Microscale

M.S. Hanchak, E.P. Furlani

Drop Formation and Control of Non-Newtonian Fluid

J. Gao, K. Ng

Printed sensor and liquid actuation on natural fiber based substrate

J.J. Saarinen, P. Ihalainen, A. Määttänen, R. Bollström, J. Peltonen

Rapid Metallization of Silver and Copper Nano Inks by Surface Wave Plasma Sintering

J.M. Cho, Y.I. Lee, Y.A. Song, T.H. Kim, S.E. Kim, D.H. Kim

Ink-jet printed ZnO Nanoparticle Thin Films for Sensing Applications

S. Hartner, A.S.G. Khalil, M. Ali, M. Winterer, H. Wiggers

Stable colloidal dispersion of luminescing silicon nanoparticles for inkjet printing

A. Gupta, A.S.G. Khalil, M. Winterer, H. Wiggers

Inkjet Printed Devices for Armament Applications

J.L. Zunino III, D.P. Schmidt, A.M. Petrock, B.E. Fuchs

Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight and Wetting Visualization

Y. Kipman

Nano-Patterning of NaCl Using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System

S.M. An, M. Geol W.H. Jhe

Customer-focused batch production via printing technology

A. Kain, C. Mueller, H. Reinecke


Computational Methods, Simulation and Software Tools

Effect of Electronic and Optical Properties of Quantum Dots on Hydrogenation

M. Ahmed

Electron transition energies of single-walled carbon nanotubes: Hartree – Fock’s CNDOL approaches for describing excitations and related properties

A.L. Montero, M.E. Fuentes, E. Menéndez, W. Orellana, C. Bunge, L.A. Montero, J.M. García de la Vega

MD boundary conditions for pressure gradient flows: nano-mixing, and nano-droplet deformation in extensional flows

M.K. Borg, W. Nicholls, J.M. Reese

Novel first-principle simulations of 3D atomistic structure

D. Zhang, E. Polizzi

Designing universal oligonucleotides for DNA/nanoparticle conjugates

G. Ivan, V. Grolmusz

A Sparse Grid based Collocation Method for Model Order Reduction of Finite Element Models of MEMS under Uncertainty

P.S. Sumant, H. Wu, A.C. Cangellaris, N. Aluru

Calibration and Validation Procedure for Reliable and Predictive High-level Transducer Models Suited for System-level Design

R. Khalilyulin, G. Schrag, G. Wachutka

An Online Electrostatics Modeling Tool for Microdevices with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions by Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping

F. Li, J.V. Clark

Dynamic Compact Thermal Model of an Electrothermal Micromirror Based on Transmission Line Theory

S. Pal, H. Xie

Passive Temperature-Compensation of MEM Resonators

X. Rottenberg, R. Jansen, S. Stoffels, J. De Coster, W. De Raedt, H.A.C. Tilmans

Improved Modeling of the Comb Drive Levitation Effect

F. Li, J.V. Clark

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of CMOS-SAW Sensors

O. Tigli, M.E. Zaghloul

Modeling study of capacitance and gate current in strained High--K Metal gate technology: impact of Si/SiO2/HK interfacial layer and band structure model

D. Garetto, D. Rideau, E. Dornel, W.F. Clark, C. Tavernier, Y. Leblebici, A. Schmid, H. Jaouen

Polymer Simulation in a Microfluidic Entropic Trap

B. Kallemov, D. Trebotich, G.H. Miller

Computer Simulations of CrO2 as a Spin Polarized Material for Spintronics

R. Kaur, G. Mallia, K.A. Yates, N.M. Harrison

Comparing the Effect of 2nd Row Dopants on the Carbon Support to improve Pt Catalytic Activity and Durability

M.N. Groves, A.S.W. Chan, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot

Simulation and Experiment on 2PC Transmitted Diffraction Grating for GaN LEDs

X. Jin

A Molecular Dynamics Modeling on Cantilevered Triple-Walled Carbon Nanotube Resonators

J.H. Lee, O.K. Kwon, J.W. Kang, H.J. Hwang

Computed Metallofullerene Yields in the [email protected] and [email protected] Series

Z. Slanina, F. Uhlik, T. Akasaka, S. Nagase

Monte Carlo Studies of the Effect of Temperature, Si/Al, and Metal Loading on the Templated Synthesis of Pt Nanowires in MOR-type Zeolites

J.A. Huertas-Miranda, M.M. Martínez-Iñesta

Ozonolysis of Indigo: A ab initio study

E. Ortiz, H.E. Solís Correa, V. Uc

The concept of a representative atomic volume for a grain

A. Gubanov, O. Vinogradov

Hybrid molecular dynamics and Navier-Stokes method in complex nanoflow geometries

M.K. Borg, W. Nicholls, J.M. Reese

The Simplest Model of Multisite Adsorption of Molecules with Different Orientation in Adlayer

V.F. Fefelov, V.A. Gorbunov, A.V. Myshlyavtsev, M.D. Myshlyavtseva

Simulation of Self-Assemblig Monolayers of Complicated Organic Molecules at the Interface

V.F. Fefelov, V.A. Gorbunov, A.V. Myshlyavtsev, M.D. Myshlyavtseva

Application of Computational Chemistry to Nanotechnological Problems

S. Gusarov, A. Kovalenko

Designing nanomaterials mechanical properties from the observable nanostructure features

T.B. Tengen

3D Molecular Theory of Solvation for Nanochemistry in Solution

A. Kovalenko

Development of Device-Level Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Simulation Module Using Cellular Automata Method

H.-M. Yeh, K.-S. Chen

A visual approach on MEMS process modeling using device cross-sections

T. Schmidt, M. Mielke, K. Hahn, D. Ortloff, J. Popp, R. Brueck

Design Simulations of MEMS Micropump by 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis

J. Johari

Design and Fabrication of a Low Power Electro-thermal V-shape Actuator With Large Displacement

J. Khazaai

Analysis and Simulation of Curved Bimorph Microactuators

S. Pal, H. Xie

SugarCube: An Online Tool for Investigating the Performance of Ready-Made Parameterized MEMS

P. Marepalli, J.V. Clark

Simulation of Surface and Buffer Trapping Effects on Gate Lag in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

K. Horio, A. Nakajima, K. Fujii

Analytical Potential Distribution Model for Underlap Double Gate MOSFETs with 3T-4T and Symmetric- Asymmetric Options for Subthreshold operation: A Conformal Mapping Approach

R. Vaddi, S. Dasgupta, R.P. Agarwal

Microwave and RF Applications of Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC ) MOSFET

P. Malik, R. Chajaur, M. Gupta, R.S. Gupta

Linearity Performance Assessment of Nanoscale Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC) MOSFET for RFIC design and Wireless application

P. Malik, R. Chaujar, M. Gupta, R.S. Gupta

Numerical Simulation on Nonlinear Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Plasmas in the Field Effect Transistor Structures

Z. Yan, J. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He

Nonresonant Response Characteristics to Terahertz Radiation of FETs: Influence of Magnetic Field

J. Zhu, Z. Yan, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He

Analytic Modeling of BioFET as a pH Sensor

Y. Song, Y. Guan, J. Zhang, J. He, X. Zhang, X. Lin

Electrical Characteristics of 16-nm-Gate Multi-Gate-and-Multi-Fin Devices and Digital Circuits

H-W Cheng

Numerical Simulation on Nonlinear Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Plasmas in the Field Effect Transistor Structures

Z. Yan, J. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He

Carboxylation of Boron- and Nitrogen-Doped Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: First Principles Study

N. Al-Aqtash, I. Vasiliev

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Flow over a Nano-cylinder in a Rectangular Nano-channel

A. Jabbarzadeh

Numerical simulation of binary droplet collision using CFD software tools

K.L. Pan, M.W. Liao

The challenges of statistical experiment design in process development

D. Ortloff, J. Popp

Nano Crystalline Cellulose – Optical and Structural Properties by Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Y. Kadiri, D. Simon, G. Picard, F. Ghozayel, J.-D. Lebreux


Compact Modeling

Theory of Bipolar MOSFET (BiFET) with Electrically Short Channels

B.B. Jie, C-T. Sah

Non-Charge-Sheet Analytic Model for Ideal Retrograde Doping MOSFETs

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Impact of Gate-Induced-Drain-Leakage current modeling on circuit simulations in 45nm SOI technology and beyond

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Modeling of Gate Leakage, Floating Body Effect, and History Effect in 32nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS

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A Unified Charge-Based Model for SOI MOSFETs Valid from Intrinsic to Heavily Doped Channel

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Subthreshold Quantum Ballistic Current and Quantum Threshold Voltage Modeling for Nanoscale FinFET

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Electrostatic Potential Compact Model for Symmetric and Asymmetric Lightly Doped DG-MOSFET Devices

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Analytic Channel Potential Solution of Symmetric DG AMOSFETs

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Source/Drain Edge Modeling for DG MOSFET Compact Model

T. Nakagawa, S. O’uchi, T. Sekigawa, T. Tsutsumi, M. Hioki, H. Koike

Xsim: Benchmark Tests for the Unified DG/GAA MOSFET Compact Model

X. Zhou, G.J. Zhu, M.K. Srikanth, S.H. Lin, Z.H. Chen, J.B. Zhang, C.Q. Wei, Y.F. Yan, R. Selvakumar

Analytical Modeling of the Subthreshold Electrostatics of Nanoscale GAA Square Gate MOSFETs

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A Continuous Compact Model of Short-Channel Effects for Undoped Cylindrical Gate-All-Around MOSFETs

B. Cousin, M. Reyboz, O. Rozeau, M.-A. Jaud, T. Ernst, J. Jomaah

Analytical Solution of Surface Potential for Un-Doped Surrounding-Gate MOSFET

A. Dey, A. DasGupta

Analytical model of quantum threshold voltage in short-channel nanowire MOSFET including band structure effects

J. Dura, S. Martinie, D. Munteanu, M.-A. Jaud, S. Barraud, J.L. Autran

Bias Dependence of Low Frequency Noise in 90nm CMOS

N. Mavredakis, A. Antonopoulos, M. Bucher

Compact Modeling of Signal Transients for Dispersionless Interconnects With Resistive, Capacitive and Inductive Terminal Loads

C. Liu, Z. Zhou, X. Lin, J. Xia, X. Zhang, J. He

Improved Compact Model of Quantum Sub-band Energy Levels for MOSFET Device Application

W. Feldman, E. Cumberbatch, H. Abebe

Modeling of Mismatch and Across-Chip Variations in Compact Device Models

N. Lu

Guidelines for Verilog-A Compact Model Coding

G. Depeyrot, F. Poullet

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