1st Edition

Nationalism in the Soviet Union

By Hans Kohn Copyright 1933

    First published in 1933, Nationalism in the Soviet Union aims at presenting the mentality of the Soviet citizen, of the Communist ‘theology,’ and the way in which it tried to make its peace with the ‘theology’ of nationalism that dominated the world. The author uses the term ‘theology’ intentionally for he argues that both the Soviet Union and the Western civilization are based on the same idea: the secularization of the Biblical faith in world history as a single comprehensive conception; their methods, however, are radically different. The Soviet Union’s understanding and use of nationalism provides deep insight into the nature of nationalism while proving the well-known truth that the emotional appeal of nationalism overrides all other forms of loyalties. Both a personal account and a political note, this book will be of interest to students of political science, international relations, history, geography, and philosophy.

    Preface 1. East and West 2. The Pillars of the New Order 3. The New Faith 4. Bolshevism and Nationalism: The Situation and the Plan of Action 5. Nationalism and the Proletariat 6. Language and Culture Notes Appendix I Appendix II Index


    Hans Kohn