3rd Edition

Natural Hazards Earth's Processes as Hazards, Disasters, and Catastrophes

    Natural Hazards focuses on hazards as the interface between humanity and its needs for space and resources, as well as on the ongoing geologic processes of Earth and features many new Canadian examples and discussions while retaining the best U.S. and international illustrations. The third Canadian edition strikes an ideal balance between the scientific and the human aspects of natural hazards, combining basic scientific principles within a solid social framework.

    Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction to Natural Hazards Chapter 2 Internal Structure of Earth and Plate Tectonics (New!) Chapter 3 Earthquakes Chapter 4 Tsunami Chapter 5 Volcanoes Chapter 6 Mass Wasting Chapter 7 Snow Avalanches Chapter 8 Subsistence and Soil Expansion and Contraction Chapter 9 River Flooding Chapter 10 Atmospheric and Severe Weather Chapter 11 Hurricanes and Extratropical Cyclones (New!) Chapter 12 Waves, Currents, and Coastlines Chapter 13 Wildfires Chapter 14 Climate Change Chapter 15 Impacts and Extinctions


    Duane DeVecchio, Edward Keller, John Clague