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1st Edition

Naval Songs and Ballads

ISBN 9781911248545
Published April 24, 2019 by Routledge
516 Pages

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Book Description

These are not for the most part shanties, but ballads about (and in many cases by) sailors and their exploits, from the fourteenth century to the nineteenth, with a learned introduction on their historical value. The tunes are named, but the music is not printed.

Table of Contents

The Battle of Sluys
Les Espagnols Sur Mer
The Pilgrims Sea Voyage
Sir Andrew Barton
John Dory
The Mariner's Song
A Joyful New Ballad, declaring the Happie Obtaining of the Great Galleazzo
An Excellent Song on the Winning of Cales by the English
The Sailor's Onely Delight
The Seaman's Song of Captain Ward
The Song of Dansekar the Dutchman
The Famous Sea-Fight between Captain Ward and the Rainbow
The Lamentable Cries of at least 1,500 Christians (now Prisoners in Argiers under the Turkes)
The Honour of Bristol
Neptune to England
On His Majesties Fleet
Upon the Great Ship
Saylors for my Money
The Jovial Marriner; or, the Sea-man's Renown
Neptune's Raging Fury ; or, the Gallant Seaman's Sufferings
The Famous Fight at Malago
An Elegie on the Death of the Right Honourable Robert Blake, Esq.
The Valiant Seaman's Congratulation to his Sacred Majesty King Charles II
England's Valour, and Holland's Terrour
Song Written at Sea (' To all you Ladies now at Land')
The Royal Victory
The English Seaman's Resolution; or, the Loyall Subjects Undaunted Valour
England's Tryumph, and Hollands Downfall ; or, the Second Royal Victory
Englands Royall Conquest
Holland Turn'd to Tinder ; or, England's Third Great Royal Victory
A New Ballad of a Famous German Prince and a Renowned English Duke
The Second Part of the Late and Terrible Fight on St. James's Day, 1666
The Dutch Damnified ; or, the Butter-Boxes Bob'd
A Song on the Duke's Late Glorious Success over the Dutch
News from the Coast of Spain
Captain Mansfield's Fight with the Turkes at Sea
The Algiers Slave's Releasement ; or, the Unchangeable Boat-swain
The Benjamin's Lamentation for their Sad Loss at Sea by Storms and Tempests
The Treachery of the Spaniards of Porto Rico to the Dartmouth Frigot and her Company
The Golden Voyage ; or, the Prosperous Arrival of the James and Mary
The Boatswain's Call ; or, the Couragious Marriner's Invitation
The Undaunted Seaman
The Sea-Man's Adieu to his Dear
The Maidens' Frolick ; or, a Brief Relation how Six Lusty Lasses has Prest full Fourteen Taylors
The Couragious Commander ; or, a Brief Relation of that Most Noble Adventure of Sir Cloudesly Shovell, in the Bay of Dublin
The Seamen's Victory ; or, Admiral Killegrew's Glorious Conquest over the French Fleet
Torringtonia ; or, a New Copy of Verses on the Late Sea Engagement
England's Triumph at Sea (1691)
England's Great Loss by a Storm of Wind
Naval Warfare of 1692
The Royal Triumph ; or, the Unspeakable Joy of the Three Kingdoms
Admiral Russell's Scowering the French Fleet
A Merry New Ballad on the Great Victory over the French Fleet
The Valiant Seamen's Courage
England's Glory in the Behaviour of Brave Kilieygrove
An Excellent Song, Call'd The Frighted French ; or, Russel Scouring the Seas
The Caesar's Victory
A Copy of Verses, composed by Captain Henry Every
Villany Rewarded; or, The Pirate's Last Farewel to the World
Captain Kid's Farewel to the Seas ; or, The Famous Pirate's Lament
A Satyr on the Sea-Officers
The Sea-Martyrs ; or, The Seamen's Sad Lamentation for their
Faithful Service, Bad Pay, and Cruel Usage
Advice to Young Maidens in Chusing of Husbands
The Seamen's Wives' Vindication
Billy the Midshipman's Welcome Home
Admiral Benbow
The Death of Admiral Benbow
The Sailors Account of the Action at Vigo
On the Sea Fight between Sir G. R. and Toulouse, 1704
A Song on the same
The Sailor's Tragedy ; or, The Last Farewel of Captain Smith
The Valliant Admiral ; or, The Wonderful Success of Sir John Leake
The Sea-Fight; or, The French Prize Taken
The Loss of the Edgar
The Sailor's Complaint
Fair Sally Lov'd a Bonny Sailor
* How Pleasant a Sailor's Life Passes ;
The Boatswain's Whistle
The Downfall of Piracy
Admiral Cavendish's Distress on Board the Canterbury
The Pacifick Fleet
The English Sailor's Resolution to Fight the Spaniards
England's Glory in the Declaration of War
The Taking of the Princissa
English Courage Display'd; or, Brave News from Admiral Vernon
Hosier's Ghost
Vernon's Glory ; or, The Spaniards' Defeat
The Saphirah (sic) in Triumph ; or, British Valor Display'd
Admiral Matthews' Engagement against the Combined Fleets of France and Spain
A New Song in Praise of Brave Captain Hornsby
Captain Cobb's Bravery
The Princess Royal's Escape from the Goodwin Sands
The Loss of the Victory Man-of-War
Disconsolate Judy's Lamentation for the Absence of her True Love ... on Board the Victory . . . now Missing
England's Glory ; or, The French King Stripped
The Lucky Sailor; or The Sailor's Invitation to go with Admiral Anson
Tit for Tat : A Sea Kick for a Land Cuff
A New Song on Admiral Knowls taking Port Louis
A New Song sung by Hannah Snell, alias James Gray
The Lightermans Prentice Prest and Sent to Sea
Britain's Resolution to Fight the French
The Terrible Privateer
Captain Death
A New Song (on Blakeney and Byng)
The Letter of a Certain Admiral
A Rueful Story : Admiral B g's Glory ; or, Who Run Away First
Admiral Byng and Brave West
A New Song Written on the Isle of Aix
Bold Sawyer
Captain Bartons Distress on Board the Lichfield
Gilchrist and Hotham's Bravery
Hawke's Engagement
Neptune's Resignation
Hearts of Oak
Thurot's Dream
A New Song on the Gallant Behaviour of Captain O'Brian and Captain Taylor
A New Song on the Taking of Havannah
Lord Anson and Hawke
A New Song on the Blandford Privateer
The Sailors' Dialogue
Distressed Men of War
The Sailor's Complaint
The Sailor's Garland ; or, The Ticket Buyer's Lamentation
The Savior's Complaint; or, The True Character of the Purser of a Ship
The Sailor's Resolution to Fight the Spaniards
Jack Tar
The Jolly Sailor's True Description of a Man-of-War
New Sea Song (< Our boatswain calls out for his bold British heroes')
The Humours of the Royal Billy
The Dolphin's Return
The Brags of Washington
On the Late Engagement in Charles Town River
Sullivan's Island
The Cruisers
On Board of the Arethusa
An Excellent New Song Composed by Eighteen Greenlandmen
Admiral Keppel Triumphant; or, Monsieurs in the Suds
A New Song (* Come, all ye valiant seamen that plough the raging main')
A New Song in Praise of Admiral Keppel's Fleet
Admiral Keppel Triumphant
Keppel for Ever!
A New Song on Admiral Barrington
Paul Jones
Captain Farmer
The Bold Blades of Old England
The Royal Sailor
Hood's Conquest over the Count de Grasse
The Loss of the Centaur
A New Sea Song called The Robin Hood
A New Song on the Battle Fought between the La Nymphe and the Cleopatra
The Downfall of the French Fleet
A New Song on the Sea Engagement Fought the First of June Last
A New Sea Song written by a Lieutenant of the Bellerophon
The Blanche Frigate
The Amazon Frigate
A New Song (The Seventeen Bright Stars)
The Genius of Britain
British Tars Rewarded
A New Song on Parker the Delegate
The Death of Parker
A New Song in Praise of Admiral Duncan
The Engagement between the Mars and La Hercule
Verses written on board H.M.S. Astraea
The Battle of the Nile
The Arrow Sloop of War
Action off Copenhagen
A New Song on Lord Nelson's Victory at Copenhagen
The Wounded Tars at the Siege of Boulogne
France CoverM with Glory
La Loire Frigate, or Yeo ! Yeo !
Nelson's Glorious Victory at Trafalgar
The Death of Lord Nelson
Admiral Strachan's Victory
The Engagement between the Amethyst and Thetis
The Attempt of Destroying the French Fleet in Basque Roads
A Copy of Verses on Jefferys the Seaman
Ye Parliament of England
The Constitution and Guerriere
Shannon and Chesapeake
Battle of the Shannon and Chesapeake
The Endymion's Triumph
The British Tars
The Fancy Frigate
The Saucy Scylla
The Vanguard
The Port Admiral
Oh! Cruel
The Answer to Oh ! Cruel
The Female Lieutenant
Billy Taylor
Cawsand Bay
General Campbell
The Bold Adventures of Captain Ross
The Capture of St. Jean d'Acre
The Borneo Heroes
The Slave Chase
The Russians Won't Come Out
Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate
Index of First Lines
Index of Proper Names
Index of Ships
Index of Tunes

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Charles Firth was born on 16 March 1857 in Sheffield, and educated at Clifton College abd Balliol College, Oxford, where he was awarded the Stanhope prize for an essay on Richard Wellesley, 1st Marquess Wellesley. He became a lecturer at Pembroke College in 1887, and a Fellow of All Souls in 1901. He gave the Ford Lectures in 1900, was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1903, and became Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford in 1904, holding the post until 1925. He was President of the Royal Historical Society 1913-17. He died in Oxford on 19 February 1936.