1st Edition

Navigating Telehealth for Speech and Language Therapists The Remotely Possible in 50 Key Points

By Rebekah Davies Copyright 2023
    220 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    220 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    There is so much to consider in any clinical consultation: identifying the individual is the one you expected, who is with the individual, which therapy intervention, resources, signposting, referrals, being cued in to responses for contextual information, evaluation and outcomes, planning next steps … and this is all before you throw ‘virtual’ in the mix!

    This clinical companion presents 50 transferable, adaptable, practical and accessible chapters for speech and language therapists and others working via remote consultations.

    Divided into four sections, the book covers:

    • The remote practitioner.
    • The remote rules.
    • Creating a digital tool kit.
    • A remotely possible future.

    Aimed at students encountering their first remote consultations, newly qualified clinicians with limited practical experience of virtual clinics through to clinicians who are experienced in their own specialities but now need to transfer those skills to remote ways of delivery, this concise text will provide confidence and guidance for the reader. It will also prove useful to clinicians beyond speech and language as many of the skills and practical advice and guidance are applicable in specialities across a range of settings, both public and private, healthcare and education.

    Section 1: The Remote Practitioner, Introduction: The Remotest Possibility, 1. New to Practice: The Practicalities, 2. The Transition: Becoming a Digital Practitioner, 3. Let’s get digital! Clinical training offers to support, 4. Digital Confidence: What does this mean in a clinical context?, 5. Completely Competent? Using digital frameworks to digitally enable clinical workforces, 6. A New Way of Practicing or Just Practicing a New Way?, 7. A Digital Stage!, 8. Are Digital Clinics different? What are they and how are they implemented?, 9. Virtual Voices! Sharing best practice and resources, Section 2: The Remote Rules, 10. The Big Click On: Before a Remote Consultation, 11. Virtual Virgins, 12. Testing Testing, 13. Preparing Individuals for Change, 14. Bringing Individuals on a Digital Journey, 15. Prepare to Prepare, 16. Lights, Camera, Action!, 17. To IG or not IG, that is the question!, 18. Don't be IG-norant, 19. DCB easy as 123: Clinical Safety Standards, 20. Assessing & Mitigating Risk, 21. Safeguarding and Consent: Protecting Vulnerable Individuals, 22. During a Remote Consultation: The Clinican Will See You Now!, 23. Buttons, buttons everywhere!, 24. ‘You’re On Mute’, 25. Guess Who?: Clarifying Identity, 26. I Spy with My Little Eye: Establishing and managing participants, 27. Group Therapy or Digital Party?; Establishing Group Rules, 28. When Security Gets Personal, 29. Remote Rapport: Forever more or nevermore?, 30. An Extra Pair of Hands: HCPs as Digital Partners, 31. A Tangled Web; Browsers and Windows, 32. Closing Conversations, 33. Shutdown Ending a Remote Consultation Safely, Section 3: The Remote Tools: Creating a Digital Toolkit, 34. Ease of Access - Windows & You!, 35. The Bare Accessibles?, 36. You, Me and ASD, 37. Seeking Approval, 38. Emotionally Speaking - using emoticons to enhance therapy, 39. Green Screen Dreams 40. Centre of the careverse - tailoring care plans, 41. Team of 1! -creating personalised video content to support therapy programmes, 42. Say Ahhh- getting the best intra oral images, 43. Getting attached; sharing, receiving and saving attachments safely, 44. QR-Lity – utilising QR codes in therapy and evaluation, Section 4: A Remote Possibly Future, 45. Long Term Planning: Developing speech and language therapy services, 46. Health Informatics and Beyond: SLT services and digital transformation, 47. Digital enhancements of practice; CPD, development etc…., 48. Burn baby burn; Managing screen burnout, 49. Ensuring Mental Health and Wellbeing, 50. Remotely Possible: A Vision for A Digital First Future


    Rebekah Davies is a speech and language therapist with over 14 years of clinical experience. She is the co-author of the RCSLT Telehealth Guidance, a Topol Digital Health Fellow and a member of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and NHS Digital Academy.