Nationality : Its Nature and Problems book cover
1st Edition

Its Nature and Problems

ISBN 9781032131177
Published November 22, 2021 by Routledge
380 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1929, the author begins the discussion of nationality by a survey of its main factors – race, language, religion, the homeland, tradition, literature and the will to live together. With the discovery that racial purity is a myth, race in its biological sense loses much of its significance, though racial self-consciousness remains virtually unaffected. The second half of the volume studies the historical origins of nationality and its world-wide ramifications. The nationalities of Europe are briefly surveyed in a single chapter, while the British Empire, India, the Jews and the Americans, have chapters to themselves. The study of Asia is completed by an additional chapter on National Groups of the East. Towards the end of the volume the author returns to the discussion of the meaning of nationality, defines its relation to the state, Patriotism, Internationalism and war, and sums up its merits and its defects.

This book is a re-issue originally published in 1929. The language used and assumptions made are a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.

Table of Contents

Preface.  Foreword.  1. Definition of Terms  2. Race and Tribal Instinct as Factors of Nationality  3. The Language Factor in Nationality  4. Religion as an Element of Nationality  5. The Importance of a Homeland to Nationality  6. Tradition as a Factor of Nationality  7. National Literature, Education and Culture  8. National Consciousness and the Will to Be a Nation  9. Political Sovereignty – Community of Interests and Minor Elements of Nationality  10. Oppression as a Factor of Nationality  11. The Origins and Development of Nationality as a Fact and as an Idea  12. Nationality Since the Beginning of the Napoleonic Era  13. Nationalities of Europe  14. The British Empire  15. Nationality in India  16. The Jews as a Nationality  17. The Americans  18. National Groups of the East  19. The Various Conceptions of Nationality its Essence, Origins and Functions  20. The Ideology of Nationality  21. Nationality and the State  22. Nationality, Cosmopolitanism and Internationalism  23. Nationality, Patriotism and War  24. An Estimate of Nationality.  Bibliography.  Index.

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